A reader from Bangkok suggested that we do an open forum Q and A on the blog, and I’m frankly reluctant. However he has something on his chest and wanted to throw spaghetti against the wall to see if it would stick.

I have questions such as “who is really buried in Grant’s Tomb”.

If I had been smarter, I’d have been Jackson Pollock. I’d have filled squirt bottles with pigment, would have splashed them on canvas and people would have paid me $4 million for an original “Larry” painting.  Maybe that ship hasn’t sailed. It is said that a fool and his money are soon parted. If any of you send me a cashier’s check for $1 million or better $1 million in Krugerand, I promise to send you TWO original LL paintings (while the supply lasts). They’re bound to double in price at some point.

Pollock was widely noticed for his technique of pouring or splashing liquid household paint onto a horizontal surface. That’s not quite the same as throwing spaghetti against the wall to see it if will stick, or tossing ideas out.

Jackson Pollock, a reclusive, volatile, drunk who died behind the wheel in 1956, was said to splash pigment during a drug induced orgy of frenetic dance. His work only became famous after he croaked – for it is often the case with artists.

If you’re going to participate in a Q and A there will be none of that behavior here.

The forum is now yours.



  1. I want to use a combination of a full-auto paintball rifle, a dozen pole dancers, and other things.

    Q: Given the most recent shooting in Atlanta, Georgia (Rayshard Brooks) is this a justified shooting or not, and why?

    Q: Why are the cops in Atlanta so upset that they’re coming down with the blue flu?

    I’ll take my answer off the air.

    • Mad Jack, a friend of mine who spent a lot of time in Mexico had narcos offer him (syphilitic) women. He always replied that he wanted “a 14 year old girl, a hand mixer and a carrot”. I have seen him do it. Narcos, for all they are and aren’t, usually do have a sense of morality for the most part. They responded, “What if she just looks 14?” He insisted on all three criteria. They walked away, unable to comply. Of course, that was the point.

  2. The answers to the questions I would ask, I don’t believe that you ( or anyone else ) have.

    I hope that everyone who gathers here ( electronically ) remains safe. I believe that we are living in RAH’s crazy years.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    • I’ll throw my cracker in WSF’s soup. Barack had to read EVERYTHING that he said from a teleprompter. Somebody put words in that man’s mouth. I personally believe that Obama smokes way too much ganja and is a dim bulb in many ways. He’s a mulatto who seems to hate the white people who raised him. In all that, he has a lot in common with the football mediocrity, Colin Kaepernick, not a first stringer. So is HE running a shadow government? No. Are powerful interests PAYING him to be their spokesman, undoubtably.

  3. I certainly don’t like how this man died. Murdered by a cop. He most certainly didn’t deserve that. But how dare Nancy Pelosi give an folded American flag in honor of him, a convicted felon, George Floyd who never served a day in the military except for several prison sentences for drugs and a home invasion of which he held a gun to the stomach of a pregnant woman in front of her small child and ransack her house looking for money and drugs. This criminal they put up to sainthood and make a martyr of him. How dare Nancy Pelosi give an American flag in his honor. Talk about a slap in the face of every man or woman whoever served their country while in uniform serving our flag and our country. But then again they gave this criminal a funeral fit only for a king.. Including a golden casket and a white horse drawn hearse being pulled by 2 white horses. And he got an all day national coverage by all the major TV networks But the funeral of a 40 year veteran cop David Dorn who was killed by black looters got hardly no coverage at all. What a national disgusting disgrace! A 40 year veteran cop.. hardly any recognition. But a career criminal gets honors and recognition, lifted up to sainthood and martyrdom, All day major TV coverage, a golden casket, a 2 white horse drawn hearse and a folded flag by Nancy Pelosi. Shame on Nancy Pelosi…. Disgraceful!!!

      • Andy Rooney, many moons ago, looked at the camera with all sincerity and his Raison Bran box “of 2 scoops” in front of him, held up a small scoop and said “Is this a scoop?, then held up a larger one and said, “Or is this a scoop?” Hilarious.

        • The Mongols are at the gate. The Vandles are in the city, and the long ships are in the harbor. The about summerizes the current state of the world!

          • The Poles stoped the Mongols (because of problems back home in Mongolia) and the Romans caved to the Vandals.

