A Note on Unions – and Police Unions

The reason that unions exist and that employees pay large sums of money in the form of fees or dues to unions has to do with management. I realize that at times, they work against the worker, and that in the case of Police Unions, they may work against the public trust, but why do they exist? Examine the cause and effect.

Bad management and unfair treatment leads to unions. The worse the management, the stronger the union. In my life I’ve seen situations on both sides of the argument, but if the nation wants to rid itself of police unions, it needs to address the reason that they exist.

Should government entities have the right to collectively bargain? Should they have the right to CONTRIBUTE to the politicians who vote their salaries. The politicians have been happy with that arrangement so far because they are voting YOUR tax dollars, not from their pocketbooks.

Inequity in pay?

People who chose to go into law enforcement usually have a certain mindset. Where I worked, many had law degrees, some had been admitted to the bar. Others had PhD’s and MBA’s. The pay was very good, the standards were high, and the degree of personal discretion in how one did the job was wide. Everyone was a lateral, with a track record and a reputation.

The Texas Rangers, another law enforcement organization, doesn’t accept everyone who wants to be a Ranger. They are able to pick and choose.

In other settings it’s the big kid who dropped out of high school who can barely write his name. He makes close to minimum wage. He’ll need another job to survive.

When I was leading an Asian Organized Crime Task Force, we ended up in Houston, TX. The brothel and underground gambling operation that was home to Asian Organized Crime in Houston, was guarded by two Houston PD uniformed officers, complete with their police cars. The officers were ‘off duty’ earning extra pay. We were working with Houston PD detectives, who explained, that the officers made so little money that this supplemented their income. It was department authorized activity. No chance of corruption there.

I was offered the job to lead the Tennessee State Bureau of Investigation at one point, years ago. The pay was about half of what I made. Who can take a 50% pay cut? This is not me boasting. It’s me explaining that pay, management, personnel selection and training across the US varies drastically.

Every police union I am aware of, supported/supports the Democrat Party. It’s interesting that Democrats are so keen on eliminating institutions that contribute to their success so regularly.

Before you decide to tear down a fence, consider why somebody erected it. It’s always a good practice, not just in this current situation.

I posted this because it’s good to debate these issues in a civil, and practical setting.


The Current Liberal Chant

Politicians now say that police should be done away with, and prisons should be emptied and closed. Of course, no law becomes “no law but your own”. The weakest in society need the police far more than the strongest do. And a society without law is doomed, which is completely in line with Democrat Party aims. Doom one way or the other.


Where do we go From Here?

In Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School District, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that high school students could not wear an American flag on their shirts in a PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL because it MIGHT offend non-Americans. And before you just write that off to insanity from the Ninth Circuit, the only appeal from there is to the US Supreme Court. Their opinion is very close to the Law of the land.

Is “America” a dirty word, as some professors teach their students in universities in the USA? The Bill of Rights guarantees free speech, but today in many settings that is being eroded by “inclusive guidelines” and “sexual pronoun preferences”. Saying “y’all or you guys” is inherently wrong according to the monitors of political correctness.

The battle will rage on no matter what the opinions on this blog may be.


  1. My last job, before retiring, was in Tennessee. All the kids were out of school and debts were about paid off – so I could afford the pay cut to work there. Good scenery and, where I ended up living, good people as well. Some things can’t be measured in salaries – like watching deer moving through the back yard, and people actually supporting our troops.
    Another plus, Tail of the Dragon was close by 🙂

    • If I’d been ready to retire, I might have taken the TBI job, but I was mid-career and it would have severely impacted retirement pay. I like Tennessee and while working in California, I ended up spending time on a couple of related cases that took me to the Old Smokey Mountains around Knoxville. I also spent some time in Germantown, near Memphis and loved the area as well. Bottom line, when the offer was there, I just couldn’t do it. And when I was fifty, the offer had long come and gone.

  2. In order to protect himself, his family, and his assets (home and business), John Q. Public will have to take matters into his own hands; this is the onset on anarchy. Anarchy is precisely the purpose of the rioters and their (financial) backers who will attempt to convince the sheep that only they are just the people to “lead us out of this morass” (of their own making).
    You say, “The American people are just not that stupid.” I agree! But neither were the Germans in the ’30s.

