Plague and Climate Change (the end is near)

The relatively meager amount of knowledge about climate change, as well as about the likely consequences of different policies to deal with it, is surprising not because of any recent discoveries that cast new-found doubt on what was once legitimately believed to be ample knowledge. Our knowledge about the climate  (cause and effect) has always been thin, yet this lack of genuine understanding (for example: what provokes a mini-ice age?) has been consistently ignored by prominent politicians, journalists, and other ‘elite’ molders of public opinion because of a common agenda that had more to do with gaining holding power than science.

A public frightened into believing that some collective calamity is in the offing is a public more eager for, or at least more docile in the face of, authoritarian efforts marketed as necessary to prevent the calamity.

There are ominous parallels between the mainstream narrative on the climate and the mainstream narrative on the COVID plague.  Each and every one of the following attitudes is prominent in matters of COVID as well as in matters of the climate.

Humanity is doomed to suffer gravely unless the government takes drastic, indeed, unprecedented corrective action and does so immediately!

Nothing – no other goal, aspiration, hope, or concern – nothing is as important as doing all that we can to reduce as much as is physically possible our exposure to the virus that poses an existential threat to humanity! Therefore, there’s no need to account for the ‘costs’ and other collateral harms that might arise from drastic corrective action, for none of these costs and harms, even if they’re real, can possibly compare to the costs and harms that will befall us if we don’t take in full measure the prescribed drastic action!

The present emergency demands decisive interventions that are neither delayed nor diluted by trifling concerns, such as the sanctity of private property rights or the desire to avoid overreach by the government’s executive branch!

The problem is one that can be correctly diagnosed only by scientific experts. Fortunately, such a diagnosis has been confidently made by Fauci and Birx.  To save humanity we must put aside our petty individual self-interests and for the greater good do as we are instructed by the experts! Humanity’s very survival demands that we all obey the Science, for only the Science can light the path from a dark and dangerous today into a shining and safe tomorrow!

The Science reveals that there is one and only one path to our salvation. Everyone must follow the One Path! Those who insist on other paths would not only destroy themselves but all of humanity!

Fortunately, the Science is clear, complete, and settled! Therefore, anyone who challenges the Science – anyone who dares to challenge the prediction that catastrophe will occur unless the government overhauls society and the economy as instructed by the Science and the Scientists – is a slack-jawed ignoramus, a sociopathic apologist for plutocrats, or a dangerously benighted ideologue! And so there’s nothing to be gained by allowing these dissenting voices to speak! Indeed, dissenting voices must be silenced lest they lure the unsuspecting masses into a self-destructive skepticism of the Science!

To keep to a minimum the number of anti-social renegades who insist on acting contrary to the counsel of the Science, the Scientists and their champions in government and the media must, sad to say, routinely simplify or exaggerate – and occasionally, alas, even to falsify – the public messaging. Taking such liberties with the strict, literal truth is, of course, not to lie; only a rube would think it to be so. The taking of such liberties with the strict, literal truth furthers the higher Truth. Taking such liberties is a necessary means of promoting the greater good by ensuring that the noble masses, simple-minded creatures that they are, aren’t misled by pointless doubts and irrelevant nuances to behave self-destructively.

These parallels between public discussions about the climate and public discussions about COVID are real and ominous.


Have you ever noticed that most of the Houston city center is made up of car parking and empty lots?


The Worker’s Paradise: Apartment living in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, they used steel rebar. In mainland China, they substituted that structural material for bamboo in many cases to save money…


Bullet Points:

* I have a sister who lives in Portland. I don’t know why she stays there. h/t 90 Miles. Another shooting. I dare not visit her because I’d travel heavy and wouldn’t want to deal with the blowback from killing Antifa thugs and negro street gangs. I heard, “Oh, they’d get YOU, LL.” Maybe. The golden BB theory could hold sway. OR – it’s like pushing enough Sudanese at a British square – you stack them up like cordwood, but eventually, you run out of ammo and have to turn to the tomahawk and kukri.

She can visit me if she wants to.

