Globalistson the move again

If you like your Chinese Plague, you can keep your Chinese Plague…

These globalists are like an abusive spouse that joins the police force to respond to DV calls ; they make billions exploiting foreign labor and flouting environmental regulations , closing businesses all over the world , destroying the middle class and then have the temerity to say to their victims; ” See how bad capitalism is ???”

Corrupt, senile, creepy Joe, is Barack’s ticket back to the White House through surrogates. The media will stop reporting on riots and plague if Biden is elected. No more annoying CNN.


Thoughts on Police Reform

There has been a lot of chatter about police reform.  If you want to hire a more educated person, pay more. The officer who was responsible for the death of George Floyd worked the door of a night club with poor old narc’d up George. Why was that allowed? Maybe because the day job didn’t pay enough and the police department knew that. I mentioned on this blog that I worked a case with Houston PD once and the Asian Organized Crime headquarters (for want of a better word), an illegal gambling club, was protected by two uniformed Houston PD officers with a police car, off duty. I was surprised but the HPD detectives that we partnered up with said that was common throughout Houston.

There was one point in Los Angeles, some years ago now, where a Secret Service Agent I knew qualified for and collected food stamps. FBI Special Agent Richard Miller was selling AMWAY out of the trunk of his FBI car to make ends meet before he took money from the Russians, became a spy, was convicted, etc. FBI Assistant Director Robert Philip Hanssen, spied for the Russians for other reasons. It’s not all about money all the time.

Most municipalities spend about 60% of their budgets on police and fire. Are you willing to see your taxes double? No? Ok, well that’s off the table then.

There haven’t been choke holds taught for the last forty years. The bar-arm hold went out a LONG time ago. The carotid hold is not a choke hold. It cuts out the blood supply to the brain of the subject and they lose consciousness, at which time you roll them over and cuff them. It doesn’t interrupt your air supply. It was used a lot when PCP was in heavy use because you had to do that or use concussion weapons to beat subjects into unconsciousness. The carotid was far more merciful than a night stick, asp or a 245 Gonzales sap.

Beavertail sap (flat) on the top, 245 Gonzales on the bottom.

Frankly, tear gas/pepper spray and tasers have limited value if the subject is high or insane. You’re back to a very limited number of options. You can swarm the person if you have enough people (defunding the police will address that, won’t it?), you can use a carotid hold, use gas or shock, which works sometimes, or you can use concussion weapons, saps, various clubs, flashlights if authorized and trained or firearms. That’s about it. Or the police can never respond in the first place until the suspect is gone, eliminating the pesky use of force.

Reforms are difficult these days because when you look at the statistics (ignore the ‘grievance culture’ for a moment), and taken as a whole, police nationwide are doing a really good job.

I’m not opposed to social workers stepping in here and there but most agencies use them these days in roles where appropriate. The same is true of para-professionals because it’s cheaper to do it. Police work has been reformed over and over and over again.

But America doesn’t need to worry, because the standards are dropping and they will drop more to fill the ranks. “How long has it been since your last felony conviction?” may be one of the new questions on the application. Maybe a rape or armed robbery conviction with prison time can be excused if you’ve been out of prison for longer than two years?



Look at the kitchen appliance behind the lady in the photo below. Can you identify what it is? We had one.



It’s a pattern that I’ve seen with many Middle Eastern men.


  1. Appears to be a wringer washer. A local appliance store has one on display as well as a 1935 vintage refrigerator. Both still work.
    It appears a triple bitch slapping needs to occur.

  2. I remember the wringer washer also. Grandma had one with the little engine for power. +1 to the triple bitch slap

  3. Yes, pay more for better quality cops. No need to raise taxes, though, just cut other services that are not necessary. Don’t make me list those non-essential tax funded services, don’t make me…

    That doo-dad looks like an old style washing machine. It may even be an antique dishwasher. Although that might describe me, too.

    • Progressives want a nanny state (lots of services) but balk when the bill is presented. They feel that ‘business owners’ who are members of the bourgeoisie, should foot the bill for the proletariat.

  4. Old enough that I used a wringer washer when I was a kid. It was the fancy version that had a release bar above the rollers, to be used when your arm got caught in them.

  5. Late 1960’s worked part time security for a Denver policeman’s private company. He issued us sap gloves and taught a technique of shoving your fingers down the throat and hooking your thumb under the chin. Amazing the compliance! First thing the unruly person does is open their mouths and start yapping. Very quickly they are being lead to the nearest exit. Once outside, oh well. Different era.

    • I own a set of sap gloves. They work. There is another move called, “gilling the fish” with a kubaton and it results in compliance.

  6. Old wringer washer. My Mom had one down in the basement, and I used to help her haul the clothes upstairs so she could hang them out to dry.

    I can’t remember what she did in the winter, though.

    When my Dad got one of his first bonus checks, he went out and bought her a brand new Speed Queen washer AND drier, and the old wringer washer went back to the appliance store to be refurbished and sold to some “young couple, just starting out” because that’s how things were done.

    No throw-away major appliances like today…..

    • We had a Wringer washer, hung the clothes on the line in the summer, in the bathroom on a rack to dry in the winter.

