Do the Republicans want to Win?

VDH throws his cracker into the soup.

You need to keep in mind that while there are a few conservatives in the House of Representatives and the Senate, a lot of them are bought and paid for by the same people who bought and paid for the democrats. The Republican leadership hates President Trump far more than they hate Joe Brandon.

Brandon is good for fundraising for the Republicans. Every time he calls half of America fascists and Nazis, that half barfs up money to the Republican Party. Majorities on the donkey side of the aisle mean that the Republicans don’t have to deliver on much. They cluck their tongues, shuffle their feet, and explain to you that they could do more IF only they had more money.

When they leave office, they keep their campaign war chests in addition to payoffs squirreled away in the Caymans or wherever. From a politician’s perspective, they’re all in the same boat and life is better for the Republicans if the Democrats stay in command.


Epstein Pedophiles

The FBI leaks everything but the full identities of the Epstein Pedophiles. Reliable sources say that they have the CCTV footage from the Island and the Ranch in New Mexico, but that it’s locked up safe and sound as leverage against the politicians who frolicked there, and the industrialists who screwed children and scratched their kinky itches.

Prince Andrew was recently mocked in a billboard ad in NY/NY.

A huge New York billboard mocks Prince Andrew’s legal woes with a storage company slogan declaring: ‘Safe, secure, protected, with minimum charges. Just like Prince Andrew.’

It comes after the Duke of York settled a case brought by Virginia Giuffre in the city for a reported £12 million. Prince Andrew was a sacrificial goat as was the late Jeffrey Epstein who was killed to keep the secret.


Power cost in Denmark this year in kroner



  1. Well, imagine how disappointed I am that the Satanic Ritual that constituted – and defiled – Independence Hall last night, a chasm didn’t open up below The Evil One’s Lying Mouthpiece and swallow him whole, ridding us of a despicable human being.

    Missed opportunity.

    Then again, he’s a defined puppet, we can’t allow ourselves to be distracted by this incitement idiocy.

    The Dane’s embraced “renewables”, 57% from wind (Vestas), 20% from biomass and other combustible renewables, and 3% from solar power. But it’s a small traditionally Danish culture-centered country so they can manage it (like they do with their Democratic Socialist system). But it’s fun to visit…altho only when the Danish Kroner is around 6 per dollar. Right now it’s @ 7.45. But even that won’t get me on a plane.

    • PaulM, I have friends in Denmark who I can visit in much the same way as you visit family, but living. on the economy there as a tourist is very expensive in my experience. My friends are Danish military so they’re more conservative than the average Dane (caveat) but I find the attitudes there very different than my own.

  2. Dr. Hanson always has interesting things to say. In regards to the Republican party, I agree with you. With a few notable exceptions they like being in second place. 95% of the perks and none of the responsibility. And, as you say they get to keep their war chests when they finally scoot out of Dodge. We will see what comes out of the mid-term elections but I am not hopeful. Maybe Republicans can take back one house and act as a spoiler from now on.

    Epstein. God will have to punish those that are guilty of abusing the unwilling whether they be kids or adults. Sure as heck humans won’t do it.

    Power. Hoping for a mild winter in Europe but hope is not a plan. Maybe the European populous will figure out all this green this and green that nonsense is a scam and take action accordingly. Even France is screwed since mos of their reactors are offline right now. Who the heck thought that through?

  3. Repub and demonrat politicians all feed from the same trough. They pretend to be adversaries, but they make deals behind closed doors whilst drinking sherry, boffing little boys and smoking Cuban cigars. It’s a Potemkin village on steroids.

  4. Lack of comment by the Turtle about that marvelous speech – the silence is deafening. Campaign money is not going to candidates that the Turtle doesn’t approve of.
    Looks like another stellar performance at Failure Theater is in the making.


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