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  1. I blew off steam in another comment Saturday, all out of angst this morning…but the day is young so waiting for the next/next/next/next Lefty shoe to drop.

    But the MRSCAMPERFIXER asked this yesterday:

    “Why isn’t it “African-American Lives Matter”? I thought saying “black” was racist?”

      • There you go using logic again.

        Minor steam-blowage: Yesterday we did the Sam’s Curbside pick up in Fort Collins to avoid the forced dumb mask wearing to spend cash in a store. EVERYONE milling around waiting for it to open had masks on. It was 85 degrees. Curbside was weird but better than dealing with the sheep. Got some baked goods from a shop – no touching the card machine, stuff handed through the pick up window, worker gloved and masked…everything from a distance with minimal interaction. Felt old school Russian.

        Decided all this mask wearing, forced lockdown, minimal patrons, Gestapo patrols enforcing the rules, social[ised] distancing, etc…is to isolate and insulate and make the general public afraid and suspicious against their fellow citizens. Socialism by the backdoor.

      • What Camper said. Divide and conquer on a massive scale.

        A friend sent me the following article. I’m using the Snopes link because there seems to be some question as to it’s attribution. The article is highlighted.

        This my email reply to my friend–

        “Good article. I would take it a step further, and refer to this book–

        –and more specifically, this quote–

        “When we take away from a man his traditional way of life, his customs, hi religion, we had better make certain to replace it with

        We did not replace it with something of value. We replaced it with government programs that destroyed the family unit and
        fostered dependency. Welcome to the Welfare Plantation, just as LBJ intended.

        Now, all this ANTIFA (the spoiled, indoctrinated, rich white kids) bullshit is using it as cover, as a sales pitch, as a club wrapped in barbed wire.
        It’s easy to riot when you have no values and so, nothing to lose.

        Guns clean. Mags loaded.

        Say when.

        • Well said. It’s getting exponentially weirder by the minute “out there among the English”. Can’t be too careful anymore.

        • “Value” presupposes a person, or a people to whom that value is assigned. (In the absence of a human to value it, a diamond is just another piece of weird, hard rock.)

          Our current society has been warped from “traditional values”. Instead of a man’s word being his bond, we now litigate (and barracks lawyer) things. A man who keeps a deal even though it turns out to be disadvantageous to him is not regarded as honorable, but as a fool. Same for a man who is faithful to his wife through thick and thin (e.g Songbird McCain failed of this test). Instead of the moral value of things we care only about cost. We venerate the supposedly victimized rather than admiring the capable and competent. When cleverness and the ability to put one over on his fellow men is not only rewarded (to be fair, this has always happened, in any settled culture) but ADMIRED then that society is in trouble.

          In short, the culture of the West is no longer Western Culture (which is Greco/Romano/Germanic with Christianity overlaid). Sure, many of us still hew to the tenets of Western culture, but by and large, we are not those who create our entertainment (modern mythology), our social sciences, nor (increasingly) our legal system. The West has been steered (hijacked may be too emotionally loaded a term, though probably accurate) into buying a set “values” that favor not the majority (and definitely NOT blacks) but rather very small groups of devious, paranoid, grasping persons.

          Our traditional culture is being destroyed. Its nihilistic replacement is of immense VALUE to a small group of people who are accruing immense wealth and power, but not to the people at large.

          • The good old Northern European/Lutheran work ethic that served western civilization for so very long is weakening. It’s more obvious in Europe than it is in the USA. I think you’re on point, Mike_C as usual.

    • That’s a constantly changing thing. First negro was acceptable, then colored, then black which still seems to be acceptable but going the way of the others. Today it’s the term African-American a rather poor term as used. Properly it should refer to someone born in Africa who’s a naturalized citizen. Those can come from a variety of ethnicities including white

        • I guess you could call them ‘race traitors’ but that doesn’t really fly, does it? American negroes have NOTHING in common with Africans of any sort. Obama wanted to make believe that he did, but it was hokum. I have friends from Nigeria who are engineers who will tell you what it’s like back in the homeland, and it’s not a pretty picture. The locals would roll up American inner city people like a cheap rug if they went to Africa.

          A lot of the white people have left Africa. There are some in Botswana and there are some in North Africa, but not many in South Africa anymore. Most that I know call themselves “American” and are glad to have been able to have made their departure.

  2. LL,
    I don’t come here for my rant, but for your info. :>)
    Thankfully, I don’t know revolution, or war personally, but what is going on from a governmental and social and information aspect sure looks a lot like the precursor to full on violence.
    From a detached viewpoint, say if you were writing an assessment for an investor living in San Marino, what would you say about the likelihood of war in the US?

    • San Marino, Italy or San Marino, the suburb of Pasadena and home to the Huntington Library? I am actually very fond of San Marino, CA. Nice city. Lots of rich people, many of them are very nice, many of them are crooks. Not any convenience stores in San Marino. You need to send the butler to Pasadena for a six pack and a pizza.

      So you are asking about civil war? The more on-point question is whether or not it’s just the Democrats flexing their muscle on the run-up to a general election. Remember ALL members of the House of Representatives are up for reelection in November. Nothing has worked for them so far. The FBI Insurance Policy flopped & Big Jim Comey was fired; The Mueller Probe flopped and demonstrated that the Russia thing was a hoax; meanwhile the stock market soared; The impeachment effort proved itself to be another hoax, and nobody cared – another belly flop; The Chinese Plague offered the donkeys a crisis but nobody blamed Trump, so the crisis didn’t march the football down the field; The zombie apocalypse isn’t working as planned and people, both black and other races aren’t very amused. Sure, they generate headlines and they threaten to go into rural America and rape white women, but everyone knows that if they did that, they’d need a lot more zombies. Threatening rape, destruction, arson, etc. plays well in a PORTION of the ghetto, but the reality is the black people in general aren’t amused.