* Ok,  I know, Russian aggression, Democrat interests in the natural gas, 46 no longer secret Biolabs that must be defended, floating in a sea of corruption,  but explain why we’re dumping billions into Ukraine. Sure the military-industrial complex needs a replacement for Afghanistan, and they feed politicians. But morally, why are we there?  (h/t Claudio for the link)

* Why do we continue to dump billions of foreign aid into Israel? They seem to be doing fine without us doing that.


 Did the FJB staff plagerize V for Vendetta?  We know of Brandon’s love for that sort of thing so maybe… You can be the judge.



  1. You know what’s killing people every day?
    More than Climate Change?
    More than Covid?
    Until they start working on gravity relief, I won’t believe they are serious.

    • I’d like to FJB to form a task force for a war on entropy. Sure, gravity plays its part, but I’m sure that an enlightened leader like the Ho/Veep could lead the fight against entropy. We could have an entropy tax, enforced by an army of heavily armed thugs – and while that’s in the works as I type, entropy exists as a DEFINITE existential threat to everyone on the planet.

    • no,no. its the oxygen- 100% percent of people that breathe oxygen eventually die. we’ve got to spent trillions on oxygen mitigation immediately or we’ll all die.

      • Exactly! Did you know that EVERY serial killer in the history of the US was an oxygen user? One might even say they were all oxygen addicts. Shockingly, the correlation between O2 use and being a serial killer is 1.0.

        We must ban oxygen now. Think of the children. Please!

          • You guys are onto something…if The Fowch Mengele and MSM start spouting off how OXYGEN IS DANGEROUS! [to the planet] we’ll know they’ve been monitoring.

          • There is a one-step process to cure your addiction. Add hydrogen to the O2 that you are addicted to, immerse yourself completely, and remain immersed.

            It’s said that FJB & the Ho are a walking waste of Oxygen. If they went through the one-step process and believed the science, we’d all be better off.

  2. “why we’re dumping billions into Ukraine“
    That’s a head-scratcher for sure. Maybe because the people running Ukraine are not Ukrainians? A second front for grift, emotional blackmail, and probably actual blackmail is useful. Ukraine *is* our Second Greatest Ally after all.

    Scientism is the antithesis of actual science. I’m not a fan of credentialism, but some of the persons screeching “Science!” at me haven’t a clue, much less background. I don’t call myself a scientist because I’m not trained as one (I’m trained as an engineer and as an Internal Medicine MD with a side of epidemiology, plus recently clinical trials) but what I do overlaps substantially. And what’s been happening with both The Warmening and the Coofing is nowhere near “science”. It’s sad, tragic, and infuriating that the clown show of the Coof Response has destroyed trust in the medical professions (doctoring and nursing), and in science.

    That Hong Kong building just screams “fire trap”. On that topic, I stayed in the infamous Chungking Mansions about three decades ago. No desire to repeat.

    • I think that the TV “science guy” has a BA in something. He graduated in +/- 1940. He oozes credibility.

      As to being a fire trap, I doubt that a fire that consumed the place would bother anyone other than the residents. Life tends to be cheap unless it’s yours to the people who build such rabbit warrens.

      • Someone made a meme comparing “The Science Guy” to Dolph Lundgren, often (erroneously) considered a musclehead lunk.

        Nye: BS, Cornell (Mech E)
        Lundgren: BS, Royal Inst Tech, Stockholm (Chem E); MS Univ Sydney (Chem E); Fulbright Scholar (MIT).

        Who’s more sciency now, monkey boy?

        I remember doing a first walkthrough of the weight room at the MIT gym and being told “this is where Dolph Lundgren used to lift.” What they left out was that he was there for only days or weeks, since he had just taken up with Grace Jones and then quit the Fulbright to move to NYC.

  3. Frank Lloyd Wright vociferously disagreed with his engineer regarding rebar/reinforcement, hence why it took 10x more to repair a seriously sagging Fallingwater than it would have been to rebuild it in kind.

    CC/CC (Climate Change/Covid Crap)- “Thou shall have no other God’s before me.” Seems pretty straight-forward.Add: “Fear does not come from God”, and no matter what the paid hyperventilator’s scream about [next] doesn’t change what I do other than adjust accordingly to avoid the stupidity.

    When exiting stage left is prudent…more now than ever it appears to be Stockholm Syndrome (“SS” – interesting). Odd when nowadays there are wiser options to extricate oneself from the crazy. I’ve picked up stakes before, it’s not that difficult…a little planning helps the mind focus on the plan.

