No, I’m not obsessed with Canada.  …but

The line dividing Northern and Southern Canada according to Statistics Canada.


Everything that’s free is paid for by somebody who works.



Moving to California was THE DREAM even 10 years ago.

Now it costs five times more to rent a moving truck to leave California as opposed to renting a truck and moving there. In fact, if you push it, you can likely rent the truck free of charge just to drive it there because the demand to leave is so high.

That’s how fast Democrats can destroy a state.

Furthermore I’m tired of our ancestors being compared to today’s migrants. Settling an undeveloped land, and building a civilization is not comparable to moving to a post-industrial nation and signing up for welfare and a free ObamaPhone.



I’ve been following the price of lumber. Do you think that I should sell my house for parts?


Do you need an 8 Shot Magnum?

Here’s the write-up.


I remember when Comedy was funny


Shark Art


MiG 21

Czech Air Force

A lot of people have uncharitable things to say about the MiG 21, but they were rugged and in their sphere of operation, they were effective enough.


Small Self-Defense Contraptions

I have no problem with brass knuckles. In fact, I like them. The modern variants are made of polymer and are also effective. I think that small firearms have their place.

However, when you combine the two and add a wonky little spike?

If you punch somebody with something like this little novelty weapon, would it break all of the fragile working parts?

Manufactured in the United States, inspired by Dolne’s Apache revolver – .32 cap and ball, underhammer percussion lock, brass frame and knuckle duster grip, blued steel rotating blade.


The defeat of Agincourt opened the way for the English conquest of Normandy.

Between 1417 and 1450 the duchy was under direct administration of the English, who planned to install a population of settlers. Resistance to the English was harshly repressed.


  1. 10 years ago, I thought California was a nightmare and didn’t want anything to do with it.

    • In the 1990’s it was still a nice place. Problems but nice. In the 1980’s it was nicer still. But the progression downhill has been constant.

      • I left in the mid 80s with the intention of coming back, California had been home to my family since the gold rush days. It sure looked different when you were seeing it from somewhere else, I decided not to go back.

      • Several different sources. Plastic, so as to not set off metal detectors. Not a primary weapon but will deliver a hurt to lower limbs. Nasty, unexpected surprise for an attacker. Might allow you break free and retreat. Not noticeable. Marketing is geared towards women.

        At my age I no longer set my truck on the jack to change a tire – use the jack. Plus, speed, reflexes, etc. aren’t what they once were. I’m thinking of getting some.

        • Kill them before they can close. If they’re in that close and know what they’re doing they’ll do you fast. And it happens VERY fast. If they’re idiots, then maybe they’ll work?

          • There is a part of me, WSF, who would love to get close to the Antifa thugs and practice wet work simply to exorcise the demons. Release the creature, as they say in the PTSD world. I’m an old man now. Who knew that I’d live THIS long? But all that aside, the key to street punks is to take the war to them directly if it comes to that. Get in close and break things. A tomahawk or a kukri do that well because you can remove limbs and a handgun (I like .45 ACP with the right +P ammo) if they pull iron. It’s always better to have somebody on high ground watching your back. If you’re doing it solo, you need to be very violent to counter their numbers. Billy-the-Kid said that the dumber people are, the more surprised they are when you kill them…

    • People on the dole seem to vote for Democrats, John. They feel that if the donkeys were turned out that the amount of free cheese would decrease. I mean, can you imagine a Los Angeles without hundreds of thousands in homeless encampments, crapping on the street after the donkeys worked so hard to build it?

  2. Not a conquest, more of a Reconquista in the English acquiring Normandy, as they had the territorial claims going back to William the Conqueror. Though Normandy was lost during the Reign of King John, more due to the feckless behavior of Richard the Lionhearted than John, who was much more of an able king than people make him out to be.

    As to the Mig-21, the Israelis have done wonders with theirs. They even have a thriving business taking others and updating them to a 3.5 gen fighter. Nothing wrong with the basic air frame, just take it apart, rebuild it, add a new glass cockpit, new avionics, maybe a new engine…

    • Beans, there is a thriving secondary market for re-done MiG’s of all types. You don’t want them OEM – you need to update and improve. All you need is the pocketbook to buy them, maintain them, insure them, and fill them with fuel. With the MiG 21, there is a feel that you’re sitting in a trough with a glass lid on it. I’ve heard that once re-done the feel is better.

