Weak Command leads to Scandal

Major General Don Hill, US Army, Security Force Assistance Commander, was headed for one of the top slots in the corporation, checking the necessary boxes as he went. Will the West Point Protective Society save him from the current debauch?


The allegations corroborated through investigations include 21 offenses involving alcohol, six drug-use incidents, seven cases of adultery, and six instances of counterproductive leadership, according to a 1st SFAB legal brief chronicling April 2021 through April 2022.

Given how spread out units were in places like Colombia, not every incident may have been reported or properly investigated.

“I would actually say those numbers are conservative,” said one SFAB officer. “The majority of the brigade does the right thing, but you do have a lot of teams that go over there that have some sort of issue.”

When 1st SFAB was founded in 2017, early missions to Afghanistan and Africa were mostly positive. But as the unit shifted to solely focus on Latin America missions, like counter-drug operations, the quality of soldiers selected to join dropped, four advisers said. That’s possibly due to the larger manpower woes across the Army, as well as the slow trickling out of experienced veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. more here at Army Times.


Hunter’s E-Mails

I forgot whether I put this on the blog in the past. So I’m either re-posting or it’s new. The purported Hunter Biden emails that have been the topic of so much discussion can be found here, with a search tool included. https://bidenlaptopemails.com



The Pelosi Crime Family (in brief)

The Hunter Biden model was always the Paul Pelosi jr. model as well including seats on the boards of energy companies in Ukraine and Central Asia. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) took her son Paul jr. to Asia on this last trip including the well-documented stop in Taiwan. Paul Pelosi jr. is on the board of two companies in Taiwan that manufacture lithium batteries. Her office blocked out his name whenever it was mentioned in official press accounts. It was a key reason for her trip — shoring up that personal financial relationship.

When she’s bounced from the Speaker’s job in the mid-terms, her stroke will end and if she doesn’t fill the cracks now, it could cost the Crime Family big-time.


Bullet Points

* A pregnant woman in a swimming pool is technically a submarine…

* The Bee predicts: by 2026, everyone in the US will work for the IRS and they will audit each other. Deadly force will be authorized if a patriot is found to be out of compliance.

* Only a fool believes that electricity used for air conditioning harms the planet but electricity used to charge a Tesla does not.

* Judicial Watch has filed a motion asking the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to unseal as soon as possible the search warrant materials used by the FBI to raid President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

According to media reports, the warrant relates to an alleged dispute over the Presidential Records Act.


More Mask Drama

The following is an excerpt from Reuters.

A group of 23 state attorneys general led by Florida told a federal court on Monday that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lacks the legal authority to impose a nationwide transportation mask mandate to address Covid-19.

The CDC sought “an unprecedented masking mandate regulating every breath of millions of Americans,” said the brief in support of the group that sued to overturn the mask mandate.

The group, which included Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia, urged the appeals court to reject the CDC’s “overreach.”

A group of 17 Republican U.S. lawmakers including Senator Rand Paul and Representative Thomas Massie also filed a brief Monday arguing the CDC lacked the authority to impose masking requirements.

The CDC issued a mask mandate in January 2021 days after President Joe Biden became president after his predecessor Donald Trump had rejected the idea.

In May, the U.S. Justice Department asked the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn a U.S. District Court judge’s April order that declared the government mandate requiring masks on airplanes, buses, trains, ride-share vehicles, and in transit hubs, unlawful.

The Justice Department told the appeals court in May the CDC order issued in January 2021 was “within” the agency’s legal authority.

Hours after the federal judge in Florida declared the mandate unlawful, the Biden administration said it would no longer enforce it. Read more here.


A Want Ad

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton was one of the principal figures in the period known as the “Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration”. This is his help-wanted ad:


  1. Want add: There is no mention of inclusion or properly gendering. It probably would not get any takers today.

    Mask Drama: Hopefully West Virginia vs. EPA is the start of rolling back administrative overreach. Hope so but there is the saying about giving them and inch and they will take a mile. Everything to roll back the growing administrative state will be a court battle that will take years.

