Roe v Wade

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The Supreme Court is poised to strike down Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision codifying Americans’ access to abortion, according to a draft majority opinion leaked and published by Politico on Monday.

The draft opinion, authored by Justice Samuel Alito, excoriates the Roe decision and a subsequent ruling by the court in the 1992 case Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

“Roe was egregiously wrong from the start,” Alito writes in the document, according to Politico. “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled … It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.”

Congress is too cowardly to do their job. What good are they?



Follow Events in China

Things are unfolding there very quickly and nearly everyone in the media overlooks the big stories.

Chinese social media have shut down the accounts of a prominent market analyst who drew attention in recent weeks to the dramatic slowdown in the country’s economy and the effects of government policy on the tech industry.

Over the weekend, Tencent’s (TCEHY) WeChat froze the public account of Hong Hao, managing director and head of research at BOCOM International, the investment banking arm of Bank of Communications, a state-owned bank, and China’s fifth-largest.

The move came after he posted about huge outflows of capital from the country and made bearish forecasts about the Chinese stock market on social media.

“All content has been blocked. The user is banned from using the account,” a notice posted on the WeChat account said. It added that the account had “violated” the government’s internet rules, without going into details. It also did not specify which post had led to the suspension.

Hong’s account on Weibo (WB), which had more than 3 million followers, has also been removed. A search by CNN Business for the account resulted in a message stating that the user “no longer exists.”



“The peregrine falcons’ hooked bill, powerful wings, large feet, and sharp talons all contribute to it being the fastest bird in the world so it’s no surprise that it has inspired developments in aviation and technology for years.

“Take the solution to managing airflow in and around the jet engine, a repetition from nature.

“The air pressure from a 200mph dive on its prey could damage the bird’s lungs if it wasn’t for the small cone-shaped bones within its nostrils enabling the bird to breathe more easily while diving.

Identify the SAM Launcher


  1. Of Rats and Men…pretty much sums up what America is dealing with (constraining it only to here for arguments sake but China is leading the rat pack).

    Pelosi and her congressional entourage going over to visit with The Actor…really bad optics to those not involved in “The Narrative” (read that bit in Hunters iSniper last night – spot on). Her attempt to spackle-over the massive Biden Crime Family (and others) treasonous past, present, and future, with the lunatic Dem’s pushing for war by the backdoor so they can do a Congress end-around which will allow them to say “It isn’t a war.” Rats. My “drawn and quarter” comment yesterday still holds.

    R v. W- Already fenced off the Supreme Court because we got The Left and Dems’ (redundant) to scream “WE WANT TO MURDER BABIES! MY BODY MY CHOICE!” (except for the jab). But will the MSM call it an “insurrection” or a peaceful protest? Will the CapPol invite them in for a stroll through? Will the FBI be there in matching sunglasses, capturing cellphone ID’s with their Sat Truck? Will “The Nan” call them out or support them?

    I think we know the answers. Rats.

    Peregrine – God knows what he’s doing in the design department, all we can do is imitate Him. Look at DNA…this is massive to Cold Cases languishing for decades. Between DNA and video you’d have to be on meth to be a criminal….or a Congressional Rat…well, same thing.

    • The Wright Bros spent hours keenly watching birds in flight. That is where they got the idea for wing warping (in lieu of ailerons).
      Some while back, maybe twenty yrs ago, I read that the USAF, certaainly DARPA, was considering wing warping for new aircraft, transport category and fighters.

      One only has to watch a rose flower unfold into full bloom to see the similarities to how NASA packs the solar array of a satellite. A simplified explanation, yes. But creation provides inspiration.

  2. Roe vs. Wade. I am a states rights proponent so would like to see it rescinded but leaking the draft decision was a terrible idea. Don’t know who did it but they put political advantage ahead of the rule of law and whatever oath they may have taken.

    Several years ago they used birds of prey at Fairchild AFB for Bird Aircraft Hazard abatement.
    Watching the falconer team with the bird was an amazing thing to watch. At the end of the migration season all the falconer had to do was drive out on the airfield control area and take the bird out. I believe that it was an African Crowned Eagle that he used most of the time but could be mistaken, he had several birds. Every starling, duck, red tailed hawk etc. on that airplane patch would head for the hills without him even launching the bird.

    RHT447, thank you for reminding me that I need to read Commentaries again. Gain something every time I run through it.

    • Do we still have “the rule of law”?
      It looks to me like we have a number of entities/people that are too big to fail & if they are above the law do we still have “the rule of law”?

      • I don’t think that we’ve had the genuine rule of law for a long time. Maybe in the Reagan era? It ebbs and flows and today it operates under the “All Pigs are Equal, but Some are more Equal than others.” Now you can say that has always been the case. The Golden Rule is that the man with the gold, rules. It’s difficult to argue against that case. However, it’s really out of control now.

    • RE: Roe V Wade.
      Rule of Law was erased from the get go. The ‘decision’ of 1973 was anything but. The court snuck around the subject by instead tackling government interference in personal privacy. That the ‘decision’ vis a vis state-sanctioned infantcide ever withstood, not to mention for this long, is the result purely of political pressure and cowardly alleged representatives of the Republic.

  3. One wonders who actually leaked it. The WHY is pretty apparent… the left is losing again and they need to give them something to REEEEEE about…

    • It was likely one of the clerks of the four liberal justices. So that’s 16 people.

