Communist China has found a new case of dengue fever on the same day as the country has confirmed patients infected with bubonic plague. The plague used to be called “the Black Death”. Since that is racist, it may be called the “Yellow Death” because it’s in China now – and when it arrives in America by “Chinese Students” – who knows but what we will call it “The White Death”.

The World Health Organization usually gives China a pass when it comes to plagues because they have “their man” in charge and there’s almost always a whitewash job. (can I say “whitewash” or is it now “blackwash”?) This means that if it’s been reported, it’s more serious than reported and the information only leaked because the Communists are having difficulty containing it.

Dengue fever is not uncommon in China but it’s not usually found in Shanghai. A resident in the eastern Chinese city Guangde (near Shanghai) was diagnosed on Sunday with dengue fever, a deadly virus spread by infected mosquitos.

Herdsmen in China’s northern Inner Mongolia region has been reported to have bubonic plague over the weekend, known as the ‘Black Death’ in the Middle Ages (racist term). The Black Death Plague has also been reported in Central America from time to time over past years, and once that I know of, in an infected immigrant detained by ICE on the US/Mexico Border.

The concern in the case of China is that they are unreliable and untrustworthy in their reporting of potential pandemics. With travel bans, maybe these diseases can be contained within China, which is now also suffering with yet another swine flu, that is wiping out their pig population (again).




  1. I would say nuke China in it’s entirety, but our luck the viruses present would join up and mutate to create the Dengue/Black Plague/Covide/Swine virus and once hitting our shore kill everyone with in a minute bleeding out at every orifice and through all the pustules, a skin rash you can’t itch and give us an incurable hunger for bacon…

  2. Piling on because the NWO folks are losing the battles. Their private elitist club is now exposed more than ever and they are doubling down because it doesn’t affect them.

    I suspect what you describe will continue as long as Trump continues hitting back. And he will. He’s from Queen’s, fighting the grifter’s is part of his DNA. Look at the media’s take on Mount Rushmore – with three prior Presidents and The Bern they gushed with syrupy pride, Trump shows up and the narrative flips to the current “hate whitey, slave-owners, and stolen land” narrative. Point that out and they tap dance to cover for their hypocrisy.

    Next week it’ll be something else. Figure it’s time to do the Harry Potter dome force field on China…keep that crap in their space to deal with.

    • Oh, and I give Ms. Maxwell about a month before her damning information is lost to the wind. High society or not, dead pimps/groomers tell no tales.

      • Camper: unfortunately, I tend to agree with you. Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson and about a hundred or so more of our ‘betters’ all have dirty laundry in Ms. Maxwell’s hamper. She’s gotta go. By whatever means necessary.

        It will be awfully hard to explain away her death, however, as she is 10 times the high profile prisoner her paramour miscreant Brian Epstein was. But a story will be put forth, however implausible, and the scumbags in the MSM and the pedophiles will stick to it.

        • Strange days we live…smart to plan for it to get weirder so as not to be blind-sided by the whack-jobs out there bleeding from urban centers into rural areas.

  3. Thanks for the update, LL. I tied to come up with something to replace white/black wash; but I failed.
    Oh well.

    Be safe and God bless!

  4. Covid19, dengue fever, bubonic plague, swine flu. Seems biblical to me. I would be remiss if I don’t also mention the locusts plauge comming across the Pakistan/India frontiers. And I’ll just throw in the failing three gorges dam which is upstream, ironically enough, from Wuhan. Shanghai also.

  5. “What’s the story here, detective?”
    “Five rounds in the back of the head. Obviously a suicide.”

  6. So, anyone who can, please enlighten me. Why doesn’t Ms. Maxwell just release all/most of her dirt via the whole internet? Get the ugly truth and names out there for all to see? Just blast the info to everyone everywhere. Sure, there could be laws against it and it would hurt her power to negotiate in court, but surely she sees her days are numbered! It seems(to my limited viewpoint) her best option is to hurt those who are about to Arkancide her! This seems a good idea, but what am I missing?

    • It’s going to take months to depose her, with bits and bobs trickling out, names of minor people we’ve never heard of. Then in the last week of October (less than 10 days before the presidential election Nov 3) Ghislaine Maxwell will stand against heterosexual white male hegemony by naming Donald J. Trump as a pedophile serial rapist. Brave, brave Ghislaine to speak truth to power!

      Also, we will all be voting by mail due to the second Corona-chan lockdown. Good thing mail-in votes are fraud proof.

      • Wow, Mike, together we’ve started the premise for spy thriller type novel! Perhaps a sequel to “The Manchurian Candidate”? Maybe Larry would write it for us! Then, he might be bored with the whole affair. Heh, thanks for your response.

  7. Bubonic plague is nothing new here in the USA. It’s endemic in western state prairie dog towns, for instance. Every few years, news of someone on a rez catching it hits the headlines. Thankfully, with antibiotics, the Black Death is more like the Gray Annoyance these days, unless the afflicted person refuses to seek medical treatment quickly enough. It’s still dangerous to the infected… But not really anything at all resembling an epidemic, much less pandemic status.
    This is just fear mongering on the part of China and the WHO. They know the Yellow Cold virus is slipping in its public efficacy of keeping us terrified and isolated; they’re madly hunting for the next big panic, and willing to create one if none applies for the job.

  8. Plagues:
    Hanna Virus, perhaps not a true plague because it is not widespread, but as my family has roots in the southwest and I spent many a summer in New Mexico.
    Finding a packrat nest full of pinion nuts was exciting.
    Wifmann was born and grew up in Arizona and she shares the same memories of expeditions to gather pinions.
    We had no idea that the Hanta virus was found in the nests among thepinions.
    I, occasionally, see/hear reports of Navajos on the Rez getting infected.

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