It’s time for another blank slate for you to use to spout off as if you were standing in London at Hyde Park on the Speaker’s Corner.

George Orwell once described the place as “one of the minor wonders of the world.” Orwell wrote that at Speakers’ Corner he’d listened to “Indian nationalists, temperance reformers, Communists, Trotskyists, the Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB), the Catholic Evidence Society, freethinkers, vegetarians, Mormons, the Salvation Army, the Church Army, and a large variety of plain lunatics”.


Read Rudyard Kipling’s City of Brass one more time.  Just because. Do it for me. Let it sink in. It was written more than 100 years ago, but it’s completely valid. I’m sure that the American Left would brand it as hate speech.


The floor is now yours.


  1. that was my first reading of The City of Brass and as we say in these parts, it hits the nail on the head…..have you heard about the birds dying? i wonder if its covid. that’ll bring out the bugs, and many seeds won’t get spread. man keeps screwing with nature, forgetting that nature screws us back….how about pelosi sending capitol police to kali? joe’s door to door vax pushers? and dr. foochie said “get over it” and take the jab.i feel like i’m in a bad sci-fi movie, and i’m the guy with the odd colored shirt. if kipling saw it a 100 years ago, has it always been this way, only we didn’t see it?

    • Kipling saw it as a pattern of civilization – and collapse. The “you are here” sign is not necessary. It’s self-evident.

      The Capitol Police are notoriously incompetent, not being very high on the law enforcement food chain. Who would want that job? I’m sure that their presence won’t evoke much terror on Pelosi’s enemies. More likely a boondoggle of some sort. They’re doing the same thing by opening an office in Florida.

      I wonder if the seasonal flu vaccines will be forced in the future as well – you know that there will be covid strains requiring masks forever, or as long as progs are in charge.

      • Larry. Strange, or rather not strange. There have been no reports, that I know of, regarding the seasonal “flu” for the past eighteen months or so. Wonder where it disappeared to. As to the Chinese Plague. Has everyone forgotten the Spanish Flu that rampaged across the world in 1918-1920? One has to ask what is the difference, other than that the Chicoms released this one, either accidentally or deliberately, from their Wuhan Lab. No internet nor a mainstream media controlled by the socialist/Marxists in those days though.

        • There are no other diseases, or viruses, or even the common cold…everything is now Covid…because money talks. And this ridiculous “variant” they are hyperventilating about, is another ruse to prop up the fear among the uninitiated. Every virus morphs a tiny bit, every year, even’s what viruses do…thing is, if you had “it” your body knows.

          • MikeW (from Thailand) not a word is breathed of any other influenza. As PaulM writes, there is only one (sort of like a Highlander film). Follow the money. If you contract H1N1 it will still be Covid 19 if only to prove the narrative. The symptoms are essentially the same.

          • `Just one incident but tells a tale. The Grand County, CO Coroner went off in the media when two deaths in her county showed up as COVID deaths. She pointed out, loudly, their deaths were caused by multiple gunshot wounds. Seems their corpses tested positive for COVID. The question no one in the media asked is why were two stiffs even tested post mortem?

          • The difference between this one and the 1918 flu, is that the latter was actually dangerous.

  2. These videos are a compilation of many videos shot that day.
    A large compilation. Prepare to fast forward.

    a violent uprising against an authority or government.

    Donald Trump was president on Jan 6th. Is the claim that those Donald Trump supporters were trying to overthrow Donald Trump?
    There were a lot of idiots there.
    There are a lot of idiots everywhere.
    There were troublemakers there.
    From both sides.
    Actually “all” sides: Pro-Trump, False-Flag-Pro-Trump, and what passes for “Law Enforcement”.
    Particularly the “Law Enforcement” that invited protesters in and held the door for them, held conversations with them. Shot one of them.
    But there was no insurrection.

    • You hit the nail on the head…theater of the Dem’s Op with a complicit media.

      Thinking, “What if we ignored ALL OF THEM?”…would they fade or get worse?

      • I know and know of people who were there. I was invited by two people to join their party to make a statement. If I hadn’t been in horrible pain and awaiting surgery, who knows?

        If the “white people” I know planned to decapitate the government, they would have been far more systematic and people would not be with us anymore. Protesters were invited into the capitol by the police – at whose instruction?

  3. If Kipling was alive today the title would be “This City is a Pain in the A$$”, subtitled “I’m outta here.”

    Romans 1:28-32.

  4. Speakers Corner. Had a chance to visit July 1965. Interesting. I was smart enough not to get into a debate with any of the speakers though challenged. Several communists were beating the Vietnam war drums. Guess a fit 6′ with an Airborne #2 haircut was easy to spot as an American soldier.

  5. England are in the Euros final on Sunday and have not been in this position since the World Cup in 1966. That’s all ANYONE in England is talking about right now and it’s MAGICAL.

  6. I’ve seen “City of Brass” before, and glanced at it, but this is the firs time I actually read it, and pondered on it.

    I sometimes ponder if winning WWII made us too soft. Our soldiers, sailors, and airmen suffered greatly, and did and saw horrific things, while the people at home were spared the bombings, shellings, and invasions our fathers saw in person, and that the Germans, Japanese and Russians suffered greatly from.

  7. Regarding the Capitol Police and Pelosi:
    Pelosi owns a vineyard estate in the Napa Valley.
    When she travels there to visit her gourmet ice cream she keeps in her multiple sub-zero freezers the Capitol Police tag along to make certain that she is well protected from the hoi polloi.
    There is a boutique that she favors in one of the small towns in the area.
    When she goes shopping there the Capitol Police close off the streets, and roust out the other shoppers to keep her safe.
    The street closures have been quite an inconvenience for the local folks, so they brought the issue to the town’s chief of police.
    He told them there is nothing he can do about the issue and has no authority to restrict the Capitol Police in their actions whilst they protect Nancy.
    Pigs. Equal…something like that.

    • When the elected decide for themselves they are special, therefore require specialized treatment at the detriment of the [now identified as] commoners…””Houston, we have a problem.”

      “Pigs, equal…”. spot on.

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