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* A veteran of the Canadian Forces sought treatment for a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), only for his medical team to suggest euthanasia instead. What’s going on in Canada? Euthanasia seems to be the cure-all, and while it is in a way – send you on your way – maybe there is some sort of middle ground? People have even qualified for MAiD solely due to disability, poverty, and financial issues. Lose all your money on a bad investment in a chinchilla ranch in Canada? The solution is a bullet to the head. Could you get Trudeau to lead the national charge, as it were?

* MODERNA CEO: “It’s sad to say. I’m in the process of throwing millions of doses in the garbage because no one wants them.”

Why would anyone want an injection of an RNA-altering drug that does not somebody from contracting or spreading the plague? These companies should be thrilled that the US granted them transactional immunity from prosecution.

* According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, 35% of American adults said they trust lawyers, while 32% said they did not trust them. Another 33% were not sure. The good news for lawyers is that these findings are slightly improved from 2018 when they were trusted by only 29% of likely voters. The bad news is, that people who have experience with lawyers trust them even less than those who have never hired a lawyer.




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QI short for Quite Interesting is a British Quiz Show

The format of the show focuses on answering questions that are extremely obscure, making it unlikely that the correct answer will be given. To compensate, the panelists are awarded points not only for the correct answer but also for interesting ones, regardless of whether they are correct or even relate to the original question, while points are deducted for “answers which are not only wrong but pathetically obvious.”

The correct answer was sokushinbutsu, the practice of Buddhist monks observing asceticism to the point of death and entering mummification while alive.



The car bombing of Darya Dugina resurrects suspicions of Putin and FSB involvement in the Russian Apartment Bombings in 1999.


In Yemen

Yemeni students leave their Kalashnikovs outside the classroom as they take their exams.


We don’t deserve dogs

43 thoughts on “Random Scratchings

  1. It’s worse then most people imagine in Canada regarding euthanasia. I believe we are over 10,000 people this year. If you group deaths in general categories like cancer, heart disease, etcetera, then euthanasia is the 6th leading cause of death in Canada today. This is socialized Healthcare.

  2. “sokushinbutsu”
    I hope I pronounce it correctly as my last spoken word.
    That or “Rosebud”.
    I trust it will be awhile before I have to make that decision.

  3. As for Canada, it’s all part of the Thuggee Death Cult of the Left.
    Reduce the population.
    Stop food production.
    Stop fuel production.
    Or just volunteer them to die.

      1. Ed, those who oppose overpopulation never volunteer to die to help address their concerns.

        1. But LL, why would they being our “betters” and all. It is always up to the proles to do the heavy lifting.

          1. Like an old harness bull, you have value in the load you pull, and when you can’t do it anymore – off to the glue factory.

            (Old Major, from Animal Farm, comes to mind)

  4. Here’s an obscure question.
    How does taking tax dollars from the productive to pay off the debt of the unproductive advance the national interest?

      1. It speeds up the Peasant-ization of the populace. That is the #1 national priority in DC, and if you ask them, the only national interest is their interest.


        1. It’s right down the line of Marxist theory. Implementing communism requires that you eliminate the Middle Class.

          1. Well, they are subversive morons indoctrinated at Haaahvaaahd. You know, the one with the $41B endowment fund, who, like their associate universities, will jack prices up $10k in lockstep with Detroit EV manufacturers after Mush For Brains Without the Power to Eliminate Personal Debt did with last weeks EV/Green Useless Crap “tax break”.

            Inflation – that did not exist under Trump – is a Saturn Rocket 1st Stage launch engine, once it fires there is no stopping it until it burns out and jettisons.

            And the kicker…who’s paying for this idiocy?


            These friggin bums need excising…in a very harmful manner…like we do with cancer.

  5. I want to see the holster for that revolver.
    I also want to see the users’ forearms.


    1. It’s more on the line of towed artillery.

      Slap it on a gun carriage and attach it to a caisson.

      1. That is a very interesting concept but I don’t think it would not last a day in a field environment. I have problems keeping the mud or sand out of a Ruger Super Blackhawk when I am camping. Can’t imagine what dirt would do to the mechanical beast.

        1. Come on, Ed.

          It’s not whether it’s practical (which it is not) but whether one can actually do it.

          How many ridiculous, impractical, stupid and idiotic gun things have been made and sold in just the last 10 years? Again, not because they’re practical, but because one can actually do it (actual chain-saw bayonet or pistol bayonet or golf-ball launcher attachment or about 3/4s of the weird ammo out there.)

          1. I mean, one guy bragging he just bought a LeMat-ish gun, 7-8 shots, ooh, the greatest gun ever. So the other guy says, “7 shots? Pshaw. I’ve got 48!”

