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The Diesel Supply – Commentary

Following news that the U.S. diesel supply has sunk below 25 days, Mansfield Energy issued an alert pertaining to shortages in the southeastern region of the country. While no direct reasons were given, the company noted that diesel reserves have been holding at historic lows throughout most of this year.

“Poor pipeline shipping economics and historically low diesel inventories are combining to cause shortages in various markets throughout the Southeast,” the company stated. “These have been occurring sporadically, with areas like Tennessee seeing particularly acute challenges.”

While fuel shortages and energy deficits have become a global issue, Mansfield Energy has signaled that certain American states will be seeing some problems. The northeastern United States has been the zone enduring the lowest diesel stockpiles throughout most of 2022. But some of that pressure will be shifting around and may create problems for people living in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.

The White House has said it plans on keeping an eye on diesel inventories and is doing what it can to boost supplies. However, earlier attempts did not go as hoped and the United States has continued exporting more diesel fuel out of the country than usual. When President Biden urged the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to increase production, he was snubbed. Then again, if he came to my home asking to borrow a cup of sugar, he’d be snubbed and sent packing too.

Unfortunately, reality trumps whatever hypothetical future politicians would like to see. Energy reserves are running out today and are now below a month’s supply where diesel is concerned.

The Saudi Energy minister publicly addressed this after Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia in July, alleging that the White House intentionally tried to manipulate the price of oil by tapping into those reserves.

“People are depleting their emergency stock and using it as a mechanism to manipulate the market when its purpose was to mitigate shortages of supply,” he said. “Losing emergency stocks may be painful in the months to come. Nations shouldn’t use emergency oil reserves to manipulate prices.”

OPEC could have increased production to help lower fuel prices (and increase supplies) globally. But they, like Western oil producers, seem to have realized that there’s a lot of money to be made when people are desperate.



Free and Fair Elections

According to the Biden regime, you should be prepared for “errors” and “glitches” in the upcoming midterm elections. But fret not; according to Jen Easterly, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), these irregularities are “normal” and “not nefarious.”

This should shock you. It only took two years of FJB to go from having the fairest and most secure elections in history to the administration’s warning that we should expect irregularities because they happen all the time.


It’s like a vegan who secretly eats meat…


Bullet Points

* In a 152-5 vote last Friday, the UN’s General Assembly voted to have Israel dispose of its nuclear weapons and place any nuclear sites within its borders under the watchful eye of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The dissenting votes were from the United States, Canada, Israel, Micronesia, and Palau. Twenty-three nations and the European Union abstained. For the historical record, Israel never admitted to having nuclear weapons. There was that horrible boating accident where if they had nuclear weapons, they were lost somewhere in the ocean…

* I am not a big fan of the McRib sandwich at Mcdonald’s. I had been under the impression that the filling between the bread wasn’t meat at all but some sort of mystery substance covered in a sticky red sauce that purported to be BBQ sauce. Based on what I’ve heard recently, there is pork in it, and Mcdonald’s re-releases the sandwich when pork prices are low.

* In case you forgot, November 2, 2022, marks the 75th anniversary of the one and only flight of the Hughes Flying Boat, the so-called ‘Spruce Goose.’


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  1. That Ashley Biden quote emphasizes how sad it is to not have a free press anymore but rather one owned by the ruling cabal.

        • King County, WA. Started as a Republican. They gathered at the Holiday Inn and consumed lukewarm Chicken ala King. The Democrats gathered at a longshoreman bar on Harbor Island. Good times!

          My whole extended family were Republicans going back to the Civil War. The evangelicals dominating the Republican party at the time were as intolerant as the (P)regressives today. We clashed, and they invited me to leave.

          My wife and I were founding members of the Western Washington Chapter of the National Autism organization. My wife worked for three years to get the Education for All bill passed. That got us involved in local politics.

          • I find it challenging to identify as a Republican even though I end up voting that way in absence of alternatives. There have been some Republicans in the past who I knew personally who were so odious that I voted for the Democrat. I did vote for Romney over Obama though. It’s an example of me not identifying with either candidate.

          • I actually like the McRib, when it is reasonably fresh (of course, I also love scrapple), and I vote for Democrats all the time, sometimes even when there is a Republican (or anyone) running against them. Sometimes, the (R) is an even bigger douchebag.

            I know this is Heresy, but it will just have to get in line with all my other Heresies.


  2. Diesel: Why on Earth are we exporting refined petroleum products? For that matter, why do we export any American energy at all?

