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This is your big chance to vent, rant, pontificate, spew, whatever you want to do with electrons.  The speaker’s corner is open. Here are some potential topics –


America is $30 trillion in Debt

(zerohedge) Visualize it. There’s a lot more over at Silicon Graybeard. We’re a lot closer to economic collapse and worldwide depression than we are to death by global warming or cooling.

Lay in supplies of food and ammunition. If things go to pot in the city, don’t flee to the mountains. Those of us who are here would rather you stay put and eat (each other) what is available locally.


Canadian Farmers Break the Police Lines

(gateway punditTruckers for Freedom Convoy have now been joined by farmers and tow truck drivers, who have broken through the police blockades in a show of support for the truckers’ anti-vaccine mandate movement.

The trucker convoy is now blocking the US-Canada border between Alberta and Montana as part of their protest. The police set up barricades on the highway and called in tow trucks to come and remove the semi-trucks from the highway. While the tow truck drivers did show up, instead of coming to tow the semis, they joined the protest instead!


Michelle Obama – during Hubby’s Third Term


The PRC Olympics

I am not watching any of it. There will be no reporting on this blog. But you can comment on the games if you wish.

Plans for Valentine’s Day?

I don’t have any, but if you want to share yours to aid others in the gala event, I’m sure they’d appreciate the advice.


When the Kiwis were Allies

Today, New Zealand is far closer to the communist People’s Republic of China than the US, but it wasn’t always so. Flight lieutenants Murray J. Abel and G. Thompson in the cockpit of an OV-10 Bronco at Chu Lai Air Base, South Vietnam, 2 September 1971. New Zealand pilots flew with American squadrons.


Identify the Tank




50 thoughts on “Open Forum

  1. The mystery tank is a CONQUEROR main battle tank; official nomenclature “Tank, Heavy No. 1, 120mm Gun, FV214 Conqueror”.
    What makes this picture unusual is the fact that the side skirts are removed, probably for transport reasons.
    The CONQUEROR was a British development of the FV 200 series, introduced in 1953 and intended to counter heavy Soviet armor, e.g. the IS-3. The British armor doctrine intended the CONQUEROR to provide long range anti-tank support for the CENTURION MBTs who were at this point in time severely undergunned and no match for their Soviet opponents.
    (Off topic: by the time of the Six-Days War 1967 and the Yom Kippur War 1973 the combat value of the CENTURION had been improved drastically. Any Syrian or Egyptian tanker will confirm this.)
    In spite of its massive dimensions with 63 tons combat weight and a 120 mm main gun it was only in service from 1955 to 1966, to be replaced by the FV 4201 CHIEFTAIN.
    The CONQUEROR was deployed exclusively to the BAOR in Germany and was the heaviest and largest British MBT to ever see active service.

    1. Precisely! Well done, Martin. I thought that the removal of side skirts might give you a moment of pause — apparently not.

        1. I fully agree with your diagnosis: I guess I am some sort of “Tank Man”; just like Dustin Hoffmans “Rain Man”.
          However, my ignorance in most other matters is legendary.

  2. San Fran Nan was out in full witch force yesterday telling all the athletes to keep a civil tongue in their heads and not to oh-fennnnnd their Chinese masters, uh, sorry, their Chinese HOSTS with any outbursts of free speech critical to her bosses because well you know, in Chi-nuh they don’t take kindly to that sort of rebellious behavior against the State Religion and bad things might happen to them AND their families. Step out of line, the men come and take you away, presumably.

    I wonder how much the Chinks are paying her. There really is no limit to what that bee-itch is capable of saying.

    1. Pelosi owns stock in companies that profit from their trade with China. She should not be allowed to buy and sell stock based on insider trading or by trading with an enemy nation but greed runs rampant in the swamp. Criticism of the worker’s paradise by Olympians could get them thrown into prison. That sort of news could damage her portfolio.

      There really is no depth that these people are incapable of going to.

    2. the not so secret police drug a dutch reporter away, on camera, at the olympics. they couldn’t care less about optics…. freedom convoy starting to look like poland solidarity movement. lord, i hope so. ours is supposed to start march 1st. good luck with that, as big tech is pulling every dirty trick in the book to block any posts about it.. just in time for april 19th? lol, maybe i’ll be right this year. …biden’s handlers are “pivoting” to gun control, and “pivoting” to ukraine, and “pivoting” back to climate scam. in other words, they’re going around in circles in utter confusion. probably can’t understand why their plans are not successful. a british medical journal is filing suit on faceplant for blocking and labeling their work as disinformation. some legal experts say they will win and it will be the end of faceplant and maybe others. can’t stop the signal mal!

      1. The Democrats are forever pivoting and resetting. During the years of Obamanation, there must have been a dozen resets. It was challenging to keep track as they reinvented themselves on the fly to please their donor class. They bob and weave to avoid accountability and to spin the facts – but they elected Brandon and the Ho, two dullards who revel in their popularity within the walls of the White House. The Brandon resets are clumsy and transparent. Gun control is a non-starter because with their de-fund the police moves, their own base is arming itself and even prog females don’t want to “accept rape as the new normal”.