      If you ignore the media (and this blog), and if you don’t live in a democrat controlled city, life goes on. There is still food in the stores, people working construction still put on roof and hang dry wall, the banks are in good shape, doctors treat patients, there is fuel at the pumps. Most Americans trust the police (but let’s face it, nobody LIKES the police that much).

      I’d say that the probability of things going completely off the hinges is low. If President Trump is re-elected, and the Democrats fail to hold/take both houses of Congress, you may see a low intensity conflict continue.

      The spoiled white children will return to grad school in the fall with tales of getting laid by a fellow revolutionary and some of the momentum will be lost there. But maybe the donkeys will be successful in keeping the schools closed as the plague continues.

      A full blown analysis of the odds (absent a coin toss) of things getting worse depends in part on how much damage the donkeys can do to the infrastructure. I’ve mentioned a tipping point where people just get fed up with the Antifa thugs and BLM and go out harvesting meat. CNN would love to see that before the election. But in a sense, it’s a problem for Biden too. Yes, he’s senile, and weak, but if he comes out in favor of the mob and destruction, the people might not think that’s a good course to chart.

      • Thank you for the input! San Marino Italy, I was trying to come up with a uninvolved place.
        There seems to be a rather passionate , enthusiastic yet non educated (regardless of degrees in New Studies) cadre out there. My worry is that if the new wave demcoms are elected to power, that cadre could get state backing as we already see signs of in Seattle, Portland etc. Tacit acceptance is one thing, active backing is another. Say a two year enlistment in “a civilian security force just as well equipped as the military” spiced with forgiveness of student debt, spending money etc. IMO, that mob is ripe for recruiting. A thug army to deploy against the deplorables.
        Just kicking out a nightmare here, mobs are worrisome creatures.

        • I was out and about and referred to the Illinois state government (which supports the revolution and revels in inner city murder) as TITSUP.

          Comment – “LL, isn’t that sexist?”

          LL – “huh? It’s a military term, TITSUP. TITSUP means: Total Inability To Support Usual Performance.”

          And we’re finding that many jurisdictions, heavily weighted with inner city people are TITSUP. Maybe people should stop delivering food there, and let them eat themselves?

          Obama’s vision of a domestic security force made up of inner city people who would do his bidding, backed up by the FBI was tabled, but it didn’t go away.

          It will go TITSUP.

      • Larry, I disagree with your assessment that there is low probability of things going off the hinges. Based on the pre-planning that preceded the riots, there is a nefarious “Star Chamber” behind all of this. I believe they want a civil war in this country. The Left has already created a strawman group on the “Right”, the “Boogaloo Boys”. The Left may even be organizing the Boogaloo Boys. They will blame them for any unrest. There are claims that they are mixing in with Antifa in the riots.

        My belief, the Left wants a civil war as an excuse to call the UN Blue Berets in to defeat the Left’s enemy which for them and most of the world is America as founded for liberty and equality (Yes it has been a slow road for the latter in terms of individuals but just a blip in time of human history and had been only improving until recently). The Chinese would probably send in the majority of troops but the Russians and Europeans would be there too. They would install the Democrats as the de facto government while wiping out Conservatives as the Conservatives are the Boogaloo Boys.

        Can this happen? I give it a fifty-fifty chance. If Trump is re-elected despite the major voting fraud that will occur the Left will start the uprising. If Biden is elected and the communist that is the Vice-President elect is installed, when the repression starts the Conservatives will start the uprising.

        • That’s another scenario, but I have more faith in the strength of the US Military than to allow that. Could it happen? Sure. 50/50, I hope not.

  3. Just read an article where the totally feckless mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland OR is in a run off battle with the Antifa Candidate. Portland is getting the politicians it voted for. Good and hard.

    President Trump sent a letter to the psycho mayor of Chiraq, Larry Lightfoot and the Governor of Illinois, Jabba the Hutt offering them federal assistance from his cabinet level departments to cut down the number of dead and wounded in Illinois. The Illinois Idiots immediately rejected his assistance. The weekend toll was 18 Dead and 48 wounded in Chicago this weekend, after 16 dead and 95 (yes, almost a hundred) wounded last weekend. Good and hard

    • “16 dead and 95 wounded”

      Fifty years ago (I’m getting old) if that had been the weekend’s toll in casualties in Vietnam, there would have been protests in the streets.

      • They’re detritus. The Chicago negroes serve no useful political purpose. Their lives don’t matter. Not in the slightest. The media, a wholly owned subsidiary of the democrat party won’t report on it other than as a passing hat tip because of its irrelevance. Are they tearing down statues or looting and burning businesses? No. They’re just shooting other black inner city types. Nothing new there. Dog bites man, not man bites dog.

  4. Just had a thought. If I wear a burka to the store, thereby satisfying the facial-covering requirement, is that cultural appropriation? Or is it brave and transgressive to identify as a strong, independent Muslim woman?

    • I think that’s the progressive thing to do. Self-identify as a Muslim woman, don’t bathe for a week and then don the burka and wander around, confident in your new identity.

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