    A huge factor in the price increase of natural gas and propane is ever-increasing exports of LNG. Next winter it’ll cost an extra $1000 to heat my shop and I’m not very happy about that.

    Spruce Goose: On display at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville OR. Well worth a visit if you can tolerate being that close to Portland.

    • With any luck at all, the next US administration will expand the power grid with nuclear energy backing it up and will fast-track the construction of refineries. The problem with both is that nobody will invest money for a 4 year run with the next deep state shill shutting down the projects, costing billions.

      • I’ve mentioned here previously that I met (by chance while waiting for a Delta flight) the guy who got the contract to cut up the Keystone XL pipeline. He echoed what you, Ed and others here are saying. No one will invest in long-term US energy projects (other than scams to fleece the taxpayer). The cut-up steel went to China for re-processing, to add insult to injury.

        Keystone salvage guy lives about halfway between MSP and Duluth. Sounds like they have a ranch (both beef and hogs IIRC), extensive machine shop, lots of heavy equipment and a perimeter, and a family/clan of avid hunters who excel at killing large mammals at 500+ meters range. We didn’t talk about water supply, but I think they have about a year’s food (in addition to the animals) put away. I wonder how they are set for fuel. If the coming festivities come, that guy is about as well set up as I could plan for.

      • I’m nominating LL for Energy Secretary, the ensuing Lefty exploding heads would make Musk’s Twitter house cleaning look like an HR Feelings Coloring session.

    • Exporting diesel is a direct result of the low sulphur dictate. That is what is required in Europe. Why have those tankers bringing crude to North America leave empty?

      What is the supply of off road diesel?

      • Farm Diesel? I really don’t know where that production stands. With winter coming there will be a smaller demand in the US.

  3. I saw a White House statement that a slowing economy would make diesel more available.
    I think we should ask our good friends the Chinese if they will sell back some of our SPR at a small profit to them. And Biden.

      • Um, ain’t inflation announced to be 8%? So, adjusted for inflation wouldn’t that make it 18% to the Big Guy? Maffs as calculated by the Gubmint is so confusing these days.

  4. I guess if McD’s is your main source of food, the McRib would be a break from the same-old_same-old. The only McD’s near where I live shut down and the building was razed.
    Voting irregularities – in a most amazing coincidence, all the errors will favor the Dems.
    Oil shortages – you can either increase drilling, refining, & pipelines OR you can tell the serfs that a hard winter is approaching.

  5. Diesel is $7/gal. where I live…….and everyone forgets about fuel oil. I just paid $5.70/gal to fill the tank at my house. Ouch!

    • I pre-bought propane last summer. I’ll supplement with wood. Next year, who knows, but I may need to chop and split more wood than I did this year.

    • There is a company here in Michigan that is going national now.
      It’s a thermal heat-pump that takes the heat energy from your well.
      My son is on Heating Oil in Connecticut and it will reduce his costs tremendously.
      But if you are on a boiler, you’ll need to fab an air handler, otherwise it replaces your AC A coils. It also cools in the summer.

  6. Question: Is this video sincere or is it performance art?
    I couldn’t bear to watch it again, but so far as I can tell, he had to work a full 8.5h shift while they were a bit understaffed? THAT’s the trauma? Also, he does NOT have a “full beard and moustache”.
    So what is/was a “hard day” in YOUR experience or worldview?

    • Ok, if he votes, he’ll vote for the democrat candidate. I could see him voting for Fetterman (candidate for the American worker). I would willing to bet that he was raised by a single mom.

  7. I grew up eating at Micky-D’s and A&W…it was a once a week family outing and I can still taste and smell the food. Not so much anymore since the big corps took over and ruined the original recipes and service models. For a while Mick D’s had a burger that came separated, one side had the bottom and the other had the top bun with cold lettuce, tomato’s and onions. You would open the container and make your own, so to speak. It was more like a home-made burger. Good times.

    • The McDLT! I’d forgotten all about that.

      But I do remember when they started with the polystyrene packaging (mid 1970’s), because my friend David’s father told us that archeologists of the future would think they were a religious item, due to their ubiquity and because “They will never degrade. They’ll still be here after we’ve nuked ourselves into a new stone age.” He was an (associate) professor of psychology and had a lot of unusual observations in addition to his obsession with Richard Nixon, who he hated with a passion.

      • Once we’ve nuked the mammals, reptiles, and birds, the cockroaches will rule. That should end global warming.

        • Those styrofoam containers only last about 5 years before they biodegrade to nothing. The old coffee-cup kind made it maybe ten.


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