        The public sees what’s going on for the most part. The Canadians and Australians are not tolerating their monarchs well based on reports. LSP has a spy that joined the truckers, farmers, and tow truck drivers in Ottawa and I’m waiting for those first-hand accounts to reach the blogosphere.

        1. Some dems are distancing themselves from the more radical elements.
          That may be part of the plan to retain power: “These are the ‘normal’ dems you can trust”, like the repubs that distanced from Trump.
          We must firmly connect them to the regime by party affiliation.

          1. Yes, but many elephants (Lindsay Graham R-SC & Mitch [war turtle]. McConnell come to mind) are every bit as bad as the donkeys

  3. The progs seem to be desperately flogging one dead horse after another. From the White House–

    “And again, for any of the press in here, the press listening: This doesn’t violate anybody’s Second Amendment right. There’s no violation of a Second Amendment right.

    We talk like there’s no amendment that’s absolute. When the amendment was passed, it didn’t say anybody can own a gun and any kind of gun and any kind of weapon. You couldn’t buy a cannon in — when the — this — this amendment was passed. And so, no reason why you should be able to buy certain assault weapons. But that’s another issue.”

    More here–

    1. When the British marched on Concord – to fire the shot heard round the world – they did so to seize cannons owned by private citizens. We fought a war to rid ourselves of tyranny and established a Bill of Rights to protect citizens from future government tyranny. Private citizens were allowed to own cannons as your referenced article documents.

      President Brandon is a nincompoop.

      1. Of course you could buy a cannon.

        Up until the mid-late 1800s, you could own a complete warship. Hell, there are still places in the US where you can own most military weapons, if you can somehow afford them.


        1. You can basically do that in Arizona, but the federal government involves itself. If it wasn’t for the feds, I could have an artillery park at the White Wolf Mine.

  4. “Don’t Fund Anything We Don’t Like” just stole the Canadian Truckers actual peaceful tailgate party’s donated $10 million dollars because this particular civil disobedience (unlike BLM or Occupy) apparently violated their new and improved rewritten by a pile of spineless man-bun skinny jean wearing whiners sensitivity rules, or some such nonsense. Donors have until the 19th to withdrawal their pledge. Infuriating. Marxist thieves. Defunding them is the only answer, plus prison for fraud with a public flogging beforehand.

    Olympics- Not watching or listening to the 5-Ring circus. Don’t care. No longer relevant, and after The Miracle on Ice, everything it stood for became a political grift. Typical when The Takers get involved. Plus don’t want to support half of Congresses “illegal for everyone else” insider trading “investments.”

    V-Day…As always a quiet dinner at home, far away from the maskees.

  5. the press briefing on the “russian false flag movie” was hilarious. one reporter kept saying “where’s your evidence?” and the spokesmodelman as virtually speechless. priceless. they have lost the press, the walls are cracking. like i said b4, you can murder children or whatever, but you better not call a reporter a stupid s.o.b… no doubt tptb are working on the backup plan for the midterms. my bet is emp via false flag. just wonder if they’ll pop it off this summer or wait until election day. at the rate things are going for them, it might be tomorrow….. i need better comms. all that signal propagation, uhf, hf, ulf, yada yada is greek to me. always had a commo geek for that. i’m more of a mechanical sort. if i can see it, i can fix it. i think commo guys are more like magicians, conjuring the airwaves to move like living creatures. they kinda scare me. can’t stop the signal mal.

    1. Matt Lee smoked The Weasel Ned Price, which was price-less. Price – a known liar – was propagandizing the Ukraine Wag the Dog as if anything he said was substantive, and Lee kept pressing for actual facts and reported items instead of the blather bs Price was spewing. Epic. Doocy does this with The Angry Red-Head, who thinks she’s the smartest person in the room yet looks more hateful every time she opens her mouth. Gloves are off on the lying cheats…and they are clueless, like the Russian coach in Miracle…”He doesn’t know what to do!”…never been losing before,

      1. The Russians didn’t engage in a false flag operation. The story ran that “they might”. The US does them big – like the Gulf of Tonkin Incident – the WMD’s in Iraq that weren’t there – and the “hateful video” in Benghazi. Of course, mentioning those makes you a pawn of Putin.

        I ran an agent during the run-up to the invasion who had first-hand access to Saddam Hussein and he said that there were no WMD’s. In fact, there were a number of very credible sources with solid access to that same information and it was ignored. America wanted a war.

        The Republicans are as bad as the Democrats. They both want a war in Ukraine as a substitute for the defunct endless war in Afghanistan. They are paid well by their masters to promote endless war and to turn a blind eye to China.

        1. How did that line go – ‘wars take place when people fight an enemy, and revolutions take place when people figure out who the real enemy is’…or something like that.

          1. That’s how it goes.

            I’m not saying that preparing for war, training for war, and engaging in warfare is not necessary. There are times when it is. You just need to be wise enough to know the difference between “necessary” and a “racket”.

