What If?

Imagine a world in which a small handful of ridiculously wealthy,  powerful psychopaths could make you believe anything that they wanted by simply controlling what they put on television.

It would be a great plot for a sci-fi book.



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Hi, my name is Jack and I’m running for the school board…


American IP Law is one of the most complicated and controversial, which is why the patents in pharmaceuticals are so widely sought after by Big Pharma. Insulin is an excellent example of this because, unlike most drugs, insulin is a large molecule or living (unlike a drug like Advil, which is a small molecule). It is difficult and cost-prohibitive to develop a generic version. In the drug industry, drug makers can submit research to the FDA for other medications if they can prove that the two drugs are chemically the same. But the FDA does not allow you to use the same research for biologic insulin products. That means bringing generic insulin to market becomes a costly endeavor, leaving only brand-name drugs available. In short, this is important because it means the molecular structure gets patented instead of the exact components, therefore preventing a lot of competitors from competing, i.e. being very anti-capitalist.


  1. No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay. Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 United States Constitution

    Does that include “refugee” invasions along our southern border?

    • You can argue that it’s an invasion.

      But the Federal Government stopped paying attention to Constitution some time ago unless they wanted to use it as a hammer.

      And the Tenth Amendment? — what’s that?

      • How is what is happening on the border Not an invasion if January 6 is an insurrection?
        It doesn’t make sense.

    • I’m sure that it’s one of Bernie’s staffers. Yes, the law needs to be changed, but don’t look for that in the era of Jo/Ho.

      I just felt the mordida when I bought some structural steel for a job here on the property at the White Wolf Mine. All I could say was, “Let’s go Brandon”.

    • He’s used that to get re-elected. What’s he actually done about that or any other issue in his decades in office?

        • No. He’s not a communist. He’s an elitist.

          A real communist would not have 3 houses or millions of dollars. A real communist would not live behind walls away from his/her/its fellow communists.

          He is an elitist. Who wants to use communism as a way to rule over the non-elite. Force everyone else into serfdom and rule as the feudal lord he sees himself as.

          I’ve met real communists and socialists. F…ed they may be, but they at least follow what they preach.

          Wormie Sanders? Just another elitist.

  2. I never understood clearly how Trump lowered insulin prices.
    A search via Google was unhelpful. A search via VM was.
    The actual price didn’t come down. The coverage cap on medicare did.
    “maximum $35 copay for a month’s supply”
    Biden undid that EO, and while his supporters say he didn’t scrap that EO, only froze it, it appears frozen still.

    • Simple. He didn’t, but as you said, he lowered copays.

      Before Trump, I was paying 450 a month with co-pays on my wife’s insulin. On a drug that hasn’t changed much at all since it was first formulated. But every now and then, some tweak is made or it is renamed and thus stays as a ‘new’ drug.

    • Supposedly nope. And the stuff has to remain refrigerated, so it has to be shipped in a cool box and received within 48 hours of shipping.

      People along the southern border do go into Mexico, but do you really trust the drugs being sold there?

      People along the northern border go into Canada, but Canada has enacted some weird rules, and so has the US, regarding prescription transport.

    • Hubby was a sever diabetic and we ordered from Canada. Showed up from Sweden, Israel so order in Canada and they place the order internationally.

  3. Imagine a world in which a small handful of ridiculously wealthy, powerful psychopaths could make you believe anything that they wanted by simply controlling what they put on television.

    I don’t think it’s that concentrated. the history of European countries shows the nobles fighting among themselves, with a few leaders out front at any time; it doesn’t show a few puppetmasters with a sovereign level of power.

    Instead, I believe there are thousands of smooth-talking sociopath liars. People don’t want to believe that most of the people they trust as leaders at every level are monsters. Every local chief of police is a monster. That’s what monsters do, they enforce gun control and drug prohibition laws which they can perfectly well figure out make the innocent worse off.


  4. Owner/Operators
    The American spirit of independence and self reliance lives on, IMO, with truck owner/operators and independent contractors. Despite all obstacles, they choose to make their own destiny. It appears government, at all levels, are on a mission to crush entrepreneurs with taxes, fees, burdensome regulations and enforcement agents.

  5. Larry, your sci-fi plot is a sub-plot of a script I tried to envision over at my blog.
    A group of currency manipulators (anybody in particular come to mind?) decide to short the American Dollar, realizing a profit in other currencies.
    “Who is using who” is the sticking point, but they are working in concert.
    The CCP benefits and wittingly or unwittingly supplies the virus/panic/fear.
    The duly selected president and veep, who are thrilled to have the status, yet don’t know what to do with the car they caught, are enablers and tools. Set up as foils for when all fails.
    The media are tools.
    Like a Moriarty spider web, it’s all coming together, and the real motivating force is an old man’s desire to gain more wealth and power.

  6. “Imagine a world in which a small handful of ridiculously wealthy, powerful psychopaths could make you believe anything that they wanted”

    Except for the weathy part, you could be describing Parris Island.

  7. Imagine a world where officials quit lying through their collective teeth to maintain control over the willfully ignorant masses who are subject to a strange mass psychosis. Elected representatives have become the misinformationalists, making anything that comes out “official sounding”. To wit:

    “Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute §§ 25-1-506, 508, and 516, and other applicable law the Public Health Director for the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment has issued a Public Health Order requiring face coverings to be worn in Public Indoor Spaces within Larimer County in order to control and mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to maintain health care capacity in Larimer County. The order requires mask-wearing in all public indoor spaces for all individuals 3 years and older regardless of vaccination status.”

    – “control and mitigate the spread…” Masks do NOTHING!
    – “3 years or older”!!!” Let’s wreck the children’s respiratory system and emotional growth.
    – “regardless of vaccination status.” – Yeah, same thing The Fowch-Mengele says, admitting the vaccine is useless….sooo…it’s not a vaccine.

    Add on to yesterday: “Powell didn’t die from getting the vaccine, he died because YOU didn’t get one.” (from another commenter elsewhere)

    Getting more stupid by the day. When do we get to run these people out of town on a rail?

      • Yup…won’t be going to town South anytime soon. That “edict” came out today for tomorrow. Sent them a “pointed” e.mail, told them to knock off the misinformation and scare tactics that provide zero help, then gave them what I would consider helpful.

        I’m on “the list” now. Okay by me. (Did an hour of “tractor therapy”, graded the last 1/2 mile of road before the snow starts. Always helps the psyche.)

        • The last two times I met with my PCP and Cardiologist, they both chuckled at my comments about the masks.

          And I’m done with the Lincoln Center. They’re just too woke for me these days. SLW talked to them and got a full refund for all our tickets, after being “encouraged” to “donate” them.

          Sad too bad. Let them fold under their own self-righteousness…..

          • Hoisted by their own petard. When the enemy is making mistakes and causing themselves to fail, don’t get in their way or stop them. It is sad…but that modern axiom – the Left wrecks everything they touch – never fails.

            Doubtful I’ll get a response from the Health Dept., I’m just a cranky anti-masker/anti-vaxer/science denier to them.

          • Which tells you exactly how specious the mask/vax/6ft baloney has been all along, flapping in the breeze reg’s.

  8. Great news! Dr Rachel Levine is now a 4-star.
    The US Public Health Service is a branch of the uniformed services, albeit one with only commissioned members. USPHS uses Navy uniforms and rank insignia. My heartfelt and sincere congratulations to the (stunning and brave) Dr Levine. O! Frabjous Day!

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