    • A lot of it is location-specific. Most of the US was not plagued by the recent protests and riots. I posted on this blog that when they arrived at Prescott (AZ), they were told that they were not welcome and went home to Tucson. At Payson (AZ), five cars of protesters met 130 armed citizens and a couple police cars. The police were busy, so they turned the care of the protesters over to the ad hoc militia. The protesters found the environment uninviting and went back (to Tucson again).

      If the police back off, it is incumbent on people to defend themselves, their homes, their families and their livelihoods. That’s how it works. The sheeple who didn’t do that lost their homes, their businesses and sometimes their lives.

  3. I’ve read that the abused child loves the abuser. Could it be something similar for police and Jews who always seem to support the demonrats?

    • I have no idea. Most American Jews are embarrassed about Israel and distance themselves from the Jewish homeland. That has never computed for me. I’ve spoken to several Jews about it and they have long answers, but it still makes no sense. American Jews vote against their best interests continually.

      Police unions usually have an affiliation to either other police unions or a big union like the AFL-CIO. Their members are on the order of 98% Republican and they publish their picks for public office in newsletters that are 100% Democrat. I don’t think that the membership takes that seriously – but your observations are on point. There’s a lot of dysfunction.

      • Most American Jews who are embarrassed about Israel are ‘Jews in name only.’ Their primary religion is Leftism, pure and simple. Socialism, Communism, radical leftism, whatever, if it’s left of Lenin, it’s what most big-city JINOs support.

        They’ll rather protest Israel’s treatment of terrorists rather than face the terrorism. They’ll gladly march into boxcars to spite the pro-Israeli factions.

        It’s one of the excuses that both the Soviets and the Nazis (and, sadly the Vichy French) used against many European Jews. Sadly.

        As to Police Unions, though the members may be conservative, as you said, the unions support straight-up Democrat politics. Which is sick. Very disfunctional.

        Also dysfunctional is the number of cops who are pro-gun but don’t want the average citizen to be armed with anything more dangerous than a dull butter-knife. I knew several that had arms-rooms with alarms on them that would hit a dedicated pager (that later turned into apps on cell phones.) But the average subject without any criminal history at all? 2 guns and 100 rounds it a veritable arsenal, and SWAT! MUST! BE! CALLED! OUT! FOR! THE! GOOD! OF! THE! CITY!!!


      • There is a fairly large enclave of conservative gunned-to-the-gills Jews here in Preskitt. There is even a chabad with a Hasidic rabbi who’s dad is the fellow that was in the news about a year and a half ago as the older man in a MAGA hat that got yelled at by a crazy lib (redundant) woman in a Starbucks in Palo Alto.

        • Is there a kosher market in town?

          The chabad/Lubavich Jews seem to be a very conservative bunch of folks. I know quite a few who lived in Yorba Linda, CA. Good folks, don’t want to be messed with.

  4. LL
    The short answer is a terrible misunderstanding of the term “tikkun olam”:
    the idea that Jews bear responsibility not only for their own moral, spiritual, and material welfare, but also for the welfare of society at large.
    This is akin to the idea of the cobbler who fixes the villagers’ shoes while his own family goes barefoot.
    One must first come to an understanding of one’s own relationship to G-d, before one can go out to teach.
    One must first take responsibility for oneself and one’s family before setting out to shoulder the cares of the world.
    To repeat: a terrible misunderstanding used only by those who feel they must rely on a catchphrase.
    Gary G.

    • I guess.

      Whether it is a misunderstanding or simply willful ignorance, the Democrat Party was once for the union worker, the small guy, etc. I grant you that. How well they did is debatable, but that was the mantra. Today, they are big corporate power grabs, Wall Street and an attempt to destroy the nation and subvert it into one corner of a global system that works against all Americans. And the Jews would predictably do worse under this global hedgemon than they would under Capitalism, freedom of choice and America First. Do Jews think that Antifa favors them, or that the African American community as manifest by groups like the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers has any affinity for Jews?

      I read what you wrote, and your assertions make sense, but the interpretation among Jews sounds prone to disaster.

      • The Donks said they were for the common man and for the small guy, the union worker, the poor housewife, etc etc.