    Bullet Points: Of course electricity used to charge Teslas is more environmentally friendly than electricity used for air conditioning. Just like it was okay to participate in the BLM riots last year but any other gathering was a big no no due to the supposed Covid risks.

    I would like to see a cradle to grave analysis of electric cars. Everything I have read has a step that can be described as”magic happens” when you get to disposal costs.

  2. “21 offenses involving alcohol, six drug-use incidents, seven cases of adultery, and six instances of counterproductive leadership”

    At first reading I thought those were all by MG Hill personally. “Someone’s been a busy boy.” But no. In these days when all are diminished, we merely walk in the shadows of the legends of eras past, alas.

      • “too small to sin to the height of their desire”
        What’s your secret with women?
        Lissen, brother, it’s not the meat OR the motion. It’s the 300 grams of cocaine I’ve got. Take some out in a club, and the most amazing long-legged supermodel types will appear out of nowhere and act like they really really like you.

    • The Blum Crime Family buys and sells real estate to the post office and it’s a license to steal. They’ve made about $4 billion during Feinstein’s time in office. She could buy and sell Pelosi several times over.

  3. The Fibbies, along with several DOJ lawyers, were in the house for 12 hours. In June, the feds inspected the storeroom with all the 15 boxes of docs and left satisfied. I think this raid was a pretext to search the entire house for anything they could use against Trump related to Jan. 6th and to search for any docs that incriminate the FBI in the Russia collusion hoax. Planting evidence would be easy and not unexpected, given the recent scandals. Seems to be developing by the hour.

    • The raid was captured by Trump video. At least I think that it was. Did the FBI wipe it? Is there an off-site backup? It was a fishing expedition and I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI manufactured evidence. They do those sorts of things. BATFE does that and plants firearms in the homes of people on probation. I’ve seen that too.

      • Read somewhere the FBI searched Mrs Trump’s closets. Supposed anything she wore to an official function is now the property of the National Archives. I doubt any taxpayer money was spent on her wardrobe. I wonder, under that pretext, what might be found in Michael Obama’s closet?

          • The transition of Mitchel to Michelle has been the subject of endless discussion and speculation. It would be good to put the rumors to rest. And open all of Obama’s sealed school records while you’re at it. They’ll show that he was an international student from Indonesia who received considerable financial aid on that basis.

  4. Thanks for the extensive and thorough briefing.

    I hear, via Fort Hood, that SERIOUS problems are common at Command level. Most especially sexual, rape, incest (with step children) etc.

    How can you command your unit, at any level, when that kind of thing’s going on? Of course the DLC has zero tolerance for such wickedness. The Episcopal Church? Not so much.

      • I can see the scenario where soldiers are sent abroad (Africa and South America) in the “war on drugs” where they have very little if anything to do beyond hanging out, drinking, and chasing skirt. Discipline breaks down along those lines. It’s a small unit with very little oversight and no clear mission…

  5. EV Sign- Liability rules the day.

    It is now confirmed that Pelosi directly lied about PP Jr.’s business dealings with Taiwan and China. Lithium mines? Really.

    Another thought on the Trump Raid that’s “Not-A-Raid” even though it was a raid that’s looking like an illegal raid gotten through more lies to some on the Dem payroll magistrate:

    Is is possible Maximus Donaldus Trumpis set them up to do this? He wasn’t there but his attorney was (who they excluded – gee, last I check search and seizure has rules). Don Jr. told them to go pound sand when they demanded he turn off the security cameras. 9 hours of doing…what exactly?

    “Well now, Merrick, we’ll release this entire footage to the public first, show the world who you people truly are. In fact, watch Tucker next Tuesday for clips of the full 9 hours your men were gathering cocktail napkins and mementos that were given to the President after his departure, and that footage of your goons going through the Former First Lady’s underwear drawer, you cretinous piece of s—.”

    That would be an epic takedown of [Obama’s] Gestapo Squad.

    We have a Pony Express Advertisement Sign, says something similar to Shackleton’s ad. And people readily signed on. Hearty.

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