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Sue Ellen Browder

* LANDER, Wyo.— Sue Ellen Browder wrote fake news before fake news was ever a thing. Except she prefers not to call it that—not because she’s embarrassed to admit she wrote fake news (although she’s certainly not proud), but because she thinks the term fake news is too vague to understand.

Browder, a Cosmopolitan magazine writer for 20 years, describes what she wrote as propaganda.

The goal? To sell women on the idea that sexual liberation is the path to the single woman’s personal fulfillment.

“Propaganda is very sophisticated,” Browder tells The Daily Signal. “It’s a half-truth, selected truth, and truth out of context.”

“Propaganda is used not to sell just products,” she adds. “It’s also used to sell ideas…I don’t want to take more credit than I deserve for all this evil, but I think that I — I was certainly part of the evil empire, if you will.”

* China–in the Arctic – Former SECSTATE Mike Pompeo said that the CCP is encroaching on the Arctic region as part of a wider effort to secure military and economic security against the West. That effort goes back a number of years but reached new highs in 2017 when the CCP attempted to purchase a decommissioned naval base in Greenland.

The Arctic region is critical to U.S. defense and national security, Pompeo said, not just because of the resources located there, but also because ballistic missiles launched by China or Russia at the United States would need to pass over the region.

* Microchip Wars – There have been comments from blog readers about BRM’s blog post regarding China’s microprocessing dilemma.  Can the PRC actually create anything without stealing the design?  Peter’s blog is always a good place to go for information and the question of what China will do without modern microprocessors is a fair one. I anticipate that if the PRC attacked Taiwan, that WE would take out the factories that make integrated circuits at the request of the Taiwanese companies that have relocated to the USA and have received a $52 billion stimulus bump.

The PRC’s problem is larger than just microchips. It is trade. If the other nations of the world declared their debts to China null and void by popular consensus, how would China react? Building a bamboo wall means that the red Chinese would starve. They know it and we know it. Maybe losing a few hundred million to starvation in China would leave them stronger if the right people died? You have to look at things through the lens of a Chinese oligarch. Things are never that simple are they? An attack on Taiwan would finish communist China even if they gained the Island.

So what will they do?

* A dollar held at the start of the Brandon regime is now worth only 88.3 cents. FJB.

* All I’m asking for is the right to own the same firearms that the US Government bought for the (ENEMY) Taliban with my tax dollars. Does that sound unreasonable?

* Military Justice? – A decade after the Army ended a recruiting program embroiled in accusations of fraud and mismanagement, more than 2,400 soldiers who were never charged with wrongdoing are likely shackled by a misleading flag on their criminal records.

“We are branded as criminals,” Army Capt. Gilberto De Leon told Fox News. “There were times when I broke down on my knees … My career was ruined, about to lose my pension. How am I gonna support my family of eight?”

Soldiers and veterans say they’ve lost jobs, been denied bank loans or weapons permits, and suffered other consequences because of an obscure Army process that treats anyone who is merely investigated for wrongdoing as guilty. The US Army would be right at home in Stalin’s USSR.


Would you use ‘Z’ or ‘S’ to spell Brazil?

34 thoughts on “Passing Time

  1. Civilians don’t get military justice is predicated on the idea that you’re guilty, and your screw up got people killed. Falling asleep on watch isn’t a little nap at work, it’s the opportunity for the enemy to slip past and cut the throats of all your mates while they sleep for example.

    1. Yes, the UCMJ is different for a reason, but if you’re not found guilty of a crime, should the presumption that you were guilty and wiggled out of it haunt you until you die? It’s kinder to simply execute everyone suspected of wrongdoing.

  2. If I were Russian I would not be using “Z” for a military campaign symbol. Z was the flag used by Admiral Togo at Tushima. Not Russia’s most fond memory.

    1. I think that the Z stands for something other than just being a Z, but I’m not sure what that is.

      1. Some speculate that the “Z” could stand for “zapad,” which means west in Russian. There is no Z in the Cyrillic alphabet.

        1. Wikipedia:
          Ze (З з; italics: З з) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.

          It commonly represents the voiced alveolar fricative /z/, like the pronunciation of ⟨z⟩ in “zebra”.

          Ze is romanized using the Latin letter ⟨z⟩.

          The shape of Ze is very similar to the Arabic numeral three ⟨3⟩, and should not be confused with the Cyrillic letter E ⟨Э⟩.

  3. OK! So how do/should we spell Bra?il here in the US?
    Wiktionary prefers Brasilian
    Wikipedia prefers Brazilian

    1. The US is a nation of immigrants from everywhere — 100,000 more each month arrive illegally and get their welfare check, medicare for all, and an ObamaPhone. It’s all mixed up.

      1. It’s America.

        America of the Future.

        Most people probably don;t know it’s a country any more, and spell it “wax job”.


  4. It would be nice to own one of the rifles given away, and a few thousand rounds paid by tax dollars.

    1. The Brandon regime is more comfortable giving them away to our enemies who have blood on their hands.

  5. Almost 25% of my retirement fund is gone, and what’s left is only worth 88.3% of what it used to be? Thanks Joe!

    1. You would do well to divest your funds now before you lose any more. I saw this coming last year and cashed out my portfolio completely. All the profit I made from my annuity over 15 years was gone in six months and I ended up with just my original investment. I’m positive that it’s going to get worse, the dems are doubling down on stupid and next year will be brutal. Good luck.

