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We have arrived at the middle of the week and it’s time to offer you an open forum where you can grind any axe on any topic so long as you keep it moderately clean. Let your conscience be your guide.

I’ve posted a few things below for your consideration.


The Warto end all wars – in a paragraph

A series of events and old alliances mixed with old and new ideologies made a ticking time bomb out of Europe. The three kings running the war were first cousins and had jealousies. Alliances were layered on alliances. Germany wanted to invade France by going through Belgium, allied with Britain, and big British manpower and logistics from the British colonial empire. Military technology had advanced significantly to allow for total, sustained war. The situation caused four years of conflict, 12 major campaigns, 16 million deaths, and a big sequel.

It all sounds so sterile, wrapped with a clean bow, with all loose ends wrapped up, doesn’t it?


In California (h/t Brig)

California’s State Water Resource Control Board has released a draft of its Racial Equity Action Plan, REAP. This plan is produced in part by non-governmental organizations with a record of being anti-agriculture and a group out of UC Berkeley known as G.A.R.E., the Government Alliance on Race & Equity. To comment on this Racial Equity Action Plan click here.

REAP came from Resolution No. 2021-0050 that states it draws inspiration from Black Lives Matter and makes the claim California’s water rights are based on white supremacy. The language of this resolution is drawn from Marxist Critical Race Theory and make it Marxist Critical Race Policy in dealing with water rights.

REAP will not be adopted or denied by the State Board – a five-member board appointed by the Governor. Rather staff will be allowed to revise the “living document” and since it’s not an adopted plan there is no accountability.

REAP includes:

Taxpayers to pay for a fund to compensate “community partners” for the expert wisdom, time, collaboration, travel expenses, and “amenities to reduce participation barriers.”

Staff to “Identify and prioritize waterbodies for the development of instream flow requirements that will protect Black Indigenous People Of Color communities, tribal cultural resources, and related ecosystems.”

It also directs staff to, “Apply racial equity lens to establish a baseline understanding of how Division of Water Rights, Division of Drinking Water, Division of Water Quality and Division of Financial Assistance programs and policies are currently using race and demographic data along with programmatic data and create a plan to integrate demographic data to inform decision making moving forward.”

In other words, future decisions will be based on skin color. If you think someone else will take care of this remember the resolution passed with no formal opposition of any kind from agriculture. No farm groups spoke against the REAP. It’s up to us. To comment on this Racial Equity Action Plan click here.



The Propaganda Machine

Will you drink the Kool Aid?

On Tuesday, FJB received his ‘updated’ Covid booster shot while sitting on his fake White House set in South Court Auditorium.

29 thoughts on “Open Forum

  1. Too bad there was no provision for changing a status from State to Region when the US was getting started. Did they even envision a state going totally gung ho on decivilization?
    Keeper – yes, she is 🙂

  2. REAP is going to ‘sow’ something they might not like! Central Valley had, HAD, a lot of Hispanic farmers, including a friend’s dad. They are all gone because they lost water and couldn’t afford the $50k+ to drill wells that might be dry. Frito’s dad had been there since the 40s, as a naturalized citizen, but between the water issues and the illegals wanting handouts, he sold out for pennies on the dollar and left.

  3. Wind farms.
    They are (P)regressive wet dreams and more and more, a nightmare for those who live by them. For those with the time to read it, a long article.
    History keeps repeating from Appalachian coal mines to oil and natural gas development and now “renewable” energy. There is no free lunch but there is a nice steak dinner for those smart enough to navigate the intricacies of any kind of development.

  4. I got nuttin’ today. Just sittin’ back, enjoying my coffee, watching the squirrels romp in the backyard, and the leaves fall. Ran the nowblower dry on gas today, changed the oil, and filled it with fresh 91 Octane Pure Gas and some Sta-Bil. Fed the trees yesterday, and rolled up all the garden hoses. Tomorrow we’ll put out some more Halloween decorations if it’s not raining. Tonight we’ll have a fire, watch some TV, and have some left over chicken and dumplings SLW made for dinner last night. Got some specialty flours yesterday, and if it’s not too busy this weekend, I’ll make some rye bread.

    Getting ready for Winter, and I feel it’ll be a hard one all over this year…..

    1. Sounds like you’re ready, it’s a good spot to be in. Snowed a tiny bit today up here. The horses are suggesting it will be a rough one, going thru half agian as much hay sooner than normal.