        What they meant was they were quite willing to vote-harvest and suck money off the stupid peons who don’t know better, in order to enhance the power and the wealth of the leaders.

        Been that way since they were formed, be that way till the day they die, to be taken up by the party that replaces or absorbs them.

      • “This town needs an enema.”
        I’ve lived here almost 40 years and am very tired of the place in general. But the libs that run and infest this town have become more than tiresome of late.
        I want to get my family out of the city and into a rural location ASAP. I was already in the process with a plan to be out in two years.
        So much for best made plans.
        I am trying to accelerate things, but seeing how things are going……

  5. Those of us who live in ‘rural’ and ‘flyover’ America can and will defend ourselves. The poor sheeple in the metropolitan areas, especially in the NE, Chicago, IL, CA, OR, WA will be hard pressed due to lack of CCW and home owned guns. They will be the first to fall to the anarchy that is sure to come. In that environment, only the strong or the armed survive.

    • During the 60’s riots, I remember my dad saying that you didn’t want to live within 2-3 days walking distance from a large city – it would be like a swarm of locusts.

      • If you would like to read a novel with that theme, S. M. Stirling’s ‘ Dies The Fire ‘ series, ( the first book ) gives a good idea of what that would look like.

        Paul L. Quandt

    • Old NFO, I hope that we don’t fall prey to the anarchists. Many of us are ready for that, of course. We’re not ‘prepers’ but we are prepared, and trained. The Donkeys are pushing hard for anarchy so that they can come along and propose some sort of National Police that they can control.

      The FBI was predictably, kneeling with Antifa and the protesters. Bastards.

      Frank, I’ve always felt the same way. Which is why I live where I live these days.

  6. Re high school students not being allowed to wear a flag on their clothing, how does pop singer Katy Perry get away with it? She’s usually seen wearing capes or even complete outfits made from the flag (which is surely illegal).

      • Made me want to blow up my tv when she said ‘Godspeed’ to our astronauts. Which i nice, but when one is a pagan or worse, the word ‘Godspeed’ should never leave one’s lips.

        But then again, pagans and worse tend to be rather stupid about the meanings of words. I still enjoy saying goodbye to pagans, witches, druids, satanists and such with a hearty “Via con Dios!”

        And then I wait for a minute, and then tell them exactly what I said.

        Which, with witches, usually starts a flurry of hexing spats. Of which my usual retort is “I believe in Catholic barbeques. Simple recipe, One Witch, One Cord, no wait.”

        Yes. I am a baaaad man. Bad Beans, bad…

  7. I keep remembering my late Father and his, “Belly Flapping Principal”. He believed the biggest reason people changed was when they were hungry.

    Paracelsus’ comment falls into this idea. The question, for me, is who is trying to promote hunger?

  8. I seem to remember that, really early on, business owners worked in the factory/store/whatever right along with the employees; and his annual salary was, at best, 150% of the rest of the workers. The the US fell in love with LARGE, and unions developed in response to bad management. When you had multiple small business, a worker could vote with his feet. When you have a monopoly, leaving the country is usually out of the question.
    WWII created the 90 day wonder officer training – which only worked because they selected people with leadership ability. Then the business world tried to copy that with their MBA programs, attempting to create leaders out of non-leader types
    It seems like the bottom line has become the goal, even though it shows that the person concentrating on it is still not looking deep enough.
    I remember hearing the line about ‘salaries are in range for the position and region’, all the while being asked for above average performance.
    Dilbert actually had one cartoon on this very thing.
    Reminds me of this line:
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!

    • The responsibility of management to employee, a modern noblesse oblige, was destroyed by the wonders of the MBA and the joys of Accountants in Charge. Seriously. Someone goes to school for 6-7 years to get an MBA in vapor-ware and suddenly, because of the wonders of the MBA degree, can now tell Engineers and production workers how to do their jobs.

      The Joys of Accountants-in-Charge are even worse. Some nitwit with an accounting degree can tell… Engineers and production workers why they must do more with less, because of costs, see, here, shows in the ledger…

      • Read somewhere: when the people making the product run the company, apply.
        when accountants run the company, brush up your resume.
        when lawyers run the company, flee immediately.

