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He has a bright future in the Democrat Party

Maybe the next vice president of the USA? I think that he may have worn out his welcome in New York. But he does have his Emmy from daytime TV and his book on how he saved New York (sans lies). Would he be a good #2 to Camel-A once poor old Joe slips on the banana peel? I’ll let you decide.


Everybody Calm Down


The Days of Fighting Sail (June, 1793)

The HMS Nymphe under Captain Edward Pellew spotted the French frigate, Cleopatre, off the Devon coast and closed to investigate, the Cleopatre initially attempted to flee but the Royal Navy vessel soon gained ground and the French vessel turned to engage.

The action started at 06:15 and lasted about 50 minutes culminating with the British crew boarding the French vessel and capturing her. During the engagement the Nymphe lost 50 men while the Cleopatre lost 63 including her Captain. The Cleopatre was towed back to England as a prize with nearly £8,000 being awarded to Pellew and crew. The Cleopatre was renamed HMS Oiseau and served in the Royal Navy until 1816.


Name the Aircraft

I saw them first, in action, during the Gulf War. You shouldn’t find it too hard to ID it.


6 O’Clock View of a Russian Ka-52


Professional Murderers 

Soviet senior advisor to the state security agencies of Afghanistan, Pavel Kudasov, along with Afghan guards and a Soviet border guard during the inspection of posts on the Samarkhel highway, Afghanistan, Soviet-Afghan War, 1983.

Some would also suggest a “fashion emergency”, but it’s just Russians being Russians. The bodyguard is wearing a telnyashka, an undershirt horizontally striped in white and various colors and which may be sleeveless. It is an iconic uniform garment worn by Russian Navy Spetznaz, the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV). Wearing it with a leather track suit is interesting – but they’re Russians.


When is it Cold?




    • Indeed it is a Jaguar. A surprisingly good aircraft when operating in an air supremacy environment.

      The Ka-52 sent its own message.

  1. I do believe the aircraft is a Jaguar.

    Wonder where we would be if prize money was still awarded to the Captain and crew of the victorious ship. Probably not worth the effort to change all the gauges and signage in the ship from whatever language the loser used. Much easier with sail.

    • You gotta admit that “Number 2” is an apt descriptor for the man.
      Or maybe that should be “Cuomo is a piece of #2.”

    • Your standard sit-down offers a lot more relief than Gov. Cuomo does.

      A healthy shit does more for the average New Yorker than Cuomo ever has…award for daytime television notwithstanding.

  2. Your blog title pretty much sums up where we are these days.

    If there was a way to shut out DC politics I’d throw the switch in a heartbeat. Unfortunately everything is political, the current opioid of the masses, with no end in sight as far too many have drunk the bitter nectar and want more. Glad I’m on a private well.

    • Not everyone can simply look to themselves because they earn and live and love in complex systems. They call and the police come in due time, the food arrives unbidden and they exchange it for government script which only has value because some oligarchs tells them that it does. Those assurances are pale. Whether they live there or in a hive city makes little difference. I know, I’ve been there as have you. Those systems are robust so long as everything goes along well. They are not robust if the 18 wheelers stop rolling or the water stops pumping from twenty miles away or the sewer isn’t stopped up.

      • The hive dwellers have no conception of where their food, water, electricity, and fuel come from, let alone where their effluent and trash goes. To them, it’s like Camelot where things just magically appear, and other things just blow away in the night.

        Pull the plug for a week, and the Big Cities would go down in flames.

        • Well put, both of you. Agreed…which is why MrsC and I intentionally live where and how we do. It’s a harder lifestyle by choice. Yet example after example does not dissuade the rabid left from demanding their ideas be implemented. Texas just reaped the whirlwind in their plan to run towards wind, in an oil based state. Winter stretches south for a few days, and wallah, massive numbers of people without power, once again suffering at the hand of government idiots who say they know better. And the Pretender in Chief is demanding this be nationwide.

          Getting old day after day watching idiots ruin everything they touch then forcing the rest us into their destructive psychosis.

          • Oh, and Cuomo should be taken to the frozen tundra and left to his own devices to meet his maker. What a snake this clown is, yet totally shameless.

  3. Ace of Spades has a piece about the new Navy pledge to support our wonderful Dem dictators.

    On another topic, about lib news stories, saw this comment about it – ” This has to be the most comically unaware piece ever written by a multicellular organism.”

  4. Former French frigate used to capture French frigate. One must love the irony of the action of June 1793, the first French frigate captured by the Royal Navy in the Napoleonic Wars. Pellow was knighted for the victory.

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