Boat Shots, Glory Shots etc.

Every time I look at these photos, I resolve to go out and buy a civilian RIB for use on the larger Arizona lakes.  No, those lakes are not the ocean, but I don’t need a 28′ RIB either.

Yes, Fredd, I know, BOAT means, “break out another thousand”.

Four Eyes



Back in Barack’s first term as president, he tried to organize a civilian paramilitary organization, along the line of Hitler’s brown shirts, that would be comprised of inner city people and would be “larger and better funded than the military.” That vision of imperial greatness dissipated when some Democrat insiders realized that there weren’t enough inner city people…given the body count they were likely to suffer. And illegal aliens aren’t flooding to America to be killed.

So the Donkeys are promoting riots to show that President Trump is not in control and once the brain-dead Biden is in office, the rioting will stop. And they can de-fund the police and at the same time work at confiscating firearms in private hands.

New Jersey, progressive state, is starting by TAXING firearms into oblivion. Of course, people can vote the progs out of office – if they are allowed to vote. Because the mail is a tricky thing.


Group Photo

c 1980

The Osprey

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the Osprey. It’s another tool in the amphibious warfare arsenal, and not the least bit stealthy, but faster than rotors, and I’d rather ride on one of them – to the beach – than a hovercraft or an amphibious armored personnel carrier (iron coffin). The Marines have gone big with the Osprey and I guess that it works well enough.

I’m told that the Ospreys operate better at higher altitudes than helicopters do. Useful in the Hindu Kush, but there aren’t that many places where we have wars over 10K feet in elevation.

We’ll see how they preform in the coming war with China. They need to be blooded in combat before I can press my personal seal of approval on them.



  1. Military…to go places, break things, and kill the bad guys. Our armed forces have the best people and gear at the ready to do what needs to be done that most of the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter general public haven’t a clue. (also why I read your blog, to get a clue.)

    Along those lines…and it bears repeating…”Ever notice how the street rabble is highly selective where they do their rioting?” Unleash the well-trained like those above – painted faces would be a nice touch – into these domestic hellholes and just the sight of the well-trained will cause the cowards to ruin their tighty-whitey’s…be over in two minutes.

  2. These are Sean’s friends. Sean has good friends, the kind who would help move a body with no questions asked. Be more like Sean’s friends.

    • That’s how real guys talk to each other. My best friend is a horse-fu$#er, he calls me an arsehole, we both insult each other’s pecker and prowess. Other people think we’re fighting. He’ll help me dispose of bodies, I’ll help clean up the blood.

      But once we’re apart, he’s the best guy around. And I’ll cry when he dies. He’ll do the same with me.

      Beats the ‘say nice things to their faces and insult them behind their back’ way that many women and too many males these days (they aren’t men) talk.

      RHIBs are a gas. A good melding of two distinctively different styles of boats. And it works! Need to get a decent vehicle to pull one with. There’s some nice 5 ton surplus military trucks out there that would also be nice to have during fun weather out in your neck of the woods.

      As to the Osprey, well, they work. The Army and Marines are looking at smaller Blackhawk-sized versions. Meh. Still pisses me off that the DoD bought some refurbed M151 Mutt version instead of a custom built fricking hot modular vehicle that would have been cheaper and better.

    • Likely someone had one and decided the boat needed it. GIs, and likely folks in other militaries, have been doing similar things for decades, likely centuries.

      • They ship them in containers and they can be in those containers for a long time. Likely to keep things smelling minty fresh. Hygiene extends to your ride.

  3. Back in Barack’s first term as president, he tried to organize a civilian paramilitary organization, along the line of Hitler’s brown shirts, that would be comprised of inner city people and would be “larger and better funded than the military.

    Paramilitary implies a certain amount of discipline. Where do you find that in the inner cities? My LEO friends tell me even the gang bangers have a problem keeping people in line.

      • WSF – There were a lot of videos of inner city people training. I’m guessing that they’re no longer on YouTube. If you look at African nations, historically, they perform better under white officers, which is what you’re seeing with BLM on the streets. Of course, in places like Oregon and Wisconsin, they’re all white, mostly hirelings, trained, paid and shipped in. The Democrat leadership stands down the police and lets them rip the place apart in the hopes that it will frighten voters not to re-elect Trump (MAGA).

          • The Democrats can’t let President Trump get re-elected. They’re getting close to Obama in the investigations, and you know that he’d fold and rat out the whole bunch of them.

            The general election of 2020 will be a filthy thing.

      • Completely separating the head from the body with only a knife is a difficult business, even if the person is already dead (not struggling). Now I’ve only done it the once , so YMMV. Doubtless experienced people are much more efficient at it but I have no desire for a repeat experience.