    I am working on staying more calm…let people be sheep if they want, it’s their prerogative. It’s usually pointless to offer another perspective to the mind-numbed and afraid, and only gives me brain damage. Pretty sure Jesus ran into this condition when espousing the New Covenant Gospel. Some received it, many did not. Their loss.

    Too bad the very talented Wachowski Bro’s are now an unattractive Lilly & Lana…kinda ruined it for me. It’s okay to be weird, but that’s just not right.

  4. Bamboo rebar – I have had Pink friends tell me that it’s an example of superior Chinese wisdom and sustainability. No, seriously, they actually believe things like that.

    Moral reason to dump money into Ukraine, even though it’s kind of a dump – because we pledged to defend their territorial integrity, in exchange for their nuclear arsenal. We aren’t actually defending them (and at this late date it would be a very bad idea), so this is the “next best thing”. Also, skimming graft.


    • The US is not obligated to fight in the US or to defend their territorial integrity.

      “4. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
      Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their commitment to
      seek immediate United Nations Security Council action to provide assistance to
      as a non-nuclear-weapon State party to the Treaty on the
      Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, if Ukraine should become a victim of an
      act of aggression or an object of a threat of aggression in which nuclear
      weapons are used.” Memorandum on Security Assurances in Connection with Ukraine’s
      Accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear
      Weapons December 19, 1994

      We are pledged to go to the high, might, lofty and big headed UN — not to send billions of dollars of military equipment along with US forces to teach the UAF how to use them or to give the UAF OJT.

      • Gentle readers, forgive me for the shouting. The bold was only supposed to be on “seek immediate United Nations Security Council action to provide assistance to Ukraine.

          • Fredrick, we all know about Russia’s seat on the Security Council. Naysayers also claimed that Russia would sink any ships leaving Ukrainian ports, but that hasn’t happened. Zelenskyy was the one preventing ships from leaving, not Russia.

            The point is that the Russians are the only country following the Minsk Agreements and the Ukraine Security Amendment memo. Biden is using the press to cover up the money laundering, human trafficking and illegal arms sales in the Ukraine. It makes you wonder just how many of the world’s high rollers are using Ukraine for their personal pleasure and bank.

          • Yeah, I know. But as we all know, the UN is a useless circle jerk for “diplomats” so distasteful that their countries want them sequestered in NYC.

            If Ukraine had kept it’s nukes, the world would be a lot more unstable, but the Russians would likely have stayed the fuck out. I think we owe them something, for that time they did the right thing for everyone else.

            As for the billions of dollars in munitions etc, at least we are getting a nice live-fire test w/o much direct risk.

            And we spend plenty more billions than that on even worse people home and abroad every year, for even less benefit to civilization.


  5. Off the top of my head I believe it was President Clinton who promised that we would defend Ukraine if they gave up their ICBMs. Don’t think there were any treaties, it was more of a letter of understanding. That being said there are no “good guys” in the war between Russia and Ukraine and the defense contractors need something to take the place of Afghanistan now don’t they?

    Portland, my granddaughter just took a job in Portland despite several people (me included) trying to dissuade her. At least she lives elsewhere so that is a good thing.

    Politicians have to make everything an emergency, it helps with the graft and makes them seem like they are indispensable.

    Tax on O2. Please, no new taxes LL. A task force on reducing entropy… that I may be able to get behind. I am sure they need staffers and since inflation bit into my retirement I may need some additional funding to build the redoubt. They should encourage working remotely to help with global warming.

  6. Portland
    Several relatives live there, or across the river in Washington. Most are involved in a multi-generation family business (long-shore services). The Portland whacos took one run at the Longshoreman’s Hall and haven’t been back. There is a lesson there for the spineless “leadership” of the city.

    Settled science, etc. A large portion of our fellow citizens haven’t the courage to question lifelong beliefs and so double down supporting the Democratic party, IMO. Too uncomfortable, to stop being sheep. School hall monitors who grew to adulthood.

    • I can’t imagine that the hippies and freaks would want anything to do with longshoremen.

