I hope you’re enjoying the holiday with your families.

And it’s the beginning of hunting season(s) if you are a hunter.

Today is an open forum day and you’re free to discuss whatever is on your mind.  I’ll throw out a few thoughts for the heck of it.



I know a philosopher who once told me, “Philosophy is like a disease. Once you catch it you just have to work it out and when you are done you can stop doing philosophy and get on with your life. But as long as you insist on doing philosophy something is wrong with you.”

I agree with him. I once caught the “philosophy bug” and I had to work my way through it by asking and answering all my questions, but when I was done I had answered my questions and that was it. I no longer had to do philosophy. Doing philosophy is like having cancer. You will either beat it and be stronger because of it, or it will kill you.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

When my philosopher friend made that statement someone asked him, “Then why do you do philosophy.” To which he replied, “Apparently something is still wrong with me and I was unable to work out all the problems and questions I have.” So according to him, and I would have to agree from personal experience, as long as there is some drive to DO philosophy and to constantly question (your) existence then there is something wrong with your thinking, but fortunately, it is possible to work your way through it, because by asking the questions it will reveal what is wrong with your thinking.

Just beware of staying in the condition that Russell described, the perpetual philosophical state where the philosopher will always be asking questions and never coming to a knowledge of the truth. Also, beware of the completeness of the Early Wittgenstein and the incompleteness of the Late Wittgenstein.


Bullet Points

* The term abortion rights makes as much sense as slave owner rights.  Morally reprehensible is just that. Slapping on “right” is an artifice of the left to somehow justify the practice of killing an infant in utero.


A comment on dogs

Borzois look like a shapeshifting fae creature that would either be a playful trickster or a bloodthirsty tool of the Norse Gods. I can’t decide which.


The Memes Keep Coming

If the democrats had really wanted to sell the program, they would have played the Horst Wessel Leid (Marching song of the SS) as Biden was helped to the podium by his wife who kept him from falling flat on his face. I think that they missed a moment in their effort to appear maximum demonic.



Joe Brandon sure does love little girls. He especially loves taking showers with his own teenage girl, Ashley. Hitler never had kids so we don’t know if he’d stoop that low. Of course, the FBI is shielding Brandon (aka Shitler) in much the same way as the Gestapo would shield Hitler.


  1. Borzois. I agree as I have 2 doing battle with a bath towel throughout the entire house right now. The Hitler memes are hilarious. Who would have thought these visuals would be put to humor.

    • They’re organized, well funded, they have a vision and they seem to be sticking to the game plan. The real advantage that the swamp has is its control of the narrative through the news media. I’m sure that VM is on a list somewhere, but this blog has a relatively small readership and doesn’t pose much of a threat.

      • I am sure you underestimate the scope and reach your blog has LL. You have educated men and women read you, that in itself has to scare tptb. Nothing is fearsome as an educated, clever man/woman that has nothing left except an unsatisfied thirst for retribution and blood.

        • The commenters on this blog certainly are sharp (and keep me in line) but the actual numbers are not that great. There is no national advertisement, there are no ads, and there is no big push from the blog itself. I started it during the years of Obamanation to put something down in the historical record that everybody wasn’t taken in by the half-blood prince and his card-carrying communist family. It evolved in format from that point, over time with an eye toward honest content that wasn’t turned by the politically correct winds. BUT, the numbers are small and the reach is just not that great.

          There are still some originals around like DRJIM, Woodsterman, and Old NFO, but people come and go as their interest in the content here waxes and wanes. I try to keep things interesting and mix it up beyond political commentary. I work to limit personal attacks to creeps who really deserve it.

          I appreciate everyone who visits and comments because if you stop, I stop.

  2. At this point the problem with Regime memes is it isn’t funny anymore…we are way past humorous jabs.

    When a seriously diminished senile old man, who never held a real job in his life and having been insulated from any decision or position he held or holds (having flipped as needed), is instructed by the Marxists running the – strings fully visible – puppet show to RAMP UP the “YOU ARE THE ENEMY” rhetoric towards half of America’s citizens…we ARE ALREADY at the point the Founders forewarned. These great men knew what corruption lay in the hearts of men and those who SEEK power over all else were a danger to the common good of a nation and its people.

    That Hilter-esque display, at all places Independence Hall, to normal-thinking people people was despicable. YET, we have some who actually believe it was amazing and perfect. There is no quarter given to them as there is no middle ground. It did showcase that the Dem’s must be stopped at all costs. This isn’t just political theater anymore, it’s life or death of a country.

