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30% of Democrats and 75% of Republicans believe that the election was stolen from President Trump (more here)

I haven’t taken any straw polls from this blog’s readership, but my sense is that very close to 100% would hold that opinion. There are quite a few lurkers who never comment here. Some of those people are personally known to me and one, a former friend, hates me because I think that the election was rigged. Does that person still drop by the blog? Who knows? So maybe the number here would be 99%.

No matter the numbers, it represents a significant portion of the country – possibly over half. It also explains why they want to keep 5,000 troops in the capitol to protect Jo and Ho. It’s not something that we’ve ever seen before in the US.


Marking the Un-vaccinated

The first thing that popped into my mind was this:

I hate to sound like I think that history repeats…


Bernie’s Political Star – has set

The Bernie memes and photo bombs are fun as the left dismantles him. He’s embarrassing – sort of the way Joe was – but they embraced the senile old corpse and rejected Sanders. Nobody is really feeling the Bern anymore.


The Party Began


This has an Appeal

Experimental British Vickers-Carden-Loyd light tank fitted with twin .50 calibre Vickers machine guns for AA use. I could have a lot of fun with this. I mean, a LOT of fun. The cost of .50 BMG ammo would send me to the poor house – happy.


Sunday Dinner – What Sides?

The roast is ready to eat. What sides do you demand with this? A salad? Rolls and butter? What?


The Genie

Genie: You have three wishes.

Me: Make Mitch McConnell a real turtle and leave him in a dry kiddie pool in rural Kentucky on the hottest day of the summer and his owner is Sid from Toy Story.

Genie: Ok, that one’s on me. You still have three wishes.




  1. I wonder how much of the deafening silence is due to the news media not reporting that poll result. Other than letting my Congressperson know of my feelings on the matter I haven’t done anything. Kinda lame but what can a slightly broken down old guy do?

    • There are a handful of Congresspeople who know what’s going on and are willing to act. The rest, know what’s going on and are cool with it.

    • Speaking as a grumpy old man, watching the the galloping horde of arrogant ignoramuses trying to repeat the mistakes of the past (we can do it this time because we’re SPECIAL), I figure that occasional grumps online will divert attention. I think I said earlier that, as a stove-up old geezer, all I’m good for now is being a distraction 🙂

  2. Best guess is the New Coup will pull out all the stops, based on what they have done in states where they get 100% control. They think they will end up with a Green State of Peace after they neuter the dirt people, using the Stasi of Love and Redistribution. History suggests it will look more like the Rwandan Massacre by the time it is all over.
    People don’t want to be oppressed. And there is no way they can effectively alter or remove the bunch of insane zealots who want to oppress them because they are too heavily guarded and the vote is rigged. (HR1, anyone?) They can’t organize within the ubiquitous surveillance, or take any other non violent steps to address their concerns without being “canceled”.
    So instead of cutting the trunk of the tree, they will pluck leaves until the tree dies. Slowly at first, then all at once.
    The idea of telling a good third of the country to submit or die is a bad idea, especially when they are largely the builders and mechanics who keep the whole show running. It’s like an actors guild declaring war on the stagehands.

    • The useful idiots take the benefits of society so much for granted that they cannot envision it going away, even as they destroy the foundation the society rests on.
      Then you have those with the mindset that they’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

  3. Definitely rolls to soak up extra gravy. You have veggies. I would want the recipe.
    I wouldn’t mind a light tank of my own. We have enough space..
    Bernie even came invited to the farm!

    Be safe and God bless you all.

  4. Everybody has a camera these days and a computer…
    On election night at various blogs and other personal sites I watched as ballot counting places windows were covered up, as observers were forced out and in one place as the ballot counters pulled out hidden ballots to run thru the machines when all the observers had been removed. I watched as live count numbers went backwards for one one candidate. I saw the charts with the vote count in the democrat controlled areas do unbelievable things after the rooms were cleared of observers.
    I listened to ALL the media tell me I had not seen what I saw, I still hear that from what media I cannot escape.
    I watched the Supreme Court tell us it was ok….

    You cannot have a a clean election if the WHOLE processes not open to observation. Covering the windows with cardboard means they just don’t care what anyone thinks


    Pot roast with potatoes and carrots? All that’s missing is the bread and butter to sop up the gravy! Maybe a salad too, I like having a salad.

  5. Carrots, french cut green beans, and Crescent rolls with butter or a nice rustic Italian bread.

    No vaccine for me…ever…never…nyet. Hank Aaron promoted the vax, got it on Jan. 5th, died two weeks later, yesterday. Not the first. And where were/are the clinical trials to verify efficacy? Uh, yeah, right. Smoke and mirrors with a particular end game agenda, hence the guards around the capital (they say March, but heard that same lie last year with the lockdowns).

    x2 to the other commenters…absolutely on point.