  9. So you have a “WOKE” blue State PD that still teaches the knee on the neck move? It’s a death move!
    Maybe instead of following orders from the PC pants wetters they should remember that cops used to carry large D cell flash lights and blackjacks “saps” until too many folks got konked and died.
    GOOD PD”S addresed these programatic tactics and they are trained to not use large flashlights and saps as head knockers any more. So why still train knee on the neck?

    This is a failure of upper management at these PC social experiment diversity warriors.

    • I don’t know how MPD trained their people. The knee on a neck is a common martial arts move and law enforcement has steadily adopted martial arts style training. If they were trained to do it and he did it, the most the state will get is involuntary manslaughter.

      US police agencies struggle with escalation of force issues because real world options are limited. Suspect fights, use physical force to drag him/her to the ground and attach handcuffs. Still fights, put the suspect on his belly and weight on his back to keep him down. The other options are taser, pepper spray/gas, clubbing or shooting, but not once they’re handcuffed.

      The shouters and marchers have never tried to take somebody into custody who didn’t want to be taken into custody, armed or unarmed. One option I’ve heard promoted is to “let them run away and forget about it”. But that only works in Sociology 101. The murderer/robber/whatever is overcome with remorse, turns themselves in, and does life in prison – finding Jesus along the way.

      Some martial arts masters have other techniques, but frankly, most cops are not martial arts masters and the public isn’t going to pay to keep them at the dojo four hours a day at full pay. You have to find a solution that works.

      • Yup. Thanks to the LAPD push-strike against a PCP hopped-up Rodney King, police agencies across the board have been adopting ‘less-than-lethal’ methods. Notice the weasel wording there? ‘LESS THAN LETHAL,’ not ‘NOT LETHAL.’ Sad thing is, LTL methods are at most, 70% effective, often surprisingly less effective.

        Like tasers. Great on someone with a functioning nervous system who is wearing light clothing and isn’t hopped up on drugs currently. Add any neurological issue, from neuropathy to MS and MD, or heavier cloths, or recreational drugs, or even an electrolyte imbalance, and that 70% effective rate on a normal person goes out the window.

        And toss in the resisting felon shouting “I’m not resisting” and “I can’t breathe” while resisting and shouting out loud so that the ‘not resisting’ and ‘not breathing’ resisting and shouting individual can get someone to video them not resisting and not breathing while throwing 4-7 cops around like rag dolls because of racism or something. Yeah, right.

        • Pepper spray and tasers work well on the segment of society that usually does not need to be impacted by them (no drugs onboard and sane). Dump enough horse tranq into your system and they are useless and we’re back to nearly lethal force to restrain them.


    LL: What is your take on the President’s decision to reduce the number of troops in Germany? If they are to be a tripwire, the number there is too large; if they are there to resist a Russian invasion, the number is way too small.

    In my view, this is a good move to motivate the commie leader of the German government to change her ways. More troops in Poland would, in my opinion, be a good move.

    Paul L. Quandt

    • The Russians aren’t coming.

      I think that downsizing the US military in Germany is a good idea. Leave the Air Force and a brigade of Armor and rotor aviation. All we’re doing there is stimulating the German economy and they’d rather have us gone. The next war will likely be with China. Send them to Taiwan…that would tick off the commies.

  11. The TV show Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom didn’t have trouble incapacitating the largest of African animals with a drug dart. Why then do LEO have trouble temporarily incapacitating mere human beings? When a suspect is sufficiently uncooperative, tase them until they are temporarily unable to fight, wrap them up on a hand truck like Anthony Hopkins in Silence in the Lambs, and roll them off to their trial.

    > The Donkeys are pushing hard for anarchy so that they can come along and propose some sort of National Police that they can control.

    If there are National Police then there isn’t anarchy.

    The word anarchy means no rulers: “an”(without)-“archy”(rule/rulers).

    • Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom didn’t have trouble incapacitating the largest of African animals with a drug dart The largest African animals have a known weight, Anonymous, and they don’t already have a LOT of unknown drugs in their systems. If you dart somebody like George Floyd, who has fentanyl and methamphetamine in their system and suffers from respiratory distress from COVID-19 (Chinese Plague), you’ll kill them far more quickly than by putting a knee on them.

