It’s all yours today. 

Did anyone think that Clinton’s lawyer would be convicted in Swampland? Really? Are any of you surprised that the Perkins Coie law office at the center of the Russiagate scandal has an FBI workspace complete with a computer terminal to access FBI databases? They’ve had that workspace present in the office since 2012! In its role as the secret police supporting the DC Swamp – it’s par for the course.

Why is there a Sudanese flag as the captioned image? Does anyone outside of Sudan realize that there’s also a nation of South Sudan? Oh, the Chinese do? What a shock.

Why is “colored” so awfully wrong while “of color” is totally right?

If the Enemy had a rule or a standard he used, then obedience to the standard might be confused with obedience to the Enemy. You might have independently come to the conclusion that people used the word “colored” as a term of disparagement, and so, out of kindheartedness, you decided not to use it.

That is not good enough.

The Enemy demands loyalty solely to himself. The word cannot be bad because it is bad. Good and bad do not exist, no more than any other form of reality. The word has to be bad because he says so and only for that reason and only for so long as he says so.

So if, on Monday “colored person” is bad and “persons of color” is good, and on Wednesday, “person of color” is bad and “colored person” is good, and you obey the Monday rule on Monday and the Wednesday rule on Wednesday, then your loyalty is solely and only for the Enemy who says what is bad or good based on nothing but his raw will and say-so.

Hypocrisy is not a bug. It is a feature. Hypocrisy is not a mistake, an error, an oversight. It is the point. How loyal are you, really? Do you love The Big Guy?

What is the “China-Pacific Island Countries Common Development Vision”. How does it fit with the “China-Pacific Island Countries Five-Year Action Plan on Common Development (2022-2026)”? What is The Big Guy getting for looking the other way?

I don’t know what the Big Guy’s cut is – to be fair. He calls a press lid every day at 2:00 pm when his handlers put him down for his nap. There may be a narcotic kicker in his stewed prunes? Who knows really?


  1. I can understand Durham would run out of juror challenges in a DC courtroom.
    Which is why most lawyers would call for a change of venue.
    I can’t discover whether that was not an option due to the charges.

      • Fairness doesn’t enter into anything that the swamp does because it’s inherently biased toward its own sacred cows. (Hillary being a type of bovine politician is entirely coincidental for the sake of this discussion)

  2. “What is The Big Guy getting for looking the other way?”
    Who is looking out for The Big Guy’s interests since he seems incapable?
    Is it the same that is running the country?

    • His brother Jim Biden and not-an-MD-stye-doctor Jill Biden seem to fill the role of financial managers now that Hunter is in a type of gilded cage exile on the beach at Malibu. The political puppet masters get their graft through a different route than the Big Guy does.

  3. has anybody figured out why the two meal a day rationing on the truman?… the dims can’t take the acquittal for what it is, they have to go all second grader on us. it makes me really want to go all third grader and punch them in the mouth…..i saw that my “i did that” sticker was removed from the gas pump after several weeks in place. there was also a reject tag from the weights and measures dept. so i suspect they ordered the sticker removed. i gave them another to brighten their lib day when they come back to re-inspect…..the swamp was able to cheat in a few primaries. what happens in november when they cheat openly and laugh in our faces as our kids grow hungry and cold?

    • The I Did That stickers seem to get taken off pretty quickly around here, at least if they’re put up in the most natural way of having brandon pointing his hand at the gas price.
      I learned a new technique though recently- someone put one of those stickers inside the area where you stow the nozzle when the pump’s not in use. It still works since every person pumping gas will see it coming and going, but it’s a bit lower profile when someone goes around with a scraper to remove the current day’s bunch of stickers that just got put on since yesterday.

      • The Biden and Camel stickers stay on the pumps in rural Arizona for a long time. Sometimes there are fifteen or twenty of them on any pump on a given day. Then the station owner removes them and they appear again.

  4. When the powers that be generate anarchy…then what? It is why they wish to disarm law-abiding citizens on the heels of these mass shootings (except for murders in NYC and Chicago and LA of course). A woman takes out a scumbag shooting randomly in a housing complex…MSM: Crickets. Why?

    The Planted Potted Plant “hails the first ‘woman’ CG Admiral”…funny how the Dem’s/Mentally ill of our American society constantly tell us “there is no sex and that gender is fluid” (whatever the hell that means), yet continue to spout idiocy like “The first woman/black/latinix/trans etc etc. Only thing that matters is whether this woman is qualified to do the job. That’s it. Her sex has no bearing unless it gets in the way…which it might.

    “The Big Guy” is on his payback tour. We, of course, get the “Thank you sir may I have another!” result…in the shorts, sideways.

    • When the powers that be generate anarchy…then what?