        2. Listening to the Republicans yesterday and they are now shilling for the Hologram, they WANT a friggin war. Losers.

          1. We’re underwater to the tune of $30 trillion. There will be pushback on spending another few trillion (deficit spending) unless there is a war to justify it. We need to lose a lot of equipment and justify replacing it and more. That’s why we left all those billions in gear behind in Afghanistan. Orders for new equipment for replacement go out immediately as a loss during the war.

          2. Leaving $85 billion worth of gear behind in Afghanistan just made the reordering that much easier. A racket indeed.

          3. The manufacturers are making money the old-fashioned way. They bribe politicians (R and D) to make it happen.

      2. There’s a meme going around with Little Red Lyin’ Hood’s face scowling out of a fast food drive thru window asking “You want lies with that?”

  6. Yes, the RNZAF did fly in Nam. But only with the Air Force. The Navy had OV-10s in VAL-4 over there supporting the Brown Water Navy and HAL-3. One of the oddities was VAL-4 was NOT allowed to drop bombs, only carried ‘forward firing’ ordnance… Until near the end when they were finally authorized CBUs. They did get to shoot a lot of Zuni rockets though.

    1. The first night of the XXIVth Winter Olympiad in Beijing was pretty much an encapsulation of what you can expect over the next two weeks based on reports — assuming you even care. The opening ceremony drew only 7.7 million viewers in the USA, putting the Games on pace to be the least-watched in recent history. And, if you were tuning in from the Netherlands, you got to see one of your country’s reporters manhandled on air by a thuggish Chinese apparatchik.

  7. Thirty TRILLION……it boggles the mind. My wife was asking about certain things the other day, and I chuckled she was turning into a prepper. She disagreed, of course, saying “Preppers” were paranoid. But is it really paranoia when you can see what’s happening, and you remember history?

    Good for the Canadians.

    Haven’t watched the olympics in forever….certainly won’t now.

    We’re going out for dinner on Valantine’s Day, which is also our anniversary.

    For those who are into all things tank, Hagerty had a good article on Chrysler’s nuclear powered tank.

  8. Just back from a 542 mile trip through SE Nebraska. Amazing, the umber of Trump banners and signs still up. What is sad to see are the many small businesses, including cafes, closed and boarded over.

    1. Few weeks ago I drove through New York state on Interstate 90 from Eire,PA-ward to Utica where I stayed overnight. And then from Utica to Woodbury on state highways; this was much more interesting that the first part. Kiryas Joel (just up the road from Woodbury was interesting indeed, but that’s a tale for another time).

      Fewer than half of people in “upstate” were bothering with masks (though a nice lady running an antique shoppe in Walton did ask me to put on a mask). Breakfast at a working-class diner in Utica not one single person had a mask. A TV commercial for a mask came on. I looked around at my fellow counter-sitters and they were either sneering or grimacing at the commercial.

      Of the political signs that were up, it was a mix of about 60% for Trump, and 40% against Brandon. Not one solitary pro-Brandon sign. And yes, way too many boarded up businesses.

      1. In time the weight of the $30 trillion debt will make itself felt more profoundly and the memory of masks and plague vax will just be an unpleasant sideshow. They won’t be able to “Wag the Dog” a war big enough to fix it and still keep civilization going as we now know it.

        1. There are still many employers requiring their staff to wear face diapers. Most I see have their noses exposed. Their body language shouts I’m working here because I need the job. To restate an old military joke, “Masks will continue to be worn until morale improves”.

          1. I think that the ardor that drove masks is fading quickly now most people understand that masks don’t work and the vax was way over sold, doesn’t protect from the plague, and has dangerous and deadly side effects.

    1. This is how revolutions begin, LSP. The Canadian political elites will create a January 6 syle insurrection narrative myth about the truckers, farmers, tow truck drivers and the wicked middle class about this. Maybe they send the army in? Will the army shoot their own families who just want honesty and fair treatment from their government? Will the RCMP become Canada’s secret police in the way that the FBI has in the USA?

      From reports, there was very little conscience shown down under by the Australian police.

      1. Next door neighbor is Canadian. His brother is a retired RCMP Lieutenant. RCMP is NOT in favor of Trudeau OR his actions. They are siding with the truckers/farmers/Indians.

  9. I know. I’m a little late.
    But, Ukraine. It’s all so blatantly ‘in your face’.
    I know there are many reasons why Russia wants control over Ukraine. And I know why Russia won’t allow Ukraine into NATO.
    Russia has never been big on Sun Tzu and more brute force…..and yet I can’t help but think that I’m missing something.

    1. The Russians should have annexed Donbas when they annexed Crimea. It was a strategic error on their part. In both cases, there was a near 100% Russian-speaking population that wanted Russia to be in charge of their government. The present move makes Putin more popular at home. His popularity had been diminishing and this fixed it, likely until the time that he steps down and moves to Switzerland or wherever. For America, it’s the opportunity to spend money that lands in the pockets of beltway bandits.

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