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Can the Feds stop illegal immigration?

They did it once: OPERATION WETBACK (CLICK HERE) as outlined on Wikipedia shows that the Government of the United States once had the ability to deport illegal aliens. At the same time that Operation Wetback was underway, the government increased quotas for guest workers under the BRACERO Program (CLICK HERE). So it was able to do it before and may...

The Next US President

I have no idea who will take barack hussein obama's place in the White House in 2012. I seriously wonder if he will be able to obtain his party's nomination to run in 2012. I think Hillary Clinton stands a better chance. There are a number of Republican possibilities out there. I doubt Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin will end up being dubbed by the Par...

Arizona Politics- Pamela Gorman

Just when you were thinking that all female politicians were ugly, chain smoking, pseudointellectual, parasites, who spent their lives trying to find new and innovative ways to spend your money, a new generation arrived. Sarah Palin led the way and made it acceptable to be pretty, pro-life, pro-gun and anti-big government. Arizona answered the cal...

Can the US bring Order to the Border?

The objective is to bring order to the US/Mexico Border. That means that the border needs to be closed to illegal immigrants. The key word here is ILLEGAL. Governor Brewer met with representatives of the barack hussein obama regime today (video below) Talking Points: The US Government is providing double the money to the Republic of Mexico th...

Meet Ruth McClung (Courageous American)

Ruth McClung is a candidate for the US House of Representatives from Arizona's Seventh District. I'm proud of Ruth McClung. Her opponent is incumbent Raul (formerly Ralph) Grijalva (D-AZ) who has actually called on the rest of the country to boycott his own state for attempting to enforce federal immigration laws through Arizona SB1070. Gri...

Obama = Broken Promises

Governor Jan Brewer from Arizona appeals for the United States to act to protect US Citizens from dangerous illegal aliens. barack hussein obama has a few signs put up as close as 30 miles from Phoenix warning Americans to stay out of territory claimed by drug cartels and alien smugglers. Progressives claim that the President of the United States ...

Is Janet Napolitano LYING to us?

HOW STUPID does the United States Government think the people are? Please don't answer that because I think that I know the answer and it's insulting. (h/t HotAirPundit) (h/t Dale - CLICK HERE)Power to the Democratic Party now and forever!

Message to Governor Brewer

CLOSE THE BORDER! NOW!! I understand that Governor Jan Brewer wants the Federal Government to rubber stamp and pay for Arizona National Guard forces who will be deployed along the US/Mexican Border. However, they are State Troops and fall under her command. She can order them without federalizing them. Yes, there are big budget problems in Ariz...

Higher pay for illegal aliens!

There are some who have suggested that we at Virtual Mirage do not give enough time on the blog to the radical left. WE are sick and tired of illegal aliens receiving low pay!  Look at barack hussein obama's aunt Zietuni. Don't you feel she deserves a free ride? (it would be too much to expect for barack hussein obama to pay for her...

McChrystal vs Obama

I do not purport to understand General Stanley McCrystal, US Army as we have never met. However, since he occupies a critical position in the US Military and is one of our most competent generals now in the field, I believe it's time that we take a look at the current conflict between General McCrystal and barack hussein obama (and the obama regi...

Alvin Greene’s Primary Win due to RACISM?

The Los Angeles Times (CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY) fielded a piece today that deserves exploration. It deserves to be read in its entirety but due to fair use and copyright, I'm only going to pull a few excerpts here for your consideration. Scroll down on this blog to earlier posts this month if you don't know who Alvin Greene is, or what's going o...

Close the Border

The people of Arizona took a necessary stand to protect themselves and to protect America. The border needs to be closed to illegal immigrants and to (in part) stem the pipeline of illegal drugs into the US. This sign was posted by the BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, an agency of the Federal Government. While I applaud the sign and their concern for U...

Is a Govt. Job in Alvin Greene’s Future?

This is (another) summary of Alvin Greene's miraculous win. The Democratic Party is unhappy about their guy, Greene, winning the race. What do the Democrats seem to be doing these days when somebody needs to drop out of a political race? Many say, they handle it the Chicago Way - they bribe them with a government job. Though the matter of an ob...

Alvin Greene – Democratic Party Success Story!

It clearly doesn't take all that much to become the Democratic Party hopeful for the US Senate in South Carolina. In the video below, Alvin Greene, the Democratic Party's choice for US Senator outlines his election strategy. On Virtual Mirage, we'll be following the Alvin Greene campaign to be a US Senator. We have suggested that Greene may ...

Our Next President? (Alvin Greene)

Alvin Greene is the Democratic Candidate for the United States Senate from the State of South Carolina. He's a lot like barack hussein obama, except it appears that he may well be a legitimate US Citizen - and the jury is still out on obama. Yes he looks like the movie character "Bubba" from Forrest Gump. Fox News commentators call Greene, "a pro...

What’s in a Sign?

Sometimes the sign says it all.      California - the "sanctuary state" where progressivism is defined by bankruptcy.

Easy Listening for a Saturday night

At one point, this was the selected theme for the feature film/movie, "WHISPER TO ME"  (written by me, sold to Maverick Films  and never produced)

Capturing an Instant in Time

My daughters Amanda and Heather both do photography as an avocation and as a business. There is something about being able to make a little money at art that appeals to me as an author who does the same thing. You may wish to check out the link and follow Amanda's blog (Amanda Fein Photography). LINK She specializes in capturing an instant in time...

Hamas Global Infowar Campaign

Early in the morning of May 31, Israel Defense Force (IDF) naval forces intercepted six ships attempting to break the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. This happened after numerous warnings from Israel and the Israel navy that were issued prior to the action. The Israel navy requested the ships to redirect toward Ashdod where they would be able to...

Pompous Fool

We live in a country that elected a shameful man to be the President - a man who cares little for the nation and works to enshrine his own glory (though admittedly does it poorly). This is the president whose administration views the terrorist attacks of 9/11 as a "man caused disaster" and who says those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan paid the u...