    THEN….like one of those perfectly fresh Autumn mornings we see a REAL man at a REAL America First! MAGA rally, energized to the hilt, bringing in fresh air into a stifling stagnate oxygen-depleted atmosphere, overshadowing the divisive hateful evil crap being spewed daily by those wishing to subjugate the rest of us into serfdom…regenerating hope for our future.

    Like many, I did not work my tail off for 45 years to see those who do not love this country and want to put her first,

    I WANT TRUMP. Badly. He seems ready for the task to right the heeled-over ship by the Mutineers…who do believe they are above the law and rules don;t apply to them.

    Which leads to your positing the Philosophy ‘struggles”. I suppose the same could be said for my Faith and the Bible, and I’m no where near ‘completeness’…so I toil on towards understanding…and a forgiving spirit, which, about now, I am low on extending to those I feel do not deserve it from me but instead leave them to Him to decide their sorry fates.

    • Ahh, missed a few edits. Suffice it to say America First! must be our motto and effort to quell the Marxist Opposition who wish to see ours and America’s demise.

          • That crowd won’t go unless forced…legends in their own minds.

            Need to send the tyrants ‘packing’ by those who are.

          • Historically, there is always a crowd of Vandals beyond the gates, wanting to come in and sack the place. I think that’s the success of the TV series, “Yellowstone”. Gucci cowboys aside, it’s about somebody who is trying to keep a legacy despite the Vandals and a dysfunctional family that resonates.

          • Beyond the gates? If only.

            The modern-day Vandals, sadly diminished from the historic Vandals [1], are already within the borders, to the tune of 20-40 million. But they are not the real enemy. Unfortunately we’ve enshrined the real enemies in our think tanks, institutes, Ivy faculty, and courts. We’ve also swallowed whole their “entertainment” (stealth neuroprograming through popular culture) for decades. Noticing this sort of thing is of course several kinds of hate crime.

            [1] from tall Germanic people to squatty mystery meat. How the quality of “Vandals” has declined.

          • Noticing this sort of thing is of course several kinds of hate crime.
            I am taking notice of your hatred of the intellectual class who work so hard to elevate people like yourself from your ignorant MAGA nationalism in an effort to make you a woke globalist.

            Yes, they and not teeming third-world masses who are crossing the border, pose a far larger threat.

            One day you’ll wake, soaked in fever sweats, and you’ll scream (with fervor) “I love creepy old Joe Brandon – He’s my Big Brother!” or if he’s shuffled off his mortal coil, you’ll say words to the effect that, “I love the WHORE!”

  3. Larry, had that Churchill quote you paraphrased on my office wall during 5 years of playing in the great sandbox. That was a constant reminder of the mindset that was native to the area and we faced daily.
    You might be surprised at the number of readers you have….I’ve been lurking for about a year or better since I ran across the blog prior to making a post.
    Enjoy and keep up the good work!
    Cletus Valvecore

    • Thanks, Cletus Valvecore (…if that’s your real name) for contributing. I do keep an eye on raw numbers who visit vs posters/contributors.

      Back before the “modern” internet, when it was Netscape 1.0, as I recall, I had the first Islamic blog on the Internet called, Understanding Islam. I am not a Muslim, but one must grasp the mindset of one’s adversaries. Islam and the Christian West have been at odds ever since the hoards came howling out of the desert. I taught Islamic cultural mindsets and Chinese/Asian mindsets to law enforcement and intelligence professionals at the same time as I taught Planned Political Kidnapping and other courses. Mike W, who visits here and who will be publishing his memoirs shortly, sat through my droning lectures (wherein I forced interactivity) more than once. And he’s still a friend of mine, which speaks to his endless tolerance.

      Not being Muslim or Asian, you can take umbrage with my temerity to try and address the subjects – I have planned political kidnapping so I had more hands-on there and half a dozen other courses. I think that my point, kidding aside, is that I tried to present the topics with what humility I could muster. I taught at Interpol, in PR China, and so forth.

      There was a time when USGOV left people in place among other cultures (the British did it far longer and were masters of the craft) to be able to have a better understanding of those cultures. Often, soldiers, diplomats and spies married into the cultures and their blended families allowed them to stand in both worlds. Too often, those people were accused of having “gone native” by their snobbish, erudite, foolish co-workers. Truth be told, I learned from those who “went native” and my insight was derived in many cases, from them.

      This is turning into a rant. I’ll stop now.