  4. I am still looking for my answer to the sub post you made the other day and I asked about water cavitation at the water inlets. I know and you explained your reason for your answer and I accept that. But I am intrigued and shaking it like a raw bone. I have been researching what is on public domain and no answer is forthcoming. An eternal question for me it seems… It will come one day out of the blue and besides, another question will present itself and I am off on that tangent.

    • I don’t know the answer but from an engineering perspective, water intakes would have to operate very silently. I see no reason that there would necessarily be cavitation.

    • I think that the FBI in cooperation with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police buried that one for all time. The reported findings are in a big warehouse in a box next to the Lost Ark.

  5. I like this open forum a lot and I think you need to get into the art business, LL. Jules will help, she’s an expert.

    Unlike me, who never understood how Pollock made it big time. And for Pollok, read most everyone else in the art scene. Why do people pay HUGE amounts of money to be degraded, laughed at and scorned.

    I sense Satan. That’s the occupier of Grant’s tomb.

    • Not sure about capital-A art, but the late Robert Anton Wilson had this to say about Literature (broadly paraphrased), while describing an unsuccessful author:

      He wrote about heroic, principled men, and of course his books were panned by the critics. Novels about weird, pathetic, unethical deviants receive critical acclaim, because most critics are weird, pathetic, unethical deviants.

      Similar thing probably applies to Art. There’s an “in-group/clique” component (where the fashionable thing must be so weird and disgusting that it keeps most people out — “advanced gastronomy” is an example), and the other component is poorly concealed deep-seated insecurity and self loathing. Hate yourself, and you end up hating the world. That leads to fetishizing the ugly and the perverse. Maybe that is a version of hell.

    • When she dies…Hell is prison. I don’t think that she would find sufficient justice on this side of that six foot drop and the mouth full of dirt.

      • This is great, you’re like that guru guy on top of the mountain…”Ask me anything and I will tell you truth…because…I just know.”

        • As I pointed out above, if I was that smart, I would have dropped paint on a canvas and people would have paid me a million (or four) a pop for something that took me half and hour to make. I’m just not that bright.

          This is a forum for y’all to take shots at each other. I’m just hanging out too. I did respond to Don-in-Oregon’s post about Chinese hypersonic missile tech because it interests me.

  6. Most modern art is utter nihilistic crap. For a refreshing drink of clarity, try ARC- “Art Renewal Center”. Realism renaissance. In particular the philosophy and mission statement are a carving knife to the turkey of modern art convention.

    Las Vegas – nothing, NOTHING about that murder spree adds up. It was so far out of the “standard whack job profile” it was orbiting Pluto. Something was going on, that connected people did not want the US public knowing about. We know the when, and the where, and that is about it. The who, how, and the why remain a mystery. Something was very wrong with this one, and the investigation reeked of “how in the hell do we cover up THIS!!!??”.

      • Raven, I take it that you don’t plan to send me $1 million in gold for 2 LL original impressionistic masterpieces. You could keep one and give one to somebody you hate for Christmas (winter is coming) only 200 shopping days left or something like that.

      • WSF, that whole investigation sinks, as is the consensus here. And the cover up was not professionally done. If you’re going to cover up something like the coup against President Trump, you get no respect for me if you hash it up.

    • “There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always— do not forget this, Winston— always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.
      If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. ”

      “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” – You need to love THEIR Big Brother, Ed.

        • The question in The Hitchhiker’s Guide was, “What’s 6 x 9?”
          Douglas Adams died before revealing the answer to this, but he told me in a dream – it’s a number-base riddle:
          Simply, as 42 in base ten is 4 x 10 + 2, then 42 in base 13 would be 4 x 13 + 2

          So 42 (in base 13) = 54 (in base 10)

          Please send money!

          • Unless he meant a “Jensen 6×9”, then he’d be talking about the best late 70’s, early 80’s rear deck speaker, especially in a Camaro with that perfect acoustical sized trunk. (Oh, and liked the math logic…check is in the mail.)

  7. Thanks for taking my call, love your show.

    What’s your assessment of the threat posed by hypersonic missiles? Especially Red Chinese ones aimed at US surface ships.

    • I’m not an expert.

      (1) The Chinese are developing the The Shenyang FC-31 also known as the J-31 or J-35, a knock of the F-22 Raptor. They are also developing the The Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon, which is a type of hybrid stealth Eurofighter. They haven’t deployed anything in the fifth generation realm and the US has developed and deployed the B-2, F-22 and F-35. It’s important to note the difference between what they hope will work and what will work.

