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Yes, I realize that it’s just sort of pizza folded over, but they don’t taste like that, do they? I add ricotta to a calzone to make them a little creamier, and sweet Italian sausage. Don’t judge me.


Get that Eagle out of the Snow!



June 1945, 401st Bomber Group, USAAF WWII flight jacket artwork.

Yes, I know that it’s racist – not a single black girl, no obvious trannies, no Mohammedan women wearing burkas, genderphobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, etc. How did we ever win the war? The new, woke US military will fix all that with promised purges.


Thoughts about the US Congress



U.S. States Labeled as Countries with Comparable Human Development Index. True, untrue, complete bullshit? You be the judge.

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    1. My thought as well Ed, who comes up with this stuff? (Altho, the Danes are very happy people, AND once again closed off their immigration to certain types because they weren’t assimilating into the culture.)

    2. Who would do such a thing?

      You can see the pattern that all blue states are considered higher HDI and all red states are lower. With a few minor exceptions like ND higher and IL lower.

      So it comes from stupid college study.

      1. Guess that depends on who’s doing the defining. A lot of weirdo activists out there with these things as their life mission.

    3. I had to look it up too, Wikipedia.
      >>The Human Development Index is a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators, which are used to rank countries into four tiers of human development<<

    4. Yeah…”Human Development Index.” I too wondered what that was? I apologize for my obvious ignorance…

  1. People in Tennessee are gonna be pi$$ed when they find out about this.

    L-L, for the record, the maps are a big hit in my A.O., thanks much.

    1. Well – France has been going downhill because of imported Muslims, while Tennessee is having problems with liberals/locusts moving in from the areas the libs destroyed.

  2. HDI ranges from 0 to 1.0. As of 2017 the highest HDIs (in order) were Norway, Switzerland, Australia (0.953, 0.944, 0.939), following those were Ireland, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, USA (0.924), UK, Finland. Japan was #19 at 0.909.

    Of the top 20 countries, 85% are predominantly white and Western European. There might be a tendency towards being Protestant with strong Lutheran overtones. Of the three nonwhite countries, all are East Asian, two being administered predominantly by ethnic Chinese (of, I would argue, the mercantile classes [1]).

    The top Muslim countries are UAE (#34, 0.863), Qatar (#37, 0.856), and Brunei (#39, 0.853).
    Top South/Central American country is Chile (#44, 0.843), followed by Argentina (#47, 0.825).
    Top African country is Algeria (#85, 0.754). Top sub-Saharan African country is Botswana (#101, 0.717).

    Bottom five (of 189 total) are Burundi, Chad, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Niger (0.417, 0.404. 0.388, 0.367, 0.354).

    Make of this what you will.

    [1] I have put a huge target on my back with the HK and S’pore people now by suggesting their rulers are fundamentally merchants. The traditional hierarchy in China is: Scholars, Farmers, Soldiers, Merchants, Prostitutes/Actors. My own ancestry is a mixture of Scholars and Warlords (highly successful soldiers). Frankly I am not at all certain that administration/de facto rule by traditional Confucian scholars was good for China, and Warlordism is not a great thing either.

    1. Yes, HDI is a ridiculous rating invented and massaged to make Europe look better than America (while there was still an America). As such, it is laughable on it’s face.


  3. Some years back a friend owned a non-chain pizzeria. He made a wonderful calzone filling it with pretty much whatever you wanted. He’s retired now and I sure miss that place even though it was a bit of a trip to get there.

  4. Calzones…might out that on the menu, might have to make it myself as Giuseppe’s in PA is a bit far for Curbside pick up.

    Nose Art – Geez LL, the SJW lurkers might have an aneurism and get you banned altogether, you’ve crossed the line. Seriously tho, gotta love those men’s ability to make war a little less ugly.

    1. The SJW types have already targeted this blog for destruction. What are they going to go for? Double destruction?

      1. So you’re on “DOUBLE secret probation”…sounds about right from the self-loathers who want us normals to feel their angst.

        1. Eventually, I’ll be taken down for offending a tranny or something – hate speech and all. Or they’ll just cancel the blog. The hacking attempted has been insufficient to date.

  5. I’m guessing the guy with the arrow in him was the Standar Bearer?

    Rosie could definitely work up a sweat in me, but Liz doesn’t look too “reluctant”.

    1. Reluctant Liz worked her way though an infantry battalion as a doughnut hostess or something, while hubby was bombing the Japanese.

  6. What great art. You can imagine todays…

    Look, I know I’m old skool, but trannies just don’t look so good.

    Buy $DOGE.

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