      • When you view anyone, including the court (or DJT), as Hitler, my guess is the leaker(s) are having a back-slapping party of a “job well done”…fully failing their felonious activity should mean jail…which wouldn’t dissuade most people but the deluded think it is a badge to be worn proudly. Send them to a Turkish prison.

  4. “It’s impossible to overstate the earthquake this will cause inside the Court, in terms of the destruction of trust among the Justices and staff,” the site tweeted. “This leak is the gravest, most unforgivable sin.”

    The casualty on our lives is escalating. The Supreme Court is a dike, and the dike has been breached. Should the leaker(s) be identified, who in the SloJoe administration will prosecute them? Rhetorical question.

  5. long after the right to lifers quit celebrating we will come to realize that this is the true doom of our species. as noble as it is, there is no way to absorb the millions of unwanted low iq voters that ends in modern society intact. sadly. i think its orchestrated, partly to gather steam for the left in 2022 and partly to eliminate the “my body, my choice” argument with respect to the jab. the first opines out were of the variety that “the constitution has no right to privacy”. of course i would argue that “secure in one’s person…” covers any medical decisions. but i’m weird like that. frankly i don’t give a darn any more, let’s get it on, one for all the marbles.

    • I’ve given up on humanity in general. Juries are drawn from the pool of licensed voters who aren’t clever enough to get out of jury duty. That gene pool isn’t very deep. I feel as if somebody put a load of bleach into it.

      Mankind is on the whole, greedy and stupid. There are a number of exceptions, but maybe too few to keep the species from going extinct in the longrun.

      • Intelligent potential jurists are shunned by both the defense and the prosecution, as the modern court case is fought more about the feels than about the facts.


        Dammit. Should be a blind polling of applicants. Fill out the form like a scantron form, run it through the scoring machine, poof, there’s your jury. No asking about sex, religion, sexual habits, books read, race, political affiliations. Answer 50 relatively simple questions and there you go.

    • “the millions of unwanted low iq voters”

      Oh, those people are wanted, believe me. Maybe not by you or me, but by someone.
      Margaret was not a nice person, but whether her fundamental aim was irrational is open to discussion.

      Demographics are destiny. The demographics of abortion in the US are not surprising, and elimination of that … let’s call it a “shunt” … may have very bad effects indeed. For quite some time I thought we should guarantee additional welfare payments equivalent to the gibs for two minor children for any woman willing to undergo tubal ligation. Lately I’ve changed my opinion. Make it $50k in cash, and a hysterectomy. Not sure how much of that is sarcasm and how much is genuinely meant.

      • Thing is, if instead of focusing on aborting and more on responsibilities, the number of low-IQ voters would disappear at the same rate as they are being aborted.

        Quit paying the baby-momma-factories. Take away the financial incentives and you’ll take away the overt or covert reasons for low-IQ baby-making.

        • Yeah. But the low IQ inner city vote keeps the democrats in power. Welfare keeps them dependent as they use your tax money to buy votes.

          On Indian reservations, the vote-buying is right there in the open with cash payments. Not much cash but the Indians sell out cheap. I mean it’s in-the-open, in Arizona at least.

          • Oh, it’s open at most all Reservations.

            Don’t vote like you’re told? Well, the question of whether you’re actually a member of the tribe comes up.

            Leftists and idiots (pretty much the same thing, but there is not 100% convergence in the Venn diagram) talk about how wonderful the Indians (native americans, feather people, whatever) are but have never ever really looked into the history and politics of most tribes, especially any surviving modern tribes.

  6. The sooner we end Moloch the better. In the meanwhile, expect Level 12 shrieking, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    • And how can we tell the difference from all of the other Level 12 shrieking, wailing and gnashing of teeth?

      The only thing that seems to really have changed (other than the ruling) is Old Spineless Roberts seems to have found a spine.

      • Roberts may be angling for a larger pay-off, Beans. They didn’t offer enough this time.

        • They all want enough payoff to sit on their island vacation veranda having an adult beverage with a little umbrella in it. Then they can say they have arrived…like Epstein.

  7. SAM looks like Buk M3 (Viking?), with only one missile pod.

    Pretty sure that the SCOTUS prepares multiple opinions, so that they can have them ready when a decision is made. I expect this is a draft for one possible outcome, and no decision has yet been finalized.

    Seems like theft and sale of court documents in an ongoing case would be a pretty serious crime for buyer and seller…


  8. The term ‘leak’ is terribly misused here. A leak is unplanned, an accident, indicative of defect.

    The unprecedented release of discussion internal to the court was by design. It has been argued the release is tantamount to ‘Look – squirrel’ to suppress notice of the release of the documentary ‘2000 Mules’ which promises to bring even more scorn of the socialists in the lead-up to the mid-term elections.

    If I were in charge of the ensuing investigation, I would fire, disbar, bring felony charges of everyone associated. The justice would be impeached for allowing the culture which allowed the release. Horses of courses.

    • Some say that the leak was designed to distract from the distressingly low number of Covid patients in America’s hospitals.

  9. The whole thing stinks of a Machiavellian plot and I don’t think the real truth will ever be revealed. If the demorats think abortion and R vs W is a winning issue for the midterms, they might be shocked. It’s a hill they can all die on. All signs point to a republican landslide in Nov., but cooler heads say, “Don’t get cocky.”

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