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Do you have a passion for fashion or a thing for bling?

Riddle me This

What do Hillary Clinton, Captain Kangaroo and Loretta Lynch have in common?

The same tailor:

Riddle me That

And while you’re on the subject, why don’t liberal executive women have ankles? Just curious.

h/t Grunt of Monte Cristo

And while you’re on the riddle track, Hillary is going to need a lot more medals if she is going to impress the troops as commander-in-chief.

14 thoughts on “Progressive Fashion Statement

  1. Having only seen Lynch from the neck up, I was shocked when I first saw that picture. She has some pretty bad health problems to have legs that swollen. She's really not that overweight to explain those legs.

  2. Compulsive lying causes swelling in the extremities. It's similar to altitude hypoxia. Latin term is hypotruthia canklesauritis.

  3. Poor Captain Kangaroo. We do have to point out, however, that the Captain's military cred is far superior to Hillary's. Bob Keeshan joined the Marines as soon as he graduated high school during the last part of World War II.

  4. Buy one, get two free at Target! ooh, suits you, Sir!

    They look like outfits suitable for a black comedy, cheap holiday camp show.

    It's not much different over here. I'm just looking at Westminster Abbey on BBC news as they discuss Theresa May and the shower of shabby shite that passes through the doors of such a beautiful and elegant building and wonder whether these politicians actually have mirrors in their houses.

  5. The foreman at the local Washington DC steel forge was deeply relieved Tuesday, as he no longer has to figure out how to custom make the ball and chain product big enough to fit around those cankles.


  6. The $35K thing that looks so much like a vacuum bag will be within her financial reach now that she is on the Clinton payroll.

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