Just a reminder as we head into colder weather…According to a new study by Consumer Reports, your EV might lose 25%. – 40% of its range during winter. Think of towing a battery trailer to insure that you have the range that you need.


Bullet Points:

* Bury the Witness: Realizing its own misconduct, the FBI made Danchenko a paid CHS in March 2017 – just before the third FISA warrant was submitted in April 2017. This would allow Comey’s FBI to work directly with Danchenko in support of its counter-intelligence investigation against President Trump. Danchenko being a CHS also served another purpose: it protected the Bureau and the Mueller Special Counsel from revealing their “sources and methods.” How do you hide misconduct? Bury the witness.

* Polio – Some say that it’s entering the US through the flood of untested, unvetted illegal aliens. Some say it’s here like magic.

* Re-Naming… It’s something that I disagree with. Of course, as this blog’s readers will understand, there are a great number of things that I disagree with.

* Space Force Standards – Yes, they want lower their standards too. More fat people with severe morality and drug use issues – I get it. When you go to the link, note that the Space Force wears camo uniforms. Really? It’s as bad as the Navy (other than Special Warfare) wearing woodland camo. Has everyone lost their collective minds?

* Pharma gaslit billions of people worldwide into becoming lab rats. Pharma tricked governments all over the world into giving up their sovereignty as nations in exchange for their candy. Pharma paid hospitals to ventilate your grandma to death when she caught covid. Pharma charged obscene amounts of money for a covid pill that doesn’t cure covid. Pharma made sure we weren’t allowed to save literally millions of lives with Ivermectin because they couldn’t make money on it.

* USAF Special Forces recruiting difficulties?  When you factor in the fact that there will be discrimination against white, heterosexual males the billets are even tougher to fill. Recruiting sexual deviates and women into SF is nearly impossible unless you lower the standards. As this blog has pointed out, retention in all Special Forces, once you’ve spent a million dollars training them, is very difficult when you consider the ongoing screening for political correctness and willingness to accept endless vaccinations and boosters that have been shown to be most dangerous to the very physically fit.

* Russian oligarchs are dropping like flies.  Russian energy executive Ivan Pechorin, 39, drowned to his death off the coast of Vladivostok on 10 September, becoming the latest oil and gas businessman to die under mysterious circumstances since January this year. They have the worst luck.

* Why do the woke love to cackle?

Hillary, Camela, and the ladies of the view all have this unholy affinity toward cackling.


  1. The services are having recruiting troubles with all heterosexual males, regardless of race. Not everyone is wokie dokie. BTW what’s the latest on Pride Pox, did it disappear or just on hiatus until the next Pride Bacchanalia?

    • There is a new Monkey Pox Czar on the White House Staff. I have no idea what they’re doing but – “Don’t bum-jug another dude for two weeks to slow the spread” might be an effective slogan.

  2. Space Force standards. I started out wearing white taiored coveralls, then witched to fatigues (non camo perma-press and grease came out when laundering. Hence they were my favorite. Bomb racks and parts of bombs/missiles can be a bit greasy and let’s not talk about when a hydraulic line lets go. Next came BDUs which were supposed to save money. There were also the “chocolate chip” desert uniforms about this time. Then along came the Air Force style camo to make the AF stand out from the other services and then about two or three more versions of camo. Camo of any sort does not work very well on flightlines or in a building. Suggestion, save millions and put all the people on the various uniform boards back on whatever their primary job is supposed to be.

    Re-naming. Agree with you. Even though they were on the “other side” there were a heck of a lot of honorable Confederate soldiers who should be held up as an example.

    Great cartoon re “The View”.

    Polio. It can’t possibly be unvetted immigrants. As they suck up more and more of the available medical care we should collectively just scratch our heads and wonder how that possibly could have happened.

    Standards for the military. Not even going to go there other than to state this has been happening for years and years. All that has happened now is we have just reached a steeper part of the downward spiral.

  3. Wouldn’t woodland camo make it easier to spot man overboard. Maybe they should go with flaming red or brilliant yellow if that’s the case?
    As said on several sites: import third worlders, get third world diseases.
    Cackling – just imitating their favorite heroine.

  4. Tubby three-stars are an inspiration to us all. Sure, it costs at least $1500/kg to reach LEO, but once there, hey presto! Weightless.

    “There is a new Monkey Pox Czar on the White House Staff”
    This is the Deputy MPX czar. (I had to really look to find a site that wouldn’t leave the reader with a questionable browser history. Sheesh. GreekCityTimes appears to actually be for Hellenic people, as opposed to being about a deviant preference on where to stick it. Also, to me at least, this is an example of the problem with undiscriminating idiot ethnocentrism. If I were a Hellene I’d disavow this person rather than waving him around and trumpeting “Look! One of ours!”)


    • They promote them by the pound in the Space Force. You can get one 300 lbs three star for the same price as two 150 lbs three stars.

  5. The problem with effective military personnel is they tend to be patriots. Can’t have that in today’s “woke” world.
    As to standards, I served during the draft era and might not have made the cut just five years ago. Standards were low with many “jail or Army” motivated troops. Amazing, thieves and thugs remained thieves and thugs even in uniform. Add the racial strife spilling over from the civilian world and being in the “peacetime” Army was damn dangerous. Oh well, I never saw combat in Viet Nam.

    My suspicious conspiracy addled brain thinks a military incapable of protect our nation is the end goal of the “elites” and their fellow travelers.

  6. We haven’t seen the full ramifications of Big Pharma’s evil-doing and deal-making with The Swamp Creatures.

    EV’s are stupid beyond running around town, that’s all anyone needs to know. The rest is trying to believe transpo can rely on perpetual motion machine fantasy. Those Fed EV Charging Station funds will go to Dem supporter contractors and grifter officials fishing at the Federal Printing press pier; when nothing gets built out as promised it too will get “swept” out of existence.

    Space Force Camo- I’m shocked they could be so “been done over and over”. C’mon boys, black satin with small white dots in a random pattern would be more fashion forward, and Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn would approve. Juss sayin’. (Now where’d I leave my seam ripper…)

  7. Durham has but one mission and that is to protect the “Institutions”…..the corrupt FBI, the former and current DOJ, the Obama administration, the intelligence orgs and Hillary. Everything he’s done (And refused to do) has been to that end. He indicted a couple of small fish…one FBI lawyer for altering an email and another guy for lying….neither one was jailed. Durham is conducting a whitewash. He’s a member of the swamp, just like Barr.

  8. Perhaps it’s temerity, maybe simply impudence, but I’ve got a great suggestion for a new uniform for the Space Force:
    it’s based upon The Emperor’s New Clothes.

      • Feldgrau would be a much better choice, easier to keep clean, and you wouldn’t need to capitalize.

        An inner-city Space Force officer did come up with a BLACK uniform, double-breasted possibly because she was and it looked a lot like a band uniform. I don’t know whether or not it was accepted by the stars. Maybe would be used by the Space Force marching band, if they formed one?

  9. I think it was in Readers Digest but the story was a little boy went to the base with his mother and was confused with all the camo b d us. In the office they visited . He ask his mom. “ Do they think we can’t see them ?”


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