            It’s like the beltfed revolver that came out about the same time. Not practical, but someone in the local gun-club had to have one…

  6. Mummy – Hahahaha…great answer. My NC raised buddy related one from a word clue quiz show: A Suthun’ Gal was verbally given the clue word “Doe”….she answered “Knob”. Correct answer was “deer”.

    Decades ago my dad said, “When politicians figure out how to tax air, they will.”

    Decades later these people have taken the moronically absurd and made it reality. The current pack of scum look at Hitler, Stalin, etc…and say “Hold my wine spritzer!” Now they are brainwashing people into legal murder as a solution [to eliminate opposition] but without the expected outrage…because proponents have the feel-good symbolism over substance language so down pat that half the population will come on board to support the evil. Look at the Covid response and those supporting their own oppression. Or this $10,000 S/L forgiveness and how it is being couched…then fully supported by the willfully ignorant.

    If allowed to continue unchecked, the Marxists in Power will normalize this abomination against God’s creation. They must be stopped dead in their scumbag tracks.

    Stay safe out there among the English.

    1. I was talking to some artist friends from a small town in North Carolina. Summers they spend going about to various Art Fairs where they sell their works. (The cold months they are home, in studio, making new art.) So Shirley was ticking off the list of shows when one jumped out. “And the weekend after that we’re in Wales.” I was about to say something like “Isn’t it horribly expensive to ship hundreds of framed prints there?” when I realized she was talking about the Wells (Maine) art show.

      1. Heh…those suthun’ folk do have a funny way of talkin’.

        Can’t pick on them too much tho, grew up outside of Philly, “Youse guys”, Wudder, Yo!…funny stuff that sounds a bit illiterate to those from elsewhere (think Rocky Balboa). Of course those NYC folks are pretty much in your face as a matter of DNA. They don’t mean anything by their “directness”…but is why Trump was so misunderstood (“mean tweets”? Hah!…they were nothing to us Northeast Coasters).

        After marrying MrsPaulM went to meet the upper Midwest family, was forewarned one sister could be really harsh. Nah..we got along fabulously.

  7. Canada’s become increasingly weird, and unaffordable. It won’t look good when people can’t pay their already hard to pay heating bills this winter. And, you know, they’re obvs incapable of revolt. Justine, take note.

          1. What the heck is the matter with you, Ed? Do you mean to tell me that you have no confidence in an experimental drug known to destroy your immune system? Get with the program, join the NWO and come in for the big win with your vaxes and boosts – and more vaxes and boosts. Eventually, you will join the other zombies in your love for big brother.

          2. Really interesting how the Marxists create new words to lie about their activities (‘peaceful protests”).

            “Euthanasia” in their mode is murder (“Thou shall not Murder”), but they’ll couch it as “humane” and “for the greater good”.

            “Swatting”…the new woke anarchist tactic. MTG was just “attacked”. Jail time for false reporting, trace the cell data. Simple…but takes a little effort.

    1. Too bad, spent some time in the backcountry moons ago, MrsPaulM and I always thought we’d head up to see Canmore et al. Nah. Besides, getting a new Passport is a hassle now, probably requires body cavity searches and a listing of all the weapons “lost in a boating accident.”

  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ5wa49qo9w

    This man Yuval Noah Harari is Klaus Schwab’s intellectual/philosophical guru. He thinks 90%+ of humanity is surplus to requirements. And that free will is nonsense. And that religion and the concept of a soul are bullshit.

    Although 90% of humanity is just compost on the hoof, somehow a sickly-looking, prematurely balding, vegan homosexual is presumably in the chosen 10% that deserves to live. (Even though as a homo he’s an evolutionary dead end.)

    This man, this ubermensch (you’ll pardon the term in the context of his ancestry, but it’s the accurate descriptor for his self image) is the true face of our would-be masters.

    1. Hubris knows no bounds on the Mentally Challenged from not getting enough protein in the diet. He needs to eat more bugs.

    2. And, of course, of the remaining, 10% will be the lords and 90% will be the peasants and serfs and outright slaves.

      1. I suspect that Yuval Noah Harari plans to clone himself, being homosexual, AND perhaps he has a way to deliver the clone anally? You have to admit that the concept is incredibly woke.

      1. Astounding how many sold their souls (yet don’t see it that way). Bought for a little “prominence”.

  9. Circa 1970’s an uncle by marriage was a government auditor. His first request, when he audited any place, was, “Show me your enabling legislation”. Which brings the question, what enabling legislation give Xiben power to dismiss student debt? Oh, silly me, that is so yesterday.

    1. hahahahaha – donkeys don’t need no stinking legislation! You’re living in the past, before Jo/Ho were installed (some call it a coup but I’m far more politically correct than THAT). It’s just like having the FBI work to enable the installment by spreading false rumors that they knew to be false — well beyond their remit, but who cares – we’re all good donkeys.

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