    2. I don’t buy the 0.883 factor. Whoever calculated that must be using a “basket” of weird things that don’t apply to the normal person. How about we look at a composite of food, gasoline, electricity and natural gas as a start? With such an index we’re probably lucky if the FJB buck is 0.75 of the Trump buck.

      Well, the Sue Ellen Browder thing got me on a web search, and sure enough I learned something. Now I know who Lawrence Lader was, and what he is known for. Dammit.

      1. Infusing the Strategic War Reserve into the petroleum supply won’t save the dems from the mid-terms. If people want the Pennsylvania hunchback more than the Republican Turk, then they’ll have it. But across the nation, there’s not much love for Biden’s folly.

  6. The Army program was screwed up but CID did more than just treat anyone who is merely investigated for wrongdoing as guilty, they actually put files in that have the same coding as an arrest! THAT is the real issue, even though those people weren’t ever arrested, or prosecuted… Re China, they have multiple problems, it’s just a question of which one is going to blow up in their faces first.

  7. Lander is 2 hours from Pinedale…and a million miles away politically.

    Went there in ’82 for a month-long NOLS backcountry course to hone my skills. When I arrived at headquarters the first thing I saw was a poster of Reagan with a circle and slash thru it. I had seen the man speak, so was a bit confounded why no on wouldn’t like him (I was young), but let it go. Once I completed the course I decided to back into engineering instead of pursuing becoming an instructor…every instructor was living out of his or her car. The kicker and first real world introduction to Lefty’s and their mentality was when they decided I was “not a good fit to be a NOLS instructor”…later realizing that was because I was a traditional conservative. Didn’t dawn on me for years as to why, then it hit me. That bgan my political journey. Things are stupid worse today as the grifters and Lefty’s are basically in the same boat, one at the helm, the others manning the oars.

    MrsPaulM had a veterinary CE event in Lander…the lefty mentality has gotten worse as we found out The Rainbow people (bums) have moved into the area to further ruin it.

  8. I was Crypto/Computer maintenance in the Air Force. I learned Boolean algebra, machine language, and Cobol then went on to work on tactical telephone exchanges and multiplex vans for 15 years until being cross trained into ground radio.. I was also on the small arms combat shooting team where I learned to totally disassemble and reassemble my A2 M-16. During that time I was also studying CAD. Do the math.

  9. Red China seriously wants access to the Arctic in order to push the margins of ‘their’ country. Which is why Putin should be up-arming and fixing the defenses in Siberia and all the eastern ports, because the weaker Russia gets (daily getting weaker and weaker) the easier it will be for Red China just walk to the Arctic.

    And then China will go over the top to acquire the resources of Greenland.

    Don’t trust Red China, Red China is Asshole.

    As to Red China’s economy? It’s dead, Jim. Kaput. They are at the point that the USSR did when it finally collapsed. Red China’s sucked the economy out of Hong Kong and Macau, all the turd world countries that owe China money can’t/won’t pay back, and more and more the internal economy is collapsing. Real estate is dead, building is dead, people have lost all their life savings and are being denied the opportunity to shop for basic needs. Dead.

  10. In a just and right world, the CMP (or like organization) would receive all military firearms, do a depot level of reconstruction on them (probably using 3 guns to make 2 functional weapons) and then sell them to the People. Or even give to the People.

    Same with all the rest of the military hardware. Sure, we can buy trucks and other non-war goods things, but, dammit, if I want an M113 or a T-38 or whatever, I should be able (if I can afford it) to buy used ones from the government.

    1. I don’t what they call the old DRMO (Defense Reutilization Marketing Office) these days, but they could handle the distribution of arms and munitions to the public.

  11. I don’t really know about all that, but I do know if if I can’t make a double bacon egg and toast for my family in the morning I’m going to be hangry!

    1. You’ll chug your soylent green and be thankful for it, Mister. If you just close your eyes while the greasy soylent is slipping down your throat, you can imagine that it’s a double bacon egg and toast with a chaser of fresh squeezed OJ.

      1. You referenced soylent green and freshly squeezed OJ and I can only think that Ron and Nicole would finally get justice.

  12. The UCMJ is a necessity as Bluey points out. The problem is REMFs perverting it and suffering no consequences. They are one large clique scratching each other’s back. Look a Milley. Got his CBI participating in the Panama invasion. Has three, repeat three, Bronze Stars – not one with a “V”.

    The officers with guts to put their personal ass on the line and lead from the front get pushed out by the parasite REMFs. If we ever go up against a well trained foe our casualties will be enormous.

    1. World War 2 is instructive. It took a couple of years to thin out the REMFs and shirkers. The problem with war in our day is that it can move very quickly. The US has well-trained and proven NCOs and a professional cadre who have been through continual ground wars. At the top, there are turds like Milley.

  13. My father, my grandfather, and my drill instructor all said “make it simple stupid”. Most likely the wisest words ever said…and simple.

  14. Don’t be too hard on Cosmo… it was a lot easier to get than real porn, when I was 12.


    1. Heh.

      Playboy Light:
      “What massage parlor girls are like (and do to men – perhaps yours)”
      “Men make lousy lovers (but consider the alternative)”
      “How to deal with that big romance (After that first big divorce)”
      “Seven signs he’s not into you”

      That was ONE cover from ’76 (yeah, I looked it up). Garbage, pushing a “I am woman” feminist narrative. Yet pretty benign as compared to today.

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