  12. “Before you decide to tear down a fence, consider why somebody erected it.” I like the way you paraphrase Chesterton, right on then, right on now.

    What’s surprised me, a little, is the sheer acceleration of our descent into barbarism. In the meanwhile, as Western Civ burns, sometimes literally, we have the spectacle of police lying down, bending the knee and otherwise kowtowing to the looters and vandals.

    These people are obvs part of the problem.

    • I have a problem when the police take a knee, LSP. Maybe it’s just me.

      The thin blue line is the bulwark between anarchy and order. We Americans don’t want too much anarchy and we don’t want too much order. Finding that balance is tricky, but pandering to the mob doesn’t have a track record of working in the long run.

  13. Pretty much the only thing which curbs bad behavior is competition, so when a group says competition is now banned in this geographic region or we’ll kill you, you should expect little good to come from it. A monopoly on force is called a government.

    Iceland once had many dispute-resolvers with overlapping jurisdictions, none of whom was militarily capable of being dominant over the others. The citizen picked the resolver they preferred. Such a structure of competing authorities doesn’t provide “final answers”. But currently there is no one-world government which provides final answers to disputes by about 200 countries who exist in anarchy relative to each other, and we aren’t all dead from that, are we?

    • In the US, the distributed power of a federated system means that no single government entity has all of the power (tenth amendment and all that). No single entity has the monopoly on force. That’s how it was set up and that’s how it works. Civilian commander-in-chief of the military and all as well.

      Please pick a name other than “anonymous” when commenting on this blog. Normally anonymous comments are deleted. I let it pass this time. I don’t care what you call yourself, but the default “anonymous” is used by more than one person and it becomes confusing to other commenters, and to me.

  14. I believe tasers keep coordinated muscle activity from happening, and there is no way to evade that with drugs or bad attitudes. There exist self-powered tasers in 12ga rounds, trailing wraparound wires with hooks. This is far less damaging than being shot with a bullet. It’s clear to me the police tase the mouthy but physically unresisting, beat instead of tase, tase after in handcuffs, and similar behavior because they’re bullies and want the person to shut up and submit to their authori-tay.

    Most street crime in the US is enabled by the police accomplices protecting the criminals from the victims. Once Smith and Wesson gave grandma a chance against muggers, and you no longer needed to be a trained muscular swordsman to defend yourself, most of the justification for guards as a public utility became obsolete. Now police exist to make work for and justify the existence of “government”. During the recent semi-strike of NYPD, the city didn’t melt down into a Batman movie, because the whole thin blue line story is fiction.

    • I know of several situations that are like the one I’m going to cite where a guy was hit by five taser shots and he just kept pulling the probes out – no effect, and the tasers weren’t defective. The scenario plays to your point. The suspect was found by a home owner sitting on the home owner’s roof. He called the police, who felt duty bound to remove the trespasser. They tased him five times, sprayed him with pepper spray and he just sat there. It’s a Riverside (CA) Police Department case. The guy was crazy as a shit house rat, loaded to the gills with PCP (horse tranq). Patrol backs off when SWAT arrives and they end up throwing him off the roof, he fights after he hits the ground and they take him into custody the hard way. In the process, over $25K in damage is done to the house, and the home owner sues the city.

      The underlying crime is misdemeanor trespass (PC 602(j)) – and resisting arrest. The guy was just sitting on the second story roof of a random house. In hindsight, the police should have just left a car out front and waited for the suspect to come down. Or waited for him to commit a more heinous crime.

      The cry of “officer, can’t you do something?” Often impels the police to act, when the police have no duty to act unless they “take control of the scene”. There is no legal duty to respond. Once they have responded, there is a legal duty to protect life and property. Once handcuffed, there is a duty to protect the prisoner (George Floyd) and to care for his health, which is why that matter was an involuntary manslaughter based on the information that has been in the press.

      • What I heard about tasers is that the test subjects found themselves on the ground and didn’t know how they got there, because nerve control of muscles is disrupted. Not something a pain/fear/judgement-deadening drug can prevent. I think tasing or a drug dart is a lot better than shooting or beating until they are mechanically unable to fight back. Ten million arrests each year, but the FBI is not doing research into less-damaging ways to take resisting persons into custody. Because being seen to dominate by beating is their actual goal.

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