Biden Vows to Raise Taxes

Let major corporations all pay more — who cares? Ford couldn’t wait 60 days after former President Donald Trump left office before it announced it will ship American jobs to Mexico this week.

But that’s really not the point because those corporations will pass the grief on to the little guy. It’s the way that it always works.

When I write that Biden vows to do anything, I understand that he’s a sock puppet with somebody’s hand up his back. He reads what his handlers want him to say from the teleprompter.  Or he teeters as he walks someplace exotic, but it’s just a green screen and some CGI.

Then he drinks his hot coco and goes to bed. Maybe he eats a crayon too?



Chairman Xi Offers a 2A Opinion

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the advice of (another) communist dictator, working to prop up our own. It’s even more special coming from America’s principal enemy. Chairman Xi feels that it would make the world a better place if American citizens didn’t own firearms. Thank you for your input Comrade Xi.


Are you Ready for Easter?


Disney to Raise Prices

Of course they will. Disney is on my naughty list so I wouldn’t go if the Park opened with free admission.  They’re going for a more elite client now, somebody who can afford the more exciting and exclusive experience…more here.

But when Disneyland reopens this spring, it’s probably going to be a lot harder for many to be able to go to the park, and not just because of the financial distress caused by the pandemic. Disney is designing a more expensive park experience.

Disneyland fans: “But for some people, you can’t put a price on magic.”

Disney said, “hold my beer.” They know that they CAN put a price on magic and if you want to experience it, you’ll pay.

It’s very progressive.


Biden Throws down on Putin

It’s a replay of the world-shattering racist confrontation with Corn Pop. Biden goes hard.

Vlad responded with a throw-down of his own. A real time debate. The mentally slow and demented Biden couldn’t do that.  He’d be Putin’s bitch on the International stage.


  1. I would submit that President Biden is already President Putin’s bitch on the international stage…but a debate would certainly make it more apparent.

    • Even suggesting that teachers go back in teach in places like LA and Chicago is racist, Xenophobic, and Islamophobic. Triple their pay and they might consider it.

  2. Too many do not understand that corporations don’t pay taxes so will cheer The Hologram’s tax hike “on the rich company’s”. Same group who have embraced masks as a statement or will pay a small fortune to go on a Disney ride. Got a corporate notice, “We do not condone Asian violence.”. Uuh, neither do I (unless trying to steal my car), so what’s your point other than to continue a false narrative? Proves that CEO’s are not exempt from being ignoramuses.

    Putin-Biden Matchup: The only PayPerView I’d consider. Na Zdorovie!

    Is it time for toasted Peeps already? Let us not allow the lost to ruin the upcoming celebration of the crux of our faith, even if done in private.

    • There is a toasted Peeps scandal that you may have missed. They are made in the USA and Canada, and then shipped to China for packaging – then shipped back after the Chinese did their magic.

      • Hmm, like the rare earth stuff for “green/renewable/enviro-sensitive Prius batteries and wind turbines…maybe Peeps are made in the same plant to get that special flavor and nuclear color.

        ‘Course, carbonizing (men toast, woman burn) tends to disinfect.

      • Wonder if Disney will change the longstanding ride to “The Disenfranchised Merchants of Tropical Ports of Call”?

        • I think they may start a ride – A Visit to a Southern Plantation – where white people are oppressing black people. Song of the South Prequel?

          • Good thinking, call it “Antebellum Revisited”…have Chris Harrison be the MC voice over.

            I’d pay good money if they added a Dukes of Hazzard ride where you get to launch the General Lee off a dirt ramp.

  3. That picture! Matching dress and shirt? Be still my beating heart.
    Too bad about Disneyland. I was blessed to go about 2 years after they opened when I was 13. It was an amazing place. The prices now are ridiculous. Maybe they could cut their costs by hiring a bunch of illegals.

    • I always loved Disneyland. My children loved Disneyland. My grandchildren loved Disneyland. But Disney has become political – and not in the good, flag-waving, patriotic way. I won’t spend money on them.

      As a component of the new, woke, American elite, they are a component of Pelosi’s America.

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