  6. Yeah, I think Bernie’s toast. They could whack Slo Jo and Da Ho and install Bernie, which would really cap the “election” we had.

    All I’d add is a salad. Well, maybe a few pieces of garlic bread, too…..

  7. Rolls with butter and a salad is always good. No matter that you have veggies already. As for Biden and the rest they are wasting no time in trying to destroy the country though Im not sure Biden has much of an idea what he is doing.

  8. The Dr Marc Siegel yellow-badge thing is darkest irony on his part, right? So far as I know, Siegel has been staunchly of the position that Wuhan Flu has been politicized far far beyond its actual lethality, and he is one of the few public medical voices of common sense. Also, the probability that Siegel is not a Jew is about the same as the probability that I will win both the Miss Universe and Mr Olympia contests this year.

    I was told by someone I used to be very close with that “There was no fraud that affected the election. The only fraud was Republican widowers trying to register their dead wives as Democrats, to make it look like there was Democrat fraud. But they were caught.”

    Couple of weeks ago I had the occasion to speak with a Lebanese guy (I know this because he made a big deal about being Lebanese for no reason clear to me; it certainly was not germane to our business) about election fraud.
    LG: There was absolutely no fraud, my friend. If there was we would have heard about it on CNN.
    MC: And you trust CNN.
    LG: Of course, my friend, they are the leading news organization.
    MC: Okay. Do you think CNN has reported accurately about your country?
    LG: [looks down and away] Well …
    MC: Let me ask you another question. Who do you think has done the most harm to Lebanon?
    LG: [looks back up, eyes flashing] Of course that would be …
    MC: Stop! I’m going to cut you off because you don’t need to say it out loud at your place of employment.
    LG: Yes, but …
    MC: I’m doing you a favor, my friend. Now ask yourself who controls CNN?
    LG: […]

    I’m not saying that I’ve drawn any conclusions about who controls CNN, nor about Lebanon and its neighbors. Not saying it. But I could predict with 90%+ confidence what Lebanese Guy’s reaction would be. I was sowing doubt about CNN in his head using the method I figured would be most effective. I want to see vipers and potential vipers fanging each other, but even if that goal is not achieved, I at least want them distrusting each other. Every little act adds up.

  9. Old Vine Zinfandel with the pot roast. Several brands
    (Ravenswood, Gnarly Head) can be had for short money.

  10. Old vine zinfandel to go with the roast. Several very decent brands (Ravenswood, Gnarly Head) can be had for short $$.

    • The generic “California” Ravenswood can be had for short money. (Ravenswood “Zen of Zin” is also pretty good for a cheaper zin.)

      But when you’re getting into Ravenswood Old Hill or Dickerson it’s real money. FWIW I also like their Belloni. In addition to the classic” R’s” (Ridge, Rosenblum; never was a fan of Renwood myself, sorry, boys) I have to put in a plug for Dashe. Good stuff. I actually like their “generic” Dry Creek zin better than the Florence or Todd Ranch single vineyard wines. Have not tried the others. Stopped going to ZAP a couple of years after they moved it out of Ft Mason.

      • Could do a Yorkshire pudding, my grandmother used to make it in a pie tin instead of popover pan…superb with a roast gravy.

        Sidebar: Got some King Arthur 4g protein flour, tried the high altitude popovers this morning…came out perfect. Don’t overmix like a lot of recipes. Will give this flour a try in the bread machine, see if it gives a better rise.

  11. I’d like a tankette with a pair of 0.50cals as well, however, I believe those particular Vickers HMG’s are not chambered for 0.50BMG.

    [Quick Wikicheck] and I was rightm they’re chambered for 12.7x81mm Vickers, not 0.50BMG.
    Good luck finding ammo for them!

  12. SCOTUS ruled that several states had no standing. The Constitution clearly says they do. SCOTUS ruled that the Constitution has no standing in that court.

    Pot roast–My wife uses Cream of Mushroom soup as a base for the gravy. YMMV. She lines the baking pan with a large piece of heavy foil, then closes the foil (folds the edges together) over the whole thing. My favorite cut is a 7-bone roast.

    Side of Pillsbury Grands biscuits and real butter.

    And, Radius Red Blend (scroll down at link)–

    2018 vintage or earlier if you can find it. 2019 needs another year or so in the bottle.

  13. I’m with Camperfixer — Yorkshire Pudding. Be sure to pour the chilled batter into a smoking hot tin and cook long enough so the YPs don’t collapse when out of the oven.

    Then ROAST potatoes and carrots. Cook the roast on a veg trivet (onion, garlic, carrots) and mash up the trivet when you turn it into delicious gravy. And rolls are always great.

    Follow with port and stilton while the vegetarians feast on their salad.

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