There are two bits of news from today that are not Internet gossip or conspiracy theory.

I have a friend who is an attorney who has two new clients today. Both had their pictures taken in Washington DC on January 6, not at the Capitol building, but at the demonstration. Both were identified from those photos on the Internet and both have been accused of domestic terrorism by the FBI.

(1) An attorney and member of the California State Bar – has been notified they are going to be dis-barred.

(2) A flight attendant with Southwest Airlines was fired from his job. As a common carrier, they can’t have a terrorist as an employee. He was photographed once, at the Washington Monument.

So it’s begun and there is no telling where it will end. In China, if you fall out of favor, you’re denied the right to work and you are denied the right to live in a city. So you’re made homeless. They call it the floating population.

Apparently the First Amendment has been suspended de facto and there is no more freedom of assembly.

This blog’s days are numbered. Maybe we’ll survive through February?


Now, on with the blog.


The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people.


CIA Touts Woke Creds

This from Zero Hedge. The truth is that the CIA started having “tranny week” and other woke celebratory events at headquarters two decades ago. A (white) lady I am acquainted with, used to wear a Malcolm X baseball cap around all of the time back at the turn of the millennium just to show how woke she was. And yes, she was a 20 year case officer, not an analyst or a janitor or a clerk.

The report of a “new logo” being used as a recruiting tool, is emblematic of how stupid things are getting. But there is a lot of stupid going around.


Chalk up a big Win!

It turns out that buying Biden (and friends) was a great investment. Who would have thought? A creepy, old, walking corpse.

But really all the oligarchs need is somebody who will read from the teleprompter and sign where they need the signature to make whatever legal.

In that regard, they may be disappointed because the corpse often just rattles on about how he was in jail with Nelson Mandella or how he walked with MLK in Selma or how he won the Medal of Honor in Afghanistan or how he kicked Corn Pop’s ass back in 1948 or how he doesn’t work for us. Yes, the corpse has a limited value to the oligarchs (multi-billion types, tech moguls, Wall St. mandarins) who call the shots now, but how long will that last?

I don’t suggest that the corpse won’t be president, I simply ask you what “president” means. Maybe they give him the launch codes and maybe they don’t. Maybe the briefcase (the football) is as empty as his vacuous brain?


In the Event that You Harbored Doubts



Twitter saw its shares drop by 12 per cent today. The tech giant lost $5 billion on the first day of trading after it permanently suspended President Trump. If people stop using Twitter, it will cease to exist. And maybe that’s for the best.

Tech Moguls can ban everyone from the use of their platforms, but that’s a lot like cutting off your nose to spite your face.


  1. Brothers will fight and kill each other,
    sisters’ children will defile kinship.
    It is harsh in the world, whoredom rife
    —an axe age, a sword age —shields are riven—
    a wind age, a wolf age— before the world goes headlong.
    No man will have mercy on another.
    From Poetic Edda ,
    Sounds about right, everybody dies in the end, Ragnarok it is then.
    As I told senator Roger Wickers flunky when I called his office last week. Sometimes you have to fight when there is no hope of winning. It’s just the right thing to do.
    Die on your feet or live on your knees .

  2. WOW. That was the CIA back then? Imagine now…

    Twitter’s kicked me off so I’m going back to Gab but man, look at how quickly the corporate left’s swooping down. Of course they see a rich prize, America, and the world.

  3. Never had a Twitter account so I can’t be kicked off but I’m amazed to not be in Facebook jail. They must consider me an annoying gadfly, not worth their time. Should my feelings be hurt?

    • There is a tipping point for banning and censorship.

      For example: Facebook banns 80+ million Americans and the companies revenue and value tanks.

      Or refuses to do business with 80+ million Americans – Bezos personal net worth crashes.

      The Oligarchs have power but once they use it to that extent, they lose it.

      They have to operate on the principle that power perceived is power achieved without crashing the Internet and everything associated with it.

  4. We have no social media accounts. Not concerned except if they decide to triangulate from my commenting on select blogs (90% here ao maybe I’m toast by association). Oh well, it’ll give me more time to work on that Entryway project.

    Twitter:As for Dorsey, feel the pain of reality pal. Money talks, BS walks.

