Team Biden — Balking

Jo/Ho may not give a State of the Union speech to Congress. Biden suffers from dementia and wouldn’t likely get through it, so his PR team is saying that white people plan to disrupt the speech. Really? The Capitol Building is surrounded by 25,000 armed troops, a Stryker battalion, rotor aviation and a wall topped with razor wire.

Weak, donkeys, very weak.



The next Army rotorcraft?

The Sikorsky–Boeing SB-1 Defiant is the Sikorsky Aircraft and Boeing entry for the United States Army’s Future Vertical Lift program, succeeding the Joint Multi-Role initiative.


Down Under

Australia climate, population and economic activities.

The Chinese were claiming earlier this year that Australia was a satrap of the People’s Republic. Things changed and Australia showed some spine. How long will that last?


S-Hole Countries

The liberal media went insane (one moment among many) when President Trump referred to s-hole countries. This is a map that shows percentage of population practicing open defecation.


Air War

Visualizing the bombing campaign of the western allies in WW2. Each point represents a bombing raid led by the allies.



(YouTube Video) I don’t live in Montana, and I’m not 90 years of age, but I can relate.

John Holland was born in McLeod, Montana in 1927 on a 940 acre family homestead & cattle ranch that stretches back to 1906.  John worked beside his parents on the ranch until they passed, and at 90, he now works that land alone.

Will our children follow in our footsteps?


Surface Detail

Space Station



  1. Pooping en plein air map is incorrect. It does not account for San Francisco. If it did, then US would be that sickly shade of green.

    Space station images are “Elysium” after they got done bringing up the diversity? (Never saw the whole movie, but the bits I did see were enough to put me off.)

  2. Biden is lost and the MSM is standing on their heads covering for this failed soon to be potted plant (unkind, but he asked for it, or Not-A-Doctor Jill did anyway). To repeat myself (because I think I’m funny), “What am I doing…just don’t call me Shirley.” Dem’s over-wound their toy and stripped the gears.

    Love the Montana clip, brings me back to a years ago road trip with MrsC. McLeod is down the road from Holly’s Road Kill Cafe/Saloon…great spot. After Vet school MrsC was staying at the campground on the river a little ways back towards Big Timber, one night went into the Road Kill for dinner and it was mobbed. Asked the waitress and she said, “They’re filming a movie up in McLeod.” Was The Horse Whisperer…the dance hall scenes and some of the scenic shots. Thx for the recollection. Great trip.

  3. Ah, Jo-Ho: will the lampoon material ever stop?
    The Defiant looks sexy, somewhat reminiscent of the old Comanche chopper(Ex: Will it perform at reasonable price?
    I’m watching all of our “allies” in the Pacific Rim to check for backbone. They will need it, as American support may not necessarily be relied upon!
    The U.S. had industrial might largely unmolested by the Axis Powers, so it’s not surprising to see that most bombings then were American led.
    John Holland might be able to find kindred spirits to work the land with him. There are a growing number of people who just want to be as independent as possible. I think it would be wise for him to keep his will secret, so as to discourage gold diggers expecting an inheritance.
    Larry, are those space station pics from a novel? Isaac Asimov? Arthur C. Clarke? They seem familiar, but I could be half remembering something similar.

  4. Do we have a “Union” any longer? Seems like the founding documents have been scrapped, replaced with “Make It Up As You Go Along”.

    Or maybe that’s “Make It Up As You Get Paid”.

    Interesting helicopter. I remember when NOTAR the next Big Thing. Now they’re using a pusher prop like the old Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne, but with counter-rotating rotors, and they can unclutch the fan, or run it backwards as an airbrake.

    I knew we bombed the snot out of Monet Cassino, but looks like we walloped the rest of Italy pretty good, too.

    I was thinking more “Ringworld” than Space Station, but se we drew in, I could see the scale was smaller. Myabe they died from Oxygen Poisoning. Too much green stuff growing in an enclosed environment….

  5. I bet he could tell some stories.
    The art work is very reminiscent of the stuff found in the HeavyMetal magazines of the early 80s.

  6. On Australia, The Chinese restaurants there have the same menus we have in the US. And it tastes the same. It is just more expensive.

    • If you’ve ever gone on a tour of China for westerners, the food is the same as Tysons Corner, VA, but that’s not what Chinese people eat. It’s overseas Chinese food. Which is not to be confused with Cantonese food in HK.

  7. This post caught me on two points — the space station, idyllic, and the Montana rancher.

    I buried a man who used to ride the rails from Montana to cowboy in Texas in the 1930s. He’d say to me, in between spits, “LSP, you talk like an Englishman, think like a Texan.”

    High praise, eh?

  8. The Democrats sure do seem to have a high opinion of the combat power of hypothetical old fat guys with Savage 99s, or something. 2 divisions isn’t enough for “their safety” ? WTF do they think the “right wing” has, flying saucers with death rays? The last time these people they fear so much showed up in D.C, they didn’t appear to have brought anything even so threatening as a telescoping baton…

    I find the size of those rotor hubs disturbing.


    • The donkeys create an enemy. 1984 Playbook.

      Without a clever and remorseless enemy to fight, they couldn’t justify abuses and power grabs. It’s nothing more than, “never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste,” taken to the next level, where they CREATE an ongoing crisis.

      The walking corpse can’t stand in front of the cameras and talk for two hours even with a teleprompter. “No problem, we’ll justify a crisis so he won’t have to.”

      • just in, all national guard officer promotions are on hold until they can be individually vetted by the fbi for attendance on jan.6, 2021. attendance, not riot, not crimes, just went. i knew due process was on shaky ground, but weaponizing dot mil against political thought….

        • I will post a primer on thought crime on the blog later today. It’s too important just to leave it as a reply-to-comment. And it’s serious.

    • It’s from the feature film “Elysium” (2013) Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Alice Braga, and Sharlto Copley. Only in the pictures, it’s after Elysium is dead.

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