From San Juaquin Sheriff’s Office (CA) – 9/20/2020

“Plane crash in the area of Roberts Rd and Muller Rd in Stockton. Please stay out of the area.

The aircraft involved in the crash was a World War II-era B-25 Mitchell medium bomber. The plane attempted a landing in an open field and appeared to have struck an irrigation ditch. The aircraft sustained significant damage. All injuries sustained during the incident appear to be non-life-threatening. We are in communication with NTSB and FAA as they will lead the investigation.

Three people were on the aircraft. Two were transported to a local hospital, and one was able to walk away.”

Happier Days


Obesity index by County

There are trends, providing that the map is accurate, and I suspect that it is.


Where were you in 1987? Check this out…

Joe Biden was mid-career, doing what he did best.

Now he’s senile but nothing has changed much. I don’t work for you! – Joe – wants to be your president on a Harris-Biden ticket.








  1. Y’all is 2-5 people. All Y’all is 6 or more.

    Hope they can rebuild that Mitchell.

    As to rollercoasters… nope. Messed up inner-ear does not like, enjoy, stand, deal with or appreciate rollercoaster rides. Doesn’t make me barf, just makes me cranky, disagreeable, woozy, unstable on my feet, etc. Bleh.

  2. When my oldest was around six, we were at the Seattle Center and he spotted the “Twister”.
    “Train, train, ” he said all excited, so I took him for a ride. He was fine until the first plunge. Cured him of ever wanting a carnival ride. His brothers lived for “Wrist Band” day at the Puyallup Fair. One price for twelve hours of rides.

  3. Granted, there are overweight people, but I wonder what measure they used for obesity. I seem to remember some ripped Hollywood hunk being classified as way overweight.

    • Football players are between obese and morbidly obese. Most special forces aren’t at nominal weight.

      And, yes, people are born ‘big boned.’

      • I suspect that the study was using “optimal (medical) weight”, which may or may not be fair in determining obesity. One thing is for sure. The Chinese Plague has put a few pounds on most Americans.

        • Just getting ready for the upcoming supply-chain disruption 🙂
          These are spare calories you have with you at all times, so they’re less apt to be dropped/lost if you have to make a sudden move.
          Of course, if the disruption lasts, you’ll need to start watching out for those ‘lean and hungry looks’ directed your way.

    • I haven’t read the study, but will bet they used body mass index (BMI) as the obesity measure. BMI is weight (kg) divided by height (meters) squared. BMI 18.5 -24.9 is considered normal, 25-29.9 overweight, and 30+ obese. The link is an online calculator that lets you use metric units or the units used by the only nation to ever walk on the moon.

      While the BMI thresholds *can* misclassify muscular persons as obese, those are so few in the general population as to be rounding error. I have looked at literally thousands of MRIs and CTs (from population studies, not just sick patients) and most heavy people in the US are just fat. Some persons are both fat and muscular, but mostly people are fat.

      Finally, two general comments and an anecdote.
      1. Not all fat is equal. Subcutaneous fat is unslightly, but not all that bad for you medically. Visceral fat (around your organs, “deep belly fat”) is associated with multiple adverse metabolic anomalies, particularly glucose intolerance/diabetes. Diabetes is not “a sugar disease”. Diabetes is a cardiac risk factor equivalent to already having HAD a prior heart attack.
      2. The 25/30 BMI cutpoints are for Western populations. Properly done, the cutpoints for East Asians are lower. But I forget the exact values since no one really cares.
      3. In med school a very bulky diversity admission (known for his leather porkpie hat which always graced his skull) once interrupted the entire class by shouting out “Hey! According to that BMI thing, I’m obese! What the hell?” Most of the class dutifully giggled (c.f. my comment on LL’s next post). The guy *was* muscular, but also had a good layer of fat. My personal metric for people bragging about their bicep size is, “Yeah? What are your measurements flexed and unflexed?” Pro-tip: If they’re the same maybe you’re not the Adonis you think you are.

      • I had visions of a very conservative, cadaverously thin bunch of study-a-holics in the med school lecture, wearing lab coats that fit with a name stitched over the pocket, not a fat slob with his hairy belly protruding from under his shirt (2 sizes too small), wearing a leather pork pie hat, chewing on a Twinkie, who was somehow surprised to hear that he was obese.

  4. “Y’all is 2-5 people. All Y’all is 6 or more.”
    Yep. Born in The South, raised in The West, “Ya’ll” and “a’int” are perfectly good and proper wordage.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the B-25. Breaks my heart to see “Old Glory” busted up like that. Here’s hoping for a speedy and full recovery for her crew and herself.

  5. I read this post earlier today between coffee, dog walk and morning prayer, and thought thank God no one died. Dangerous hobby.

    OT but the Mine needs a plane/chopper/auto gyro. Everyone knows this.

  6. A friend just sent me this. Played it on our flat screen. Wow.

    “The photography is HD, it is shot as the B-17 takes off from Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ and then flies over the Superstition Mountains to the east of Apache Junction and then onto Roosevelt & Canyon lakes on the east edge of the Phoenix valley. The backdrops are stunning. Music is from the mini series John Adams.

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