        1. Even our dog has been begging for extra food. I’ve never seen the squirrels go after ALL the crab apples and maple seeds before, and we had a bumper crop of both.

          I’m noticing a greater variety of birds, too. We now have some blue jays and northern flickers living in the immediate area.

  5. Cali- Don’t fear the REAP-er. Bums.

    Per the RCL’s I got a keeper for sure, and managed to marry up…significantly.

  6. future decisions will be based on skin color
    Not exactly. Decisions are made on the basis of victimhood. Claimed, actual, it doesn’t matter which. Skin color is a convenient proxy for victimhood, but we must never forget the true hierarchy of suffering. Negroes are not at the top. BLM and the like ultimately are distractions to occupy our attention and provide a focus for our outrage, so that we don’t notice who is really taking away our wealth, our liberty, and our sacred honor.

  7. For grinding a brand-new dull axe made in India, I’ve found a flap disk on an angle grinder gives a nice rounded shape without flat spots.

    10 men taking your money at gunpoint is robbery but 10,000 men taking your money at gunpoint is government. At what organized crime gang headcount does bad robbery become “good” “government”?

    At what strength of border does a “good” “border” become a bad “iron curtain”?

    Hobbes claim of “warre of every one against every one” has no basis of historical records for such events; wagon trains and pirate sailing ships would seem to trigger it.

    Drugs were legal in the US prior to 1914 but everyone wasn’t an addict. Therefore drug prohibition is not necessary to keep everyone from becoming an addict. Alcohol prohibition provides even more data about a larger population fraction of users.

  8. I am surprised at the proliferation of fabric softener.
    You’d think some people, many people, were using it as a cologne.
    Unless there is a cologne and it smells like fabric softener and I’m unaware of it.

    1. Or maybe some people just smell better than others – though where would the equity be in THAT?

      1. Yeah but fabric softener sheets placed in longer-term parked vehicles are great at keeping rodents from terrorizing your undercarriage or engine compartment, including eating the soy-based wiring insulation…like when you return to DIA after a business trip and find your car won’t start and the buggers are running across the floorboards.

        1. I favor the “Little Trees” in new-car scent. I’ve always tossed some dryer sheets or “moth balls” in my project cars over the winter. I’ll probably taker her out once more before she goes up on jacks for a long winter nap after pulling out the rest of the interior for the upholstery shop to refurbish.

  9. I wonder about the outcome if all those colonial troops had not been available for European service.

    1. There would not have been an amphibious invasion at Gallipoli. That much is certain. The past is unknowable in terms of what might have happened if – but the Kaiser might have broken through, the French would have made peace, no WW2. Beyond that, I can’t even hazard a guess. Beans! Where is Beans when you need him?

  10. Germany just announced they are dismantling a wind farm to reactivate a coal mine. LOL. The rest of the wind turbines in Germany have been unhooked from the grid and left to rust away, too expensive to tear down and remove. The nuke plants that were decommissioned are about to be reborn and coal plants are back in business. The law of unintended consequences and reality reared their ugly heads. “Alternatives to energy” just doesn’t work in the real world. Unfortunately, nat. gas and oil come from Putin and he controls the taps. Germany is in for a cold winter with people forced to use wood for heat.

      1. Soros invested heavily in coal a year ago. I’m sure that could be searched successfully on the Internet. Always bet on black?

      2. Wyoming coal had its best production year in 2021, poised to do even better this year. Wind & Solar “renewable/green/sustainable” nutzo proponents are running around saying coal is dead…like HRC did in telling an entire state they would lose their jobs if she became _Resident.

        1. All of the green new deal people should be forced to mine coal… just because.

          The species and epoch of woke insanity needs to end. We need to reimagine our national defense priorities and seriously review the US budget with an eye toward reducing the federal workforce by 40%. It would have to be phased so as not to throw the nation into a depression, but it would be a worthy goal.

          1. Probably be better to have the recession than to leave their subversive, sabotaging tails in place, and paying them unemployment would be cheaper the paying their current salaries and have them do nothing.

          2. You’d need to make sure that none of them qualified for the dole. Think of all of those hard-core unemployable entering the welfare system. Maybe they could take those agricultural jobs that the Brandon regime believes will be filled by illegal aliens?

  11. Don’t recall ever reading of or running into an unemployed black bureaucrat. But, I stand to be corrected.

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