        @Bobo on friends
        A question I’ve been suggesting people ask themselves is: How many people are there in my life who, if they showed up on my doorstep unannounced and said, “I need your vehicle and ten thousand dollars cash!” my response would be “Sure. And tell me what else can I do to help.”
        And how many people in your life are there who would do the same for you, no questions. I think that if the answer is zero, you’re doing something wrong. If the number is double digits or greater you either have had extraordinary experiences and background, or you’re fooling yourself as to who you can really trust, and who trusts you reciprocally. Twenty years ago that would have been crazy thinking, even five years ago kinda out there. Today I think one would be nuts to NOT contemplate such things.

        Monday I have to go pick up a Wazir (Pashtun) friend from the train station. I think I shall be a bit more low-key than Sean’s friends….

        • Mike_C: One of my check boxes for friendship is this. It’s a horrible bar fight and X has my back. Somebody hits me tin the back of the head, I automatically deduce that my friend X is dead. It’s completely reciprocal.

          I do have friends who would hand me the keys and $10K or $20K or $30K. Even relatives who might. You can’t pick your relatives. My children would all do it (if they had the money – young families are not that liquid). And of course, I’d do it (and have done it) for them.

          One friend I approached two years or so ago when I wasn’t liquid enough and told him that I needed $50K ASAP. He wired the money that day. Navy friend of many years. Of course, I paid him back ASAP as well.

          The test of friendship is not money, it’s will. And honor. And time.

          And sometimes you find it in the strangest places.

          • No, it’s not about money. Here’s where that came from: In an unthinking moment at work I jokingly made the usual remark about “friends help you move; real friends help you move bodies,” around some younger (late 20’s) people. One person laughed, the rest looked puzzled. “Move bodies?”
            “Yeah, dead bodies.”
            “You mean like on a stretcher?”
            “No, like illegally disposing of a person you killed. It’s just an expression, but the implied question is: For whom would you risk giving up your freedom and maybe your life?” That didn’t go over so well in terms of understanding. Blank or incredulous looks. Eventually I found that the “vehicle and $10k” thing seemed to resonate and made those persons thoughtful, which was (or had become) the point.

  4. I’m torn on the Osprey as well. I’ve read that there is a common drive shaft between the motors, so one motor can power both rotors. It won’t hover, but at least you have a better chance of landing in one piece. Loose both engines? “In other words, it can’t really glide like a plane and won’t autorotate like a helicopter. It’s getting the best and worst of both worlds.”.

    We live not far from the Bell Flight Research Center at Arlington Municipal Airport so get occasional
    low lever flyovers. Very distinctive sound signature.

  5. I’d forgotten about Obama’s ghetto army, I guess they morphed into BLM.

    And I’m with Adrienne, nice to see an air freshener on the boat. Of course I want a BOAT too but Fredd keeps saying no. Hmmm.

    • Fredd (bitter from boating experience) and I (burned too) have discussed boat ownership on e-mail. (1) They are holes in the water that you throw money into; (2) BOAT does mean, ‘break out another thousand’. (3) When the weather turns bad if you’re a long way from shore you damn your purchase.

      But the flip side is that they are also fun. And you can keep them within your means. Don’t ever have a boat that you need to make payments on and scale your boat to what you will use it to do. How often will you use it? In Arizona (or Texas) you can use a boat in lakes all year. If you’re going to sea in Texas, you can enjoy it there too. An open metal boat with a small outboard to put you on the fish is not what Fredd was referring to, I think.

      Once you need to slip the boat, the costs seem to multiply.

  6. Love the SCAR and the Crane M-14s… Re boats, OH so #%$% true… $1200 to fill up back in the 80s. Hate to think what that would be today! RHIBs and MK-Vs are hard on my back though. But that high speed run out to San Clemente was fun, and they got to ‘play’ a couple of days later, thanks to me. Best days, the day you buy and the day you sell. Sean’s got some GOOD friends… LOL

    • The morning run to San Clemente Island was a lot more fun than fighting that afternoon chop. It was only exciting for the first twenty minutes. After that, not so much.

  7. I have some Boeing Buddies that worked on the Osprey program. One of them told me he’d be hesitant to fly in one. If you lose an engine, you land it RIGHT NOW. The remaining engine is running at something like 99.9% of maximum power, and they can barely remain in the air.

    As of 2013 when I retired, there were still restrictions on the use of “airplane mode”, which is why you generally see them with the nacelles canted no more than 45* off vertical.

    Very unusual “thrumming” sound. The first time I heard one I couldn’t identify it until I saw it. They used to come up to Long Beach from Camp Pendleton, along with a bunch of LCAC’s, and play in the section of the harbor where we were moored because it was off limits to civilian boating. We watched them practice “assaulting” the two MARAD ships moored at the next pier over. Quite impressive to see several Cobra gunships orbiting the area while the Hueys, Blackhawks, and Ospreys came in and deployed their troops onto the ships.

    When they call it “Fast Roping” they ain’t kidding!

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