If your “news” article starts out with graphic and emotional description, an emotional little story, you are being lied to, expect the whole thrust of the article to be selling you a lie.

Modern advertising is designed to make you want a product regardless of whether the product has any merit or not. It will not even attempt to explain the merit of a product anymore (old advertisements did). Example: The advertisement showed a supermodel, dressed in a gauzy white dress, with a backdrop of a garden full of flowers, swinging on a swing. That went on for a while, then presented the name of the product, a drug, followed by fine print about how your dick will fall off, you’ll lose the use of your left eye and then you’ll commit suicide. But by all means,  take the drug.





The World Bank and China

One of the things that the World Bank does is issue a report on “doing business”. In the report, the World Bank evaluates countries, and guess what? They falsified data to make China look better than it was.

The bank cited “pressure applied by CEO Georgieva and her advisor, Mr. Djankov, to make specific changes to China’s data points in an effort to increase its ranking at precisely the same time the country was expected to play a key role in the bank’s capital increase campaign.”

Color me shocked, but then again, I’m a cynic. Read the full Ethics Probe findings here.


Identify the Ship


A Look Back

(L-R) Actor Cliff Edwards; Lt (JG) John S. “Jimmy” Thach; actor Clark Gable; actor Wallace Beery; Lt (JG) Herbert S. Duckworth; and Lt (JG) Edward P. “Bud” Southwick pose next to an F8C-4 of VF-1B at NAS North Island, California, 16 September 1931

They each lived to be legends in their own time.


Ту-95M Медведь


    • Different actors than the stripe we see today, different people, different times, and almost a different planet. I can’t imagine Patton calling Rommel and giving him the plans for D-Day.

  1. The ship is a Nanuchka III coastal missile corvette 4 SSN-9s, 2 SSN-2s, 76mm gun. Primarily in the Baltic and around Vlad. Port protection units, but with a nasty little sting. The bird is a Bear heavy bomber/cruise missile carrier!

    • Exactly correct. It’s in essence, a take on a Russian Littoral Combat ship, except it can fight and the LCS only has the capacity to sink.

      • Incredibly expensive aluminum war graves (if they actually manage to leave pier-side. We need to crew the damned things in wartime with the jackasses (or traitors?) responsible for foisting those abortions on the American people.

    • My first thought was Grisha-V corvette, and immediately rejected that. It’s been too many years since I knew all their ship classes by sight. 25 years? Eesh.

  2. Old_NFO got me on the ship. I figured it was a Russian Destroyer, or more like a DDE, but “Coastal Missile Korvette” seems to be much more apt.

    “A Look Back” reminds of something I was thinking of the other day. I was either born too early, or too late……

  3. A “graphic and emotional description, an emotional little story.” We’re sinking under a quicksand of emotive lies.

    The Episcopal Church was a prophetic forerunner, mawkish garden party sentimentalism wedded to Maoist tyranny.

  4. Advertising. Back in the car biz days sat in on several meetings where the whiz kids were telling us how to get the “message’ across. Wasted on me. Of course, we were a car dealership, not some large corporation.

    I believe in simple stupid. For the cost of one TV spot (which didn’t include the cost of preparing it), we could put a direct mail piece in every postal address in a specific zip code four times over. What didn’t happen is our direct mail guy didn’t take us to dinner, or golfing, or etc. What he did do was create pieces that got people onto the lot, often with the mail piece in hand.

  5. The ship and the plane are easy. A floating target and a flying target.

    As to the Met Gala, well, gee, interesting to see who gets to wear a mask and who doesn’t. The idiots don’t understand that, well, the mask is off the maskrova. Blatant much? Hunger Games meets Handmaiden’s Tale and both are actually all about evil leftist poopheads ruling it over everyone.

    I miss real actors and actresses. And I miss being able to call them actors and actresses without some Karen or Daren getting all butt-hurty. Eh, Copulate them, with the nozzle of a flamethrower…

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