Ray Epps

When you’re looking for the FBI stooge, look for the person at the center of the conspiracy who was not subpoenaed, not arrested, and is not currently in prison. Though the FBI leaned on mainstream media outlets to exonerate Epps, I leave it to you to decide.

Ray Epps lived in Queen Creek, Arizona. The FBI may have paid to relocate him (possibly back to Las Vegas, where he used to live and where his wife, Robyn used to live). He sold his business, the Knotty Barn wedding venue, recently so he’s looking for another business to buy with the money in his pocket from the sale and no doubt a payout from the Federal Government, though we don’t know what the specifics of his arrangement are.

The Federal government likely recruited him when he ascended to become President of the Oathkeepers in 2011. Is that how Epps was first turned? It’s my guess, though it is only speculation on my part. The FBI made a concerted effort to use undercover special agents and to place recruited assets inside Oathkeepers immediately after they were formed in 2009. Somebody pitched him, he agreed to inform and they kept him on the string until January 6, his big moment to shine. They likely paid him off and on over those ten years, maybe they got him laid once in a while. They were his best friends and they assured him, cajoled him, and used him like a Tijuana catamite.

The tale is a cautionary one. Be careful who your new best friend is. Or your old buddy who suddenly takes an interest in you. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you.

They couldn’t get to Randy Weaver easily so FBI Sniper Lon Horiuchi put a round through his pregnant wife and unborn child. In 1997, the Boundary County prosecutor indicted FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi for manslaughter before the statute of limitations for the charge could expire. The case, Idaho v. Horiuchi, was moved to federal court, which has jurisdiction over federal agents. The case was then dismissed by the federal court. Horiuchi was a hero in the FBI. I do not assert that Weaver was an angel but the federal case against Weaver hinged on the length of a shotgun barrel…


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  1. Taking the Huxley quote step forward gets you the doctrine of “pre-emptive revenge”. Which is of course totally righteous. The core of Huxley’s on-the-mark observation is Resentment.

    Our popular culture (movies, mass media “news”, advertising) is largely the product of literally millennia of resentment. This mind poison has created the dysfunctional mess we now have.

  2. The length of a shotgun barrel that he did not want to modify originally. The FBI’s adoration of Horiuchi is just one of the reasons I believe the organization is past saving and needs to be disbanded with none of the current agents allowed to work in law enforcement.

    Did not know about the double barrelled canon. I always though that the shot connected by the chain came out of the same barrel. Interesting.

    I hope it never comes to wide spread violence because that will be the end of the United States as we know it as it descends into anarchy. However, if it does come down to wide spread violence Mike_C’s concept of pre-emptive revenge has a lot of merit.

    LL I am sure the FBI swings past your blog on a regular basis and we are all on a list somewhere.

    • Naval chain shot came from the same gun or carronade. This was an army thing.

      I hope that the FBI is informed when they read the blog. There was an FBI special agent who posted here regularly. Solid guy. I won’t mention his name here, but I broke his alias through investigation. His mom and sister started following the blog. There are undoubtedly FBI lurkers.

      • Normal linked or chainshot for Army use was fired out of one barreled guns. This double barreled thingy was pure experiment. Would have worked if it had one ignition chamber feeding two barrels, but still would have sucked moose appendage, if you know what I mean.

        Cannister and Grape were and are better at doing damage against infantry or cavalry targets.

        Same with last-ditch nail and scrap loads. Though those tore up the inside of the barrels a bit, but last-ditch is last-ditch.

        Surprised nobody tried a load of darts or flechettes. They probably did over the years.

        • We use beehive rounds now, using flechettes, but the technology to do that took some time to develop. Even the old M-79 rounds had a flechette option. However, the USMC would load them into their 8″ howitzers for perimeter defense in SE Asia and they put out enough flechettes for the enemy to take notice. You only had a few in each thumper round.

    • Yup…to all of it. At least when a dog gets skunked “SkunkOff” does a great job. Nothing short of disbandment can rid the FBI of its stink, which has permeated the entire organization.

  3. FBI informant sounds like a lucrative second career path. The guys in the Whitmer set up made how much? Only being “Our Man in Havana” had a lower integrity requirement.

  4. I think, if presented before a jury of his peers, the end result of the case against Lon Horiuchi would have resulted in a verdict of “hanged by the neck until dead” anywhere in the United States at that time.

  5. About three years ago I attended a meeting of the United American Defense Force held at a large Loveland, CO church. The location isn’t too easy to reach and driving in the surrounding residential area I saw several vehicles that didn’t fit the neighborhood. Too clean, no cute window silhouettes, Bronco stickers, etc. There were over a hundred people present.
    I found the people putting on the meeting to be sincere. I wasn’t willing to commit the time involved nor was I interested for other reasons. Doesn’t mean I haven’t sent a few shekels their way. I bet there are digital photos of everyone who entered the meeting and the license plates of every vehicle in the church parking lot. My picture, but my truck was parked two blocks away.

    The Oath Keepers bother me far less than the Southern Preposterous Lie Center. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Montgomery, Alabama, and found most of the locals don’t hold them in esteem.

    • If they have time, they’ll put a pole camera up to document comings and goings rather than do it from automobiles or on foot. A lot depends on the amount of notice and the general layout.

    • Many moons ago, I attended a meeting, nominally to pass the first stage of CCW permitting done. It was a Militiafest. At least 3 of the 20ish people there were direct informers, and at least the same number were indirect informers. The guy who ran the -fest actually said that was going to happen when the fest opened, before the Pledge of Allegiance.

      So, yes, WSF, if on average, about 3 out of 10 people at said UADF meeting were informants if not active agitators.

      As to the SPLC, friggin liars and losers. Used to read their scandal-rag to see who wasn’t a bad person. You figure it out inversely. The more the SPLC says a person is bad, the more likely they aren’t.

    • One must always assume they are one camera…you either care or not. I don’t care. Part of me wants some Fed to drive up the driveway demanding my cell phone or to “verify” my latest gun purchase. Yeah, total bravado, but they have no right without just cause. Mr. Houck in Bucks County (my youth stomping grounds) should have told the Fed’s to produce the Warrant first or sod off. The Fed’s thought no one would talk, then denied even being there…talk about chutzpah. But they have Epps and the cadre’ of sunglass-wearing putzes on Jan 6th dressed as MAGA boys instigating the whole mess…so they’re getting good at this crap.

      Had to set up a solar recharge/WiFi game cam to monitor anyone coming through our newish front gates due to “weird” problems and to verify I had enough solar/battery capacity for dual gate operators against vehicle traffic. Interesting to see what people will do thinking no one is watching right off a main thoroughfare. [‘delete! delete! delete!’…Nope, don’t need to see/save that.)

      SPLC – Real anarchists in the name of Christ. Hell hath no fury…God will have the final say on their activities.

      • I’m familiar with your area. All private posted roads so without a warrant or an invitation why is someone even there? As an aside, it makes my job easier. Pull up, take pictures of the signs, enter “Gated/inaccessible” in the tablet and on my way. There are other areas in your county that are set up that way.

        • Smart. If the gates are open the signage does state it’s private. But lately I set them open whenever contractors are in so they can come and go as needed and I don’t have those not paying attention hit things with their trailers (yes, has already happened, twice, even at 16ft width.)


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