      • You can buy, or used to be able to buy, bog-standard -21s for tens of thousands, and upgrade them for less than the price of a Cessna.

        Like a lot of Russian stuff, it’s designed to survive being handled and maintained by drunken idiots.

        And you are right. Updated they go from nice to friggin nice. Friend of mine lived on a private airstrip community and one guy had one. They really do handle ‘rough’ strips pretty well.

        • They’re not cheap anymore. BUT given what they are and what they can do, they’re not expensive either.

          I’ve often said that if I had a P-51, I’d likely over-fly it and end up as a furrow in corn field somewhere – or an artifact plastered on the side of a mountain. Today, maybe not. Difficult to say.

  3. I seem to remember a small blurb somewhere that the “Joint Session” speech was going to be by invite only. I laughed when I read it.
    That defense weapon looks like it would be dangerous to my health..

  4. SOTU (for half the population anyway): Moronic, Afraid, Unhinged, and Brain-Fogged. The rest of us are none of those.

    The Aware get royally frosted at the Unaware because the aware pay for and fix the problems created by the unaware. Then this from Wiki no less: “the unaware are not informed; lacking knowledge, while aware is vigilant or on one’s guard against danger or difficulty.”

    Pretty much sums it up for our nation.

    • It’s a shame that’s what it comes to, stunning scenery put that way I have yet to see firsthand because…California.

      • One of the neatest dives out there is Eagle Reef off Catalina Island. I used to do that regularly when I had a larger dive boat (Defiant). Buddies and I would sleep on the boat, and then head out about two hours before first light. If the kelp was laying on the bottom, the current was too fast to attempt a dive, but otherwise, it was magical. Truly.

        Sometimes we’d dive Farnsworth – a sea mount. Depending on the tide, it was about 90′ to the top of the sea mount, but you’d always see some big pelagic fish. I had, still have a .44 magnum power stick, which was necessary for the larger fish if you were hunting meat. If you used a harpoon head on the speargun, you were in for a ride, and they’d sound off the seamount. Yes, I’ve used a float system in conjunction with the harpoon so a bag would inflate to take the fish up, but if it’s a big fish like a blue fin tuna, they could out-swim that – but not the .44 mag with hollow points.

        California got crazy about divers having, in effect, a handgun. Morons. Crazy about so many things.

        Ah, memories.

        • You sure you weren’t a SEAL?…got land, sea, air covered in your pursuits.

          One thing I liked about Ford vs Ferrari is how they captured “1960’s Cali”, can’t help look at that and think “They’d never be able to do that today.” I’ve been on a few business trips, never explored. Maybe when Dem run cities implode they’ll be too busy to pay attention with us rural style visitors. Never say never.

          • Sport SCUBA (open circuit) is a very different experience from combat swimming (closed circuit) or mixed gas/SRT diving. I always treated SCUBA as a technical dive, but you can take an O2 hit on a Draeger rig at a relatively shallow depth and you’re dead. I’ve seen it happen. Mixed gas, same thing. You have to be on mixed gas for hours before you get wet to clear the nitrogen out of your system.

            I had a boat that I slipped at a friend’s (wealthy medical doctor) house at Alamitos Bay for years. I used it for diving, as a condo-on-the-water, as a party barge for harbor cruises, and whale/dolphin watching for the kids. It was the MD’s second or third house and he was never there. He called it “the cave”. I’d call him and ask him if he was using the cave for the weekend. If he wasn’t, I had a key.

            At one point I used it as an office when working on the west end of Orange County. The weather in SoCal is almost always nice. I’d drive to the boat with the notebook computer, maybe buy a deli sandwich and a soda and sit there in the harbor and work. Tough life.

  5. Drove strait thru to California every summer 69,70 and 71. 10 days backpacking in the High Sierras . It was magnificent . Venice beach , driving the coast , Muir Woods, almost drowned trying to surf in the freaking ice water. Seemed like Heaven at the time . Went back in 2020 to visit oldest friend, sierras are still beautiful, the rest not so much.
    Oh yeah , keeping the plastic pistol locked in 1 box and the ammo in another. At least I had a club for each hand.

    • Yeah, I am so old that I remember driving to San Francisco and being excited to see San Francisco….


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