Can President Obama do whatever he wants to? It would seem so. I found it odd that he so intimidated the Republican House that they simply caved on the debt limit and obligated our children and grandchildren to a seemingly limitless debt.
The “Affordable Healthcare Act” or ObamaCare is a millstone around his neck but if he can kick the can down the road endlessly for the political future of his Party, there’s not much that the Republicans can do about it. They didn’t vote for the bill and want it repealed (as do we all). Even though Obama is violating the law (Constitution Article 2) in the process, he’s doing what the Republicans want by not implementing what will be his signature achievement in his 8 failed years in office.
(IBD) “I am not a dictator,” Obama once said at a press conference, “I’m the president.” 
In his case, that’s a distinction without a difference as he has proceeded to evade both the laws passed by Congress and the restraints placed on his office by the Constitution. 
“That’s the good thing as a president, I can do whatever I want,” Obama quipped while visiting Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home in Charlottesville, Va., with French President Francois Hollande. 
If he meant it as a joke, it’s a bad one, for it accurately describes the psyche of a president who governs by executive order and regulation.
The mainstream media have not called him on any of it from not enforcing the the immigration laws to the ObamaCare bait and switch, using the IRS for political purposes, the Benghazi and Fast & Furious scandals, funneling stimulus funds to political supporters, etc. They seem to be more than happy with the Obama Presidency. If ratings tell the tale, increasingly fewer people watch their news shows.

Just more ObamaNation…


  1. It's the press. The more he got away with things, the more emboldened he became. Take the Government Shutdown – even Boehner believed the press. Cruz and Lee were blamed for…warning that Obamacare is bad…while the President isn't touched by the shutting down of open air monuments like the Lincoln Memorial. We live in the Bizarro World…

  2. We need to re-name the republican party, do a little name branding with a name like oh… The Peoples Party. Go ahead read thru a piece of rag reporting and sub The Peoples Party for republican, then say it with a hispanic accent… see we can be warm and cuddly too. Peoples!

  3. Every time an administration (and it applies to Republicans past) wants more money, it's a debt ceiling — and it's always raised. Why do we call it a debt ceiling? It's no more than open sky.

  4. This is just getting beyond the pale… 2014 elections are going to be 'interesting' and may signal an end to the Pubs as a reputable party… dammit…

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