      If you’re useless to them, you’ll be turned into soylent green. If you have some value, you’ll be put to work until you have no value and then – soylent green. Think of a cow, a bull, a steer, etc. The book, Animal Farm, is instructive. In George Orwell’s novel, Boxer was described as a hardworking but naive and ignorant cart horse. He was shown as the farm’s dedicated and loyal laborer. When he was no longer useful, he was sent to the glue factory and the pigs made a few bucks

  5. Why is “colored” so awfully wrong while “of color” is totally right?

    I realize that was rhetorical, but for the same reason that:
    1. “Jeh” Johnson is pronounced “Jay Johnson”
    2. “Hip” became “hep”
    3. Every other damn — ethnicity-baiting victimhood oh boo hoo our ancestors were forced to pick lampshades, or made into cotton, or masturbated to death by robot machines[1] created by evil scientists who looked and acted like that Dr David Spiegel person[2] only with moar eeevil — tale of woe wherein YOUR ancestors, or people who vaguely looked like you, were responsible. And that claimed resemblance makes YOU guilty guilty guilty.

    In other words, all that sort of stuff is to put the normal person on the back foot, to make them feel wrong and awkward from the get go. It’s pre-emptively seizing the high ground in the power dynamic of any interaction. Terminology and lingo are dynamic and periodically changed to exclude outsiders.
    1a. Jeh would be rhyme with “meh” to any normal English speaker. Why “jay” (apart from possible parental stupidity)? Because when you address him as “jeh” he can correct you with “no, it’s jay”. Mispronouncing his name makes you look like a jerk, so he’s immediately got one up on you. At least you’re a jerk in this current culture. In older time, one might have said, “that’s a weird way to spell ‘jay’ — what were your parents thinking?” but these days that is just like slavery all over again! Just like it!
    2a. Pathetic whites trying to adopt Black lingo by saying “hip” were made to look like fools when informed that the proper term is “hep”. Enough said. (For a visual, think of Boone from Animal House trying to get down with Otis Day and the Knights at the Black club and how they were all chased out. Sad.)
    3a. Footnotes
    [1] I am not making up the claim of being masturbated to death. Someone else did that. Unironically.
    [2] Spiegel is a Professor of Psychiatry at Eastern Virginia Medical School. He testified on behalf of Amber Heard. You owe it to yourself to catch his testimony on YouTube. (Also, his publication record, per PubMed, is ridiculously unimpressive for a full Professor.) Here is a sample of his testimony:

    Context Switch: To be fair, the people in the south of former “greater Sudan” ARE ethnically (biologically and religiously) very different from those in power, and were treated poorly. I wish the people of South Sudan well, but the bottom line is I don’t want people from either current Sudan or South Sudan coming over here as refugees. Their squabbles are not my problem.

    • Your ebonics-as-a-second-language needs to be updated if you’re to be viewed as credible in the inner city. It’s nigga, not nigger unless you’re saying, “you’re my nigger,” and then the hard R is used. Being Chinese you will have to self-identify as a negro before doing this in the same way as I have to self-identify as a Latino before bonding with the migrants standing in front of Home Depot. Now that they have special benefits in some areas for the aggrieved I could also self-identify as a female lesbian. Would they accept my mangina? Well, they’re obliged to, aren’t they. Would Brandon make me an admiral? I think that I’d make a damned fine admiral once I’m accepted as a lesbian.

      • PS – Once I’m accepted as a lesbian, I could be “butch” and just act and dress the way that I do now, except that as an aggrieved person, I’d be entitled to some sort of government aid, I guess. Or an admiral’s salary.

        • You’d have to swap the ballcaps for one of those screaming feminist pink things they prefer to parade around with on top of their shaved heads.

          • No, I’ll keep the ball cap as a symbol of protest against the patriarchy. Vagina pink isn’t my best color.

    • Wasn’t “hip” “hep”, before it was “hip” again, and then “hep” again ?

      I’m thinking Beatniks, and Hepcats…

      Anyway, I’ve just opted out of language currency. It’s fucking Bombay, Ceylon, Burma,


  6. Had business yesterday in Ft Collins and saw only one vehicle with a Xiden sticker, a Toyota pickup that made a left hand turn from the center lane in front of me. A true leftist?

    • He’s entitled because your great granddad kicked his great granddad’s ass at some point in the 1800’s. Live with it.

    • All the Biden stickers I’ve seen are old, tattered, and peeling, kinda like the economy they “built back better”.

      I aways wondered “better” forwho?

      • This one was clean and shiny. Colorado plates but some Hilton Head sticker was on the bumper.

      • A former coworker had a Bernie sticker on the back of his pickup, for years. Every time he showed up I’d look at him and say, “Really?!, you’re not seriously voting for that creepy never held a job multimillionaire Ichabod Crane Russian loving cretin?”

        No quarter.

  7. Ah, truth. That which is and the correspondence of mind to thing. That’s one view, scorned, loathed and despised by our hallowed halls of academe. They feel truth’s a matter of opinion, of “narrative.” Whoever tells the loudest story establishes reality. In other words, “It’s true because Caesar says so.”

    The problem with this is that narrative begins to crumble under the force of discordant reality. See Der Furher in the bunker under the weight of Russian artillery. It’s all fiction/narrative until it isn’t. Mind you, tell that to Hanna Reitsch.

  8. The left IS eating their own… POC vs. Colored coming from an old hippie who was SO far ahead of these twits today it isn’t funny.

    But the ‘winner’ is Cali again- Now calling bees FISH so they can be put on the endangered list in Cali… Yes, flying bees that make honey are now classified as FISH in California… Wow…

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