Back to work. It’s time to get a haircut, shave, throw on a suit and descend to the land of crazy people and solve some of the world’s problems (for profit). No more mountain lakes, air that smells of pines and gurgling clear streams, teeming with hungry trout.

Things have gone to pot since I left the fetid inner city, built a hovel, and moved to the White Wolf Mine. The old rule of thumb was always that you didn’t leave the kids matches and gasoline when you left home. It appears that rule went out the window.

Onward to Thunderdome for a day or so.


It’s Sunday, write your own sermon if you’d like. Blaze away.


A few things to consider-

I know it’s depressing. The only thing that Barack Obama could hang his hat on, the only record that he set during the eight miserable years that he held office, was record sales of guns and ammo. And that might be beaten by BLM. Now the moniker, “ZERO” that Obama wore like a crown will fit even better.


John Wayne is definitely unpopular with the ‘woke’ crowd.


  1. Good luck out there among them English. Don’t for get your SIG. I know, like that’s ever gonna happen.

    Not a sermon, really. Just a couple of rhetorical questions. Everybody knows about Slow Joe. Dems, Repubs, Progs, everybody. So what is the their real plan? Who are the wizards behind the screen? Who will be anointed, and who will they answer to?

    Same goes for Pelosi. She is just a moon bat sock puppet.

    Wife and I receive various campaign requests for money. We reply that when we see perps in handcuffs, they’ll see donations.

  2. Would love to see finished pics of the White Wolf project. Painting the whole inside of my hovel my ownself, and need to know someone actually finished their project.
    Stealing the John Wayne pic, because Wranglers!
    Be extra careful out in the world, we need you around…

    • It’s not really COMPLETE because there are elements that I’m working on here and there. I should be doing it today, but it’s a ‘day of rest’…that’s my story, Brig.

  3. Well, I’m a five button Levi guy, but I agree with everything else.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  4. No sermon from me. A granddaughter turned two yesterday so I’m in Wichita playing with her and her older sister. Back home again tomorrow.

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