A friend of mine from outside of the US remarked on the current political class in the USA. My comment was as follows:

Winning a rigged election doesn’t mean that I have to listen. Biden got 10x as many views falling down the stairs as he did speaking to Congress – not that there were many Congressional types present.

Harry Truman is quoted as saying, “My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And, to tell you the truth, there’s hardly any difference.”

That’s about it.

Fauci at War

Covering for Fauci

The Wuhan Lab’s website has been caught deleting references to the National Institutes of Health, under which Dr. Anthony Fauci works as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

The references disappeared March 22, 2021. In testimony before a U.S. Senate hearing in May 2021, Fauci categorically denied having ever worked with the lab on gain-of-function research, either through the NIH or NIAID. “I will repeat again, the NIH and NIAID categorically has not funded gain-of-function research to be conducted in the Wuhan Institute of Virology,“ Fauci told U.S. Sen. Rand Paul.

However, an investigation by The National Pulse found archived versions of the Wuhan Lab’s website where other now-deleted posts “detail studies bearing the hallmarks of gain-of-function research conducted with the Wuhan-based lab,” The Pulse said. One of those posts included a 2015 link to SARS-CoV studies being done that closely resemble gain-of-function research.

March 21, 2021, the lab listed six partners, including the NIH. All were scrubbed except for EcoHealth Alliance, which has worked with gain-of-function research. In 2015 Nature did an article detailing the research, the controversy surrounding it, and the fact that the NIH was allowing such research to continue even though the U.S. government had put a moratorium on its funding.


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HMS Dragon

I like the logo



Keep in mind that the USSR doesn’t exist anymore… when it did exist:



  1. Good sermon. I liked the way you used Fauci as a living symbol of greed, malfeasance, fraud and deceit.
    I say “living” — what animates this thing?

  2. Some people think the brass ring is more money or prestige among men. Fraudci is one of them. Time is not kind to them.

    Me paternal g-granpappy was a medical doctor and university professor in Moscow. He uprooted his family and fled to Estonia. A few years later they fled to the U.S. His son, my granpappy, became a U.S. Marshal. Me pa was 1st gen. America born. I think it great and wonderful that mother Russia is re-establishing it’s Christian orthodoxy. To put a finer point on it, when Reagan spoke of the Evil Empire, I had a strange feeling he had the wrong country in mind. (how well I remember feeling that way at the time) Now look at us, ‘evil’ Russia is restoring its heritage while ‘free’ America is sinking into the mire of socialism.

    Tomorrow I shall pay my respects at the national cemetery. I am unsure if I am up for it. I get so choked up in remembrance of what others hath done. holdittogetherholdittogetherholdittogether

    I don’t care about so much about the other natives but it is a tragedy that there are barely any true Hawaiians left. In fact, much research shows there ain’t a drop of pure Hawaiian blood left in the islands. That is a sovereign country the U.S. did invade and occupy, at the behest of corporations.

    • Russia is indeed a Christian nation. Would that America would be as devout in in that regard.

      The US invaded and occupied the Hawaiian Islands for strategic/military and commercial reasons and it became a state to lock the turf into the US orbit. I don’t fault the US any more than I fault other territorial annexations like the Louisianna Purchase. You could ask me how I feel about China invading Tibet. I understand their territorial reasoning, but not their wanton destruction of Buddhist shrines.

  3. The Fowch might need to start looking over his shoulder. This soulless clown comes from nowheresville to being front and center nearly everyday defying his own documented incompetent past with more flips than a 70’s Bally pinball machine and should be in prison for his Wuhan Lab ties, for intentionally lying to congress about GoF, mask idiocy, and the disembodied approach to the destruction of so many lives and livelihoods by the lockdown. He just might meet up with Epstein once they’re done with him. Better keep his running shoes on after the lunchtime jog. Maybe he can use The Scarf Wearer Birx as a shield.

      • Fauci has been a hypocrite and, in his pandering, he was punching way above his weight. The plague (a bad flu year) and the vaccine, has been bad for the world… unless it was your intent to seize power. Then a good crisis was put to use at our expense.

    • It’s not nearly as capable as a Burke. It’s a frigate, and new, but in terms of capacity, weapons options, number of weapons, and sensor systems, they’re not in the same ballpark. The Brits did well with their budget, etc. but a different league with this particular comparison.

    • Everything that’s on Fox now, was on my blog 16 months ago – big yawn. It was all over the Internet. I even outed the US company that sold the equipment to the CHICOM bioweapons program. Fauci’s involvement has been well documented, as has his capacity to profit from the plague.

  4. I am the least political person you could meet.
    I have zero-zero-zero interest in politicians.

    With today’s mention of anthony fauci MD, I got to wondering about motivations.
    (According to TheWorldWideWeb, a lot of other folk are wondering, too…. claiming his background is among the most-researched)

    The anthony fauci networth estimations vary from a respectable three million Federal Reserve Notes to a very respectable hundred million smackeroos/clams/fedbux.

    One point seems indisputable:
    * anthony fauci is the highest-paid American bureaucrat at nearly a half-million a year.
    I imagine benefits such as vacation and retirement are in addition to the salary we pay him.

    Speaking of retirement, some sources indicate the doctor is older than Glorious Leader china joe biden.
    I think he shows a lot of spunk for a fellow of his… (and then, I researched ‘fauci impersonators’, and got a whole new appreciation for YourBetters©).

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