      (2) The Chinese use the The Dongfeng family of short, medium, intermediate-range and intercontinental ballistic missiles, operated by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force (formerly the Second Artillery Corps). They have adapted some of those to project against a US Naval threat. As the US learned at Bikini Atol, you need to get very close to warships to sink them. Lobbing nuclear missiles into the Pacific are a threat to fish. Lobbing them on land yields different results in terms of fallout. The Chinese claim to be able to locate a US CV battle group close enough to salvo nuclear missiles at it. Maybe that would work. But if they’re shooting nukes, it’s good night China. The fleet isn’t their main target, unless you have senile, corrupt old Creepy Uncle Joe in the White House. Maybe he’ll stay bought, maybe in a moment of foggy clarity, he’d order a counter strike. The point is that fleets at sea are not so easy to pinpoint. Their submarines are noisy and our CVBG’s are protected by submarines that are quiet. At an onset of hostilities, any Chicom boats would be sunk. So unless the Chinese are lucky and quick, the effectiveness of conventional ballistic missiles is questionable and nukes turn their homeland into a sea of radioactive glass.

      (3) The Chinese have likely stolen US plans for hypersonic missiles. We’ve been testing them for the past thirty years and will deploy them by the end of the decade. I don’t know where the Chinese are, but they’re not that far along. We’ve picked up the Russian hypersonic missiles from the bottom of their Pacific Missile test range so we know what they can and can’t do.

      If the Chinese put nuclear warheads on them and they’re unreliable, they could detonate on Chinese soil. Likely they’d be more comfortable using conventional warheads. They’re fast, but not very maneuverable. Targeting has to be VERY precise. They also must fly high. The turbulence in the boundary layer is tough to fly missiles through at very high speeds because they destabilize and drop into the ocean, and we’re back to very precise targeting. Maybe one day? No time soon.

      • I have it on very good authority that the Communist Chinese spent several hundred billion dollars trying to build Nicholas Tesla’s death ray, giving it a lot of credibility. At best, if developed as Tesla envisioned, it can only kill a single man very slowly ten feet away. They abandoned the project.

  8. L-L: Didja ever read of Stephen Becker’s China fiction and if so what did you think of it?

  9. About Juneteenth, seems silly but hey, a new holiday. Makes about as much sense as taking Elmer Fudds shotgun.
    Why would not black folks make John Wilkes Booth birthday a holiday. If Abe the invader had not been shot, he planned to repatriate the freed slaves to Africa. Abe was a bit racist.
    As I remember , the few slaves who did repatriate to Liberia, promptly enslaved the locals.

    • Celebrate Juneteenth with fried chicken and watermelon in honor of the day.

      That’s true. Lincoln wanted to repatriate the slaves, send them home where they’d be comfortable and rid the country.

  10. I’ve got an idea, instead of walking off the job, the cops should arrest the mayor, council members, police chiefs, et al, on the grounds of aiding and abetting the criminals that are looting, burning, defacing public and private property as well as assaulting citizens and fellow police officers.

    They can incarcerate them in all those vacant jail cells of the inmates they released back into the public.

    Just a thought.

  11. Why does it seem to require an artist’s death to make their work valuable? Does it just take several years for them to get noticed by “the right people”? In regards to the painting in this post’s header, it looks like tangle of wires in some old telecommunications panel. In regards to Jackson Pollack’s work, it’s crap on canvas, in my opinion.
    Even though we’re ahead of our enemies/rivals technologically, we need to tighten security to prevent them from stealing our tech. I’m talking about enforcing existing treason and espionage laws. Prison and even execution for CEO’s and other top managers at tech companies. Some consequences for bad actions. Maybe that will discourage such behavior.

    • Espionage: Given what you know about the FBI today, would you trust them to protect the nation’s secrets against those who would do us harm? Remember that the people who were working hard on the coup – or the ‘insurance policy’ are the same order of people who defend us from traitors…

      And given what you know about Joe Biden today – creepy, corrupt, senile – and the choice of the DEMOCRAT PARTY to lead the nation, do you think that he and his cadre in a future White House would be motivated to defend the nation against treason – the same Party that brings you the freaks and misfits in the House of Representatives who call for a defunding of ICE, totally open borders, elimination of police, and an embrace of Islam?

      That’s the problem.

      The rot is very deep.

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