      My late stepmother’s family are longshoremen in Long Beach, CA. It’s cool if you’re kin, but otherwise, best cut a wide path around them and not look for trouble.

      • Most of my first wife’s family were Longies in San pedro. The rest were crane operators, or warehousemen.

        They made stunning amounts of money…..

        • Yes, they’re all well compensated. I should have used the pull that I had once upon a time to join the ILWU Local 13. I’d be a millionaire many times over.

          • Had a neighbor in King County (WA) who was an A book longshoreman. During a difficult time he got me in the door as a casual. Once I showed willing I got a lot of work. This was late 70’s. Four days at Anacortes loading logs. sleeping in my camper in the parking lot was worth $1,400-$1,600. Dangerous work but got us through a rough patch.

  7. As has been pointed out, by people far smarter than I (and certainly most of whom can string more than three words together far better than I can), this has nothing whatsoever to do with COVID or Global Warming (now turned to Global Climate Change), it’s all about the worship of the State (as the supreme being) vs. the worship of G-d. Period!
    “Why do we continue to dump billions of foreign aid into Israel? They seem to be doing fine without us doing that.”
    I’d like to turn the question around (‘though I know – or think I know the answer to a part of that): What will happen when we stop? (five paths please)
    I still have two kids (plus grandkids) living in Portland (suburban Portland, neither of them in Multnomah); both of them are good shots and should push come to shove are not afraid to defend their families.
    The Portland (Oregon) area is beautiful from about 4 July (when the rains let up) to as late as 30 October when they dominate the skies again; you really shouldn’t miss it during this lifetime.
    Kate Brown is “constitutionally” unable to recognize anarchy, so she can’t request National Guard troops to help her quell an obvious uprising (not that she’d ever get them from the current occupant) and Ted Brown got his caught on some barbed wire years ago (and musta left ‘em there).

    • Portland is a lovely city. The Willamette River Valley is spectacular. It’s one of the most desirable places to live. And today it’s filled with a number of Vandals who need to be run out of town. Tolerance didn’t work. If you invite a wolf into your home, don’t be surprised if he chews up your furniture, impregnates your poodle, and pisses on the drapes.

      • Agreed although I would consider changing the tense from present to past as in “Portland was a lovely city”. Have not been there in years so cannot speak from personal experience but friends tell me that it is now a crime ridden cesspool. Kind of like Seattle. Darn, really enjoyed OMSI back in the day.

        • The only reasons I can think of to go back to Portlandia are Powells Books and Lardo for the porchetta and dirty fries. But inasmuch as books are available elsewhere, and I learned how to make my own porchetta, it’s just not worth the efforting and self-loathing.

    • “What will happen when we stop?”
      This is all “what if the moon turns into a giant stuffed bunny” talk because the US will NEVER stop until the USA completely implodes. But in the spirit of plotting “alternate-universe hypotheticals” fiction, I’d think that cessation of transferring cash-and-other-valuata from the alt-US to alt-Israel would be used as justification to nuke alt-Iran.

      “We were forced to do it, with the greatest reluctance. But it was a clear cut case of pre-emptive retaliation. Of course, it goes without saying that the US bears the moral culpability for our actions.”

  8. Read somewhere that if you created a mega-city with the population density of Hong Kong, it would be enough to house the entire world’s population while covering an area of Texas plus two of its neighboring states. Who’d want to live like that, and can you imagine the number of bad neighbors you could have.
    On a different note, a commenter on another site was worried about China’s big drive now for power could combine with their world-class quality control to create a High-Tech-Goes-BOOM event.
    If so, let’s hope it’s not something that could crack the planetary crust.

  9. I’m no expert, by any means, but this rings true:

    “Ok, I know, Russian aggression, Democrat interests in the natural gas, 46 no longer secret Biolabs that must be defended, floating in a sea of corruption, but explain why we’re dumping billions into Ukraine. Sure the military-industrial complex needs a replacement for Afghanistan, and they feed politicians. But morally, why are we there? (h/t Claudio for the link)”

  10. Back in 2003 I was doing the pre-deployment circle-jerk at the KBR processing center right next to the Greenway Plaza in the Houston area and we were warned, “Do not go walking down the street into the Greenway, go straight from here to your hotels across the street….your body may not be found for days.” True story.

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