  7. Felons as cops: By the end of “A Clockwork Orange” the stupidest of the four droogs has become a cop.
    “Long time is right, I don’t remember them days too horrorshow. Don’t call me Dim no more either, Officer call me.”

    Subway jerks: There’s a joke we Midwesterners-in-exile have about Boston and Bostonians. So all the seats on the subway car are filled. An old lady carrying a large package gets on. Everyone ignores her except for two young men, who each jump up and offer her a seat. The old lady sits down. The two men look at each other. One says “Wisconsin.” The other says, “Yeah? I’m from Indiana myself.”

  8. The lady in the washing machine picture is also pregnant. she has a 2nd trimester baby bump and is wearing a maternity smock of that era. Being an old OB/L&D nurse helps… I would have and have said to men and children when an old person or pregnant woman needs a seat, get your ass out that seat now.

    • I gave up my seat on a train once in Korea to a lady who was 9 months and 20 minutes along. I was in uniform. She started crying and said that she couldn’t take a seat from a warrior. It was high drama Cederq. I sat down to shut her up.

  9. I was in the MPs while in the Army and we went into bars with just two of us and were expected to perform or job and if a problem, the Provost would ask why the offending person/s weren’t in the brig, the hospital or the morgue. We had our clubs and only 7 .45 in our 1911s. Civilian cops would not last 5 minutes in the military. Oh ,and we arrested trained killers too…

  10. +1 on MPs having to arrest trained killers, but most of the time if we got called they were so drunk they couldn’t fight their way out of the proverbial wet paper bag.
    There were exceptions.
    PCP users were “difficult”.

    Regarding the 245 Gonzales:
    I have heard it referred to in some circles as “the whale’s dick” as in “get the whale’s dick” because it was not normally carried on one’s person due to its weight and bulk.

    • There were three levels of Gonzales saps. The 415 Gonzales was a little light for my preferences, the 245 Gonzales slid comfortably into a sap pocket in uniform trousers. Usually on the right. The left held a Streamlight. Then there was the 187 Gonzales which didn’t look much like a whale’s dick – the 245 did. A partner of mine carried a 187 and used it. It was a massive, long flatter sap. I didn’t like the 187 because it wasn’t fast. The 245 had a lot of spring in the handle (spring steel under sewed laminate leather). A hit on the point of the jaw with that usually ended the conflict.

      Having been one of those people that the MP’s occasionally arrested (never me, no Article 15’s here), there is a military mindset at work that is far different than the street thugs, etc. It changes the dynamics.

  11. Regarding the carotid hold:
    One of my colleagues, as a younger man, worked at the Atascadero State Hospital ((for the criminally insane). Today they would be politely called mentally ill.
    While working at the hospital he carried a syringe with 1500 milligrams of Thorazine which he was authorized to use at his discretion, but he said he routinely used the carotid hold, sometimes a half dozen times a day in dealing with violent “patients”.
    Where we worked we were not allowed to use any type of choke or carotid hold, but in the interest of furthering my educationon about chokes, he demonstrated applying the carotid hold beginning facing an agitated adversary. He was old, fast, and effective.

  12. ours had a hand crank on the wringer, and we thought that was a luxury….i find chivalry to be rare these days. so rare that women are appreciative of it again. there were times back in the day that i got cursed out for holding the door for a lady, so don’t judge the guys too harshly. women had a hand in killing of manners themselves…..that guy, chauvin, was already a convicted criminal when he was hired, guess he was connected, and i think that’s what kept him on the job even after 19 documented complaints. union cops make good money and even better pensions. i pity the small town/county guys, they make peanuts and the libs wanna cut that. should cut welfare too, and politician pay, see how they like that.

    • It’s unlikely that police officers will vote democrat. The union cops and upper management might because they want curry favor. Nobody else will, and that’s why they’re expendable to democrats. Additionally, the dems need a new crop of police who will confiscate firearms. The current batch won’t.

  13. Carrying a sap is illegal in some jurisdictions. A long draw string money pouch filled with coins is not.
    Gives a place to keep your change. Will also change the attitude of a belligerent.

    • Poor man’s sap. Put a bar of soap in a sock. It works just as well, really. The soap will disfigure, drop it in water. There goes the evidence. Wash the sock.

      • it was funny, we were issued a sap but then they told us we weren’t authorized to use it. like ethics told us don’t solicit discounts, then finance told us we must solicit discounts or we wouldn’t be reimbursed. don’t use choke holds, but this is how to do it properly. catch 22’s all over the place.

  14. If George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks had only gotten in the back of the squad car, they would be alive today.

    I came close to getting a ride once, but I blew a .065, and he let me go. That was also the last time I ever drove with more than one drink in me. I remember thinking, he has my Name, my license plate, my ID, and so does dispatch after he called them in. Last thing I would want to do is complicate a DUI with another charge.

    Maybe the solution is to raise the stakes and the consequences? “My partner that is standing ten feet away over there? If you resist arrest, he is going to shoot you until you fall down. Will you please turn around and put your hands behind your back?”

    It might also reduce further repeat issues by stupid people?

    • Maybe the solution would be to invent more creative and interesting less-lethal weapons. Maybe some sort of weapon that fires a synthetic charge – glass that dissolves in your body and throws you immediately into a grand mal seizure?

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