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Open Forum Monday

This is your time to be clever and blow off some steam and cut loose. But can you be this innovative? The space below is yours.

Qualified Immunity

  Qualified immunity is designed to protect all but the plainly incompetent or those who knowingly violate the law. Law enforcement officers are entitled to qualified immunity when their actions do not violate a clearly established statutory or constitutional right. Qualified immunity is a judicially created doctrine that shields gov...

Memes for the Moment (a Sunday Sermonette)

      I'm an AMERICAN. Weapons are an integral part of my religion. Some people say that you can't actually worship at the range. Others say that it allows God to guide your hand... ok, sometimes the Devil but I usually blame a miss on the wind whether or not it's windy.     Wisdom from AOC ...

What’s Next? Space Aliens?

  Deadliest Cities And you have to hand it to the democrat party. They know how to take and hold power no matter how bad the slums that they rule are.   The Chinese Plague Shell Game In Maricopa County, where Phoenix is located and which holds over half of Arizona’s population, sixty-three percent of the deaths ...

The Map, etc.

  Holy Roman Empire in 1356 What was left of the Roman Empire (sorta).  It makes me wonder what the map of North America will look like in 2220. Even though it's politically incorrect (traditionally) to secede from the Union, the Democrats seem to be pushing for it (again). And the Republicans seem to be holding the union together (a...

Contemporary Thoughts

  Knowing the Difference But unfortunately people treat kindness as weakness in a fit of progressive confusion --  and then when you disabuse them of that shit, they feel that you're not kind. Putting a wounded 'animal' out of its misery is kind, right?   TRIGGERING! Why is it that old movies, pancake syrup, rice, c...

The (partial) List

The following list is a partial (h/t Brietbart and Cube) of companies that give danegeld to Antifa, BLM and other domestic terror groups. There are more like PetSmart that aren't on the list, but this is what's out there. I'm simply adding the list here so that it is diversified on the Internet. You can boycott them if you want to, or you ca...

Futurism, etc.

    Settled Science Governments really hate it when science doesn’t support their narratives. Like that time Obama paid $10 million for the CDC to study gun violence, and they concluded that carrying a gun is the safest and most effective way to avoid being the victim of violent crime. Every news company turned around...

Police Reforms, Globalism and a Quiz

Globalists - on the move again If you like your Chinese Plague, you can keep your Chinese Plague... These globalists are like an abusive spouse that joins the police force to respond to DV calls ; they make billions exploiting foreign labor and flouting environmental regulations , closing businesses all over the world , destroying the mid...


  A Day at the Range You just take your rifle, put on your Crye Precision camo and off you go! Yes, I'm an American - weapons are part of my religion. I tried to explain that to the Canadians, who encourage Sikhs to carry knives, and they didn't look at it the same way that I did. Why is that? Do I have to become a Sikh to carry a...


  15 things police officers wish the public knew about policing. Unfortunately, most of what most people know about cops is from watching television. 1. USE OF FORCE ISN'T PRETTY. People have been conditioned by TV to believe that a properly trained police officer of any size can take down a person of superior size and strength, quickly...

US Armed Services

  Q and A Name the US General And if you can't, you should reassess whether or not you should be reading this blog. And where (which continent) is he standing?   Name the Army    Name the Aircraft   The answers to the "name the (insert here) is at the bottom   Bonus points: Do you...

Explaining the Left (part three)

(continued) This concludes the three part series of trying to examine the Left, without simply chalking it up to 'insanity'. It's not insane from their point of view. A lot of it comes down to this: punishing success Who doesn't remember President Obama, reading from the teleprompter, "You didn't build that." If you are the owner of Chi...

Tales from the White Wolf Mine

Captioned Photo: Turkey 5 Livres banknote (obverse), 1926. I collect old banknotes. It's been a hobby for many years. My collection specializes in French Indochina, primarily because of the beauty of the banknotes (for the most part).  This Turkish banknote was interesting because there is a wolf pictured, rare in banknotes. And because this blog p...

Will Christian Churches Comply?

Yesterday we saw protesters across the street from the White House trying to tear down a statue of President Andrew Jackson. It's a trend. Will they be breaking into churches next to smash stained glass windows and pull down Christ on the Cross? And will the churches bow down (literally) to the mob, open the doors and invite them in to do whatev...

Explaining the Left (part two)

(continued) In essence, Leftism is the sin of pride disguised as compassion.   Leftists believe that men can't know the truth. There is no objective litmus test for truth or a lie (CNN). All truth is therefore subjective to the individual, which is the definition of a sociopath. If it's good for me, it must be "good". What this means i...

Grand Canyon Threat

(link) On March 4, the U.S. Forest Service rejected a proposal by the Stilo Development Group to build a road and other infrastructure through Kaibab National Forest. This road would have been the first step toward building more than 2,100 housing units and 3 million square feet of commercial space in the tiny town of Tusayan, right on the do...

Musings – for a new week

  The Failure of City Government One of the most beautiful streets in America now looks like a ravaged inner city ghetto because elected officials won’t do their job. However, liberals sort of like the feeling of living in a ghetto. You understand that better when you can wedge yourself into the liberal brain (make sure to wea...

Explaining the Left (part one)

I've received a few back channel e-mails asking how an entire population of leftists (millions of them) can  fail to discriminate between police and criminals, to pull down statues of abolitionists, or wear the neck-cloths of African tribes notorious for being slavers, all in the name of fighting imaginary neonazism, or how people can call both for...

Father’s Day Thoughts

  Identify the Rifle Let's see if I can stump any of you.   Corsican Vendetta Knife - a great gift for the dad that has everything Inscription: May all your wounds be mortal Family is everything. No success in life can compensate for failure in your home.