        • I’ve mentioned before on this. blog that a lot of the methodology for Planned Political Kidnapping came from Col Boris Pash (born Pashkovsky). There were improvements over the years but reading the unclassified monographs – and there may be a book, from his work during and subsequent to WW2 are instructive.

      • Having also dealt with the Indo & far eastern mind set and lived in the prosperous city state founded by Raffles, I bow to your learned opinion on the subjects. Wish I would have had the benefit of someone with your knowledge prior to being transferred to both locations. Learning unique local customs on the fly isn’t always easy and beneficial. The early Brits. to those areas did make things easier to some degree since most of the natives spoke English better than I.
        Do have to admit that Cletus Valvecore is a figment of a good friend and mentor’s, who has since passed, imagination.
        Cletus Valvecore

  4. Since at least Jan 2021 I’ve been bemused and disgusted by the right’s use of victimhood symbology, talking and meme-ing as if we were being oppressed by Nazis. (For one thing, it’s not (yet) comparable. Two, oh the irony considering who comprise so many theoreticians and leaders of the left.)

    And now the left themselves are aggressively and openly embracing Nazi aesthetics and symbolism. I don’t even have words for the irony overload.

    • The left seems to love the pageantry of the Master Race. Of course, I have found few (even among the Japanese) who are more racist than waspish, American liberals, so it would make sense.

      I mentioned on the blog some time ago, that while a serving US Navy officer, I was invited to a soiree at Colin Powel’s home by an Army officer, who was black. I showed up with the Army SF officer, stayed for a few minutes, and then was taken aside and asked politely to leave because the party was for negroes only. So, I called a cab and left.

      • That’s despicable. I saw Powell speak once, back when he was fresh out of the Army and hawking his book. The news glitterati at the time were all a-twitter that he might be promoted President. After listening to him speak, I knew right away (a) he didn’t have the heart to run for public office (b) he was enjoying the attention tremendously and (c) he was a swamp whore, full-fledged and card-carrying, like all the rest of them. His later endorsement of Barack Obama came as no surprise.

  5. Had an interesting discussion with a friend in UK about coming energy crisis there. He has a small row house, well insulated and expects his heating costs this winter to hit the .gov.uk imposed price cap, which is currently at 3500UK pounds/yr but expected to rise to 5400 in Jan. He mentioned energy prices have increased about 1300% so far this year. He’s even talking of civil unrest….
    My friend is if a distinctly.liberal persuasion and blames the Tories (Conservatives) entirely. Perhaps your friend Jules could offer some more insight?

    • I’ll ask Jules, or maybe she’ll read this. The whole woke thing in the UK is far advanced of where it is in, say, Arizona, where I live. This blog would have been canceled by the government in Britain and I would have faced formal charges for a number of faux pas – including gun pride month, mocking people who dress up like vaginas, promoting daily carry of edged weapons and racial insensitivity.

      • re — removed for re-education for mocking vulva costumes!, weapons!, insensitive to racial harmony!
        Those felonious activities would be the icing.
        The cake is showing improper respect for weather dithering!.

    • In what way does your friend think the Tories are responsible? Apart from them being as useless as our Republicans, that is.

      Actually they are worse than useless: they are actively harmful. Those whom claim to share our values and represent us, but are in fact the opposite, are worse than those who openly oppose and despise us. Nothing worse than a liar and hypocrite. In that same vein, at least the Nazis didn’t claim to have been doing what they did for MY good, nor for the good of humanity as a whole. Although they were horrible people, to be sure. (Nor do the Chicoms, horrible as they are, claim to be doing what they are doing unto us to “repair” what is not broken.) I despise traitors, hypocrites and liars. I despise persons who engage in gaslighting. And I particularly despise those who most vociferously demand the protections afforded to the weak when they themselves are the most powerful and ruthless. (Speaking of our ruling class, is there a word for rule by paranoid narcissists? If only they were after mere power and wealth. For them the destruction of the West, and the world in general, is spiritual and existential. They are people who believe that there is such a thing as “pre-emptive revenge” and further that it is just and looked upon with Divine favor.)

      On a lighter topic, that picture of the borzoi makes me think of a Charles Vess drawing.

  6. See where SloJoe is now nattering about Chinese investments in this country’s technology? Goes to show buying a crook doesn’t mean he stays bought.

  7. I don’t comment often, but this blog is my first stop every morning. I very much appreciate the insight from the host and commenters

  8. About six months ago, one of the clowns on MSDNC said, “The only way forward is to not talk about issues or agendas and to focus on painting the republicans as Nazi’s, fascists and evil…to demonize them and stir up raw hatred in our base.” It appears TPTB were listening.


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