    • We all have our eyes on the weather to see from which direction the wind blows. I’ve heard a lot of crazy stuff from people lately that I don’t share here. The problem with crazy is that in the 2020-2021 context it turns out to be true more often than not.

      • The same people who wrested authority and powers they did not have WANT us to be afraid. Sorry, not playing their [true] insurrection game…it’s folly, and will not bode well for America.

        • If you advertised that you were forming a militia – on Twitter – you’d never be banned as the FBI would use you as a stalking horse for others (mostly from other local, county, state and federal agencies) flocked to your banner. I’m just saying that it’s a way NOT to be banned.

          Who actually gives a Sh1t about Twitter, really? If President Trump hadn’t selected it as the platform of choice, none of those leftists would have used it either, they made billions on Trump without a hint of gratitude. Then again they’re champagne socialists. One wouldn’t expect them to feel anything but hate and envy.

          • The Left and Dems love to play both ends against the middle, part of their hypocritical modus operandi.

    • I think that the short term insanity will have to curb itself. But I don’t see that playing out – curbing itself.

  5. Your lawyer friend might have been able to help them back when we had Rule of Law. In the modern age, I’m pretty sure they’re fucked. It isn’t about law, it’s about purges and reprisals against everyone who isn’t them. Later on, they will move on to everyone who IS them. They only have the one playbook.

    Never done Social Media here, this blog is as close as I get. In any case, we’ve known for a very long time that they’re just another arm of the Ministry of Truth.

    How do you like the Revolutionary Screeds coming out of the FBI lately? “Armed demonstrations planned in all 50 State capitals” ? Really? Even in the States where going armed will get you immediately arrested? Seems legit.


    • The lawyer understands the situation. He called me to ask what might be done. I told him that nothing that I knew of could be done to help the SW Airlines flight attendant in the short term and the lawyer’s disbarment situation was something that could be stalled bureaucratically until more clarity could be brought to the situation.

      The FBI – if you bought them for what they were worth and sold them for they thought they were worth, you’d be as rich as Musk.

  6. If we will allow the left and there sycophants to destroy our lives than they are more than happy to do so.
    The reality is the left has ALWAYS planned to marginalize, bankrupt and ultimately eradicate everyone who
    in any way opposes them. They are communists… IT’S WHAT THEY DO. They pretend to worry about what we
    say, what we do. But the ONLY thing they truly care about is keeping us divided, distracted and confused so we don’t get around to what they are REALLY scared of. And that would be laying hands on them, removing them from power and then shuffling them of to judgement day. Because all that they care about is power and they have no intentions of ever going it up willingly or peacefully. And since the only language they respect is violence that is the language required to get them to listen. It’s an ugly truth but it’s still the truth.

  7. Thought: What with all of the companies that are un-a$$ing California, New York, and other “Liberal” states, could the receiving states (Texas, cough, cough) refuse to issue business licenses or property purchases based on their politics? Turn about fair play…

      • I suspect the people running the show on the !eft…..NOT the one we see infront of the lenses….are planning on how to deal with Texas. Much of the nation’s wealth and technology is enroute to that state. They aren’t going to let it all just walk away. Don’t know what they will do or if they will be successful but you can bet the farm they are working on a plan and I have no doubt it is nefarious, ugly and probably lethal for some.

  8. Oh, not to make light of the serious problems facing the CA lawyer and the former SWA employee, but we should all wear niqabs on the basis of being Muslim transwomen. I’ve actually been thinking of this for some time, initially as street theater, but now for other reasons as well. Anyway, a niqab, big sunglasses, and they’d have been much more difficult to identify (assuming they had the minimum sense to not have their cell phones with them).

    A proper and properly worn niqab covers the nose and mouth, meeting the requirements of the mask tyrants. If one declares oneself to be a Muslim transwoman then one is automatically a member of at least two, possibly three or even four victim classes. In this day and age, no need for surgery or exogenous hormones to become a woman. Simply declare your womanhood, and anyone denying that is guilty of Hate Crime. As for the shahada, taqiyya flies in both directions.

  9. I dropped my Twitter account, for al that’s worth. At least they can’t count me as an asset.
    More importantly I dropped Amazon which I mostly used for streaming.
    Maybe I can get The Expanse on Pirate Bay. I’ll ask my son.

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