Fentanyl – it shuts down your respiratory system

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid analgesic that is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent. It is a Schedule II prescription drug.

George Floyd likely died of an overdose, based on information now available. All of the looting and the rioting, while you may call it reparations to black people, and all of the small businesses destroyed, were done so for a meaningless cause.

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock responded to the leak of body camera footage from the death of George Floyd by arguing that “no rational person” can watch it and conclude that Floyd was killed over his race.

“The George Floyd case is not a race crime,” Whitlock wrote in his Tuesday Outkick column with the headline “Leaked Video Exposes George Floyd’s Death As Tragedy And Race Hoax Used To Divide Us” a day after the Daily Mail published the camera footage. “No rational person can watch that footage and conclude the police were motivated by Floyd’s black race.”

Whitlock said that while the footage “does not justify officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes,” it shows “the behavior of the police officers seems appropriate and restrained given Floyd’s level of resistance and bizarre conduct.” He added that it will be “virtually impossible” to convict the three other officers present of any crime and “equally difficult” to convict officer Chauvin of murder.

The journalist pointed out that the video shows Floyd appearing to be “panicked, disoriented, desperate and totally non-compliant” and that “he complains that he can’t breathe while standing on two feet.”

Whitlock, who is black, then tied the coverage of the newly leaked footage to the sports world and Black Lives Matter as a whole, wondering if prominent sports figures and league officials will talk about the video as extensively as they talked about Floyd’s death.


Can you Identify this Aircraft?

Claim to fame: It was the last allied aircraft to engage in combat in WW2.

(answer at the bottom of this blog)


Deputy Sheriff & Police Bike Gangs (link)

Lynwood Station Vikings

(From the article linked above) The Banditos, the 3000 Boys, the Regulators and the Lynwood Vikings are only a few of the estimated 17 law enforcement gangs that operate in jails and sheriff’s stations across Los Angeles County. Members often have matching tattoos connecting them to the secret groups entrenched at all levels of the department.

I don’t suggest that every deputy who played softball on the Lynwood Station Vikings team was part of something sinister. Quite to the contrary. However, based on discussions that I’ve had, something that started innocently, gradually became something else.

I first ran into the Wild Pigs Motorcycle Gang in Riverside CA (about 1993). I was undercover in the Hessians Motorcycle Gang and the fact that members of the Riverside (CA) Police Department had an outlaw motorcycle club/gang that police officers participated in off-duty, surprised me.  At the time, the Los Angeles Police Department also had a chapter with twenty or thirty officers.

East LA (ELA) Banditos Tattoo

There is a big difference between working undercover in a criminal enterprise and having police officers who admire the gangs, emulating them. I found it strange at the time that some of the Deputy Sheriffs who worked outlaw motorcycle gangs out of the STARS Center (11515 Colima Rd., Whittier, CA 90604) seemed to enjoy behaving like them. Yes, I know that a lot of narcotics officers seem to enjoy behaving like narcos too, but these morons formalized it.

I’ve ridden motorcycles since before I could do so legally. And going on a ride with friends is something that literally millions of people enjoy. But that’s not what is apparently happening now.

Fast forward from 1992-3 and my experience then and now, that the practice has been formalized in those circles, and from what I’ve read, embedded.


Green New Deal 

It works if you’re a liberal scold without much gray matter between the ears to reason things out.


The Indian Veep/Prez – in waiting…





Answer: The B-32 Dominator, the upsized B-24 Libertator, and the backup to the B-29 in case that bomber was a failure.


  1. I thought that was a Dominator, until you said it was the last aircraft to engage in combat in WW2. I never knew the Dominator actually flew in combat, and you then had me thinking it must be some weird mark of Privateer.

    That’s a fascinating story about the B-32 photo-recon missions, now that I’ve looked it up.

  2. I thought B-32 after first considering the Navy’s PB4Y Privateer (navalized B-24), but taller vertical stabilizer and somewhat sleeker nose didn’t fit. I didn’t know the B-32 actually saw combat, though.

  3. A lot of interesting stuff.
    Disappointing about police gangs…
    I thought B 30-something, haha.

    As for the Floyd thing, there is no good way out for anyone. There will be more rioting no matter.

  4. The B-24 and derivatives don’t receive the credit they deserve, IMO. Taking nothing away from the B-29, it’s ability to carry atomic bombs, especially the Fat Boy, was such a concern British Lancasters were part of the planning as were the B-32s.

    The radial engines were a weakness with questionable reliability. A friend’s father was a mechanic on Iwo Jima trying to keep them running. He has some colorful comments on the subject.

    • The B-29’s were incredibly complicated for their time. I can’t imagine flying one. But they did the job and the B-32’s weren’t needed.

  5. ONLY reason I knew about the B-32 was the oddball turret. They have one at Air and Space. It’s a Sperry, but with much better viewing angles, and a lot more glass for the gunner to see out of. It was supposed to be run from inside the airplane remotely, but never worked correctly.

  6. Regarding poor George the Self-Slabber, we knew within 24 hours that he had gacked himself on Fentanyl, Meth, weed, booze, all on a bad heart from years of drugs and bad living. Yet here we are. Even with the recent ‘unauthorized release’ of bodycam footage (which should have been released within 4 hours of being reviewed, as it backed up everything the cops said, and shot down everything BLM and rioters and politicians and prosecutors said) people, even those that SHOULD KNOW BETTER (looking at you, several supposedly intelligent bloggers out there,) haven’t changed their minds about the KILLER COP USING A DEADLY KNEE AGAINST THE NECK move.

    Funny, watched an ‘Adam-12’ episode last night, and Officer Jim Reed chased down and captured a child molester (multi-times convicted, released early every time – seriously, it was in the script!) and handcuffed him while using a knee just like was used to ‘murder’ poor George.

    So sick of this all.

    Why is it wrong to arrest black felons for multiple felonies when they areout on probation for multiple felonies, and especially wrong if said black felon dies from HIS OWN ACTIONS, yet it’s okay for 4 blacks to murder a teenage white girl, or a black male to murder a 5yoa white boy, or, or, or, or…

    My dad and mom raised me to, as Martin Luther King said, judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin (or their sex, religion, whatever.) Why am I wrong and these racist scum (that feel that black lives are more important than white lives) are right?

    And when are they going to drop the charges against the cops? Do they want a repeat of Baltimore?

    • I don’t see any evidence that the cops involved were very good cops, but OTOH, I have zero sympathy for Floyd. He had plenty of chances to make better choices, and to co-operate with the cops, just like I have to if I want to maximize my survival chances during an arrest. Or a traffic stop, for that matter.


  7. Regarding the Green New Deal, if environmentalists were so really interested in the environment, the nation, nay, the world would be run by nuclear power plants.

    I’m not talking about ones built with 1950’s and 1960’s tech. I’m talking about the new breed of super plants, like pebble-bed reactors, and the latest ones that keep appearing as ‘a solution’ but because nuclear aren’t ever allowed to actually exist. Gee, in the 60’s, Westinghouse advertised a portable ‘decay’ generator that was about the size of a V-8 that could power 4 or more houses for 20 years before needing being replaced. And micro-units have only gotten more powerful, safer, reliable since. But we’re not allowed by our betters to use them because ‘China Syndrome’ (thanks, Hanoi Jane) or Chernobyl (see comment about 1950’s tech.)

    Or even modern coal, gas, oil generators, that are far more environmentally friendly than solar, wind, unicorn fart power.

    • Ive pointed that out to lefties but they just shake their heads in disgust, preferring to have solar cells that only work when the sun shines (and there is no snow or dust on the pannels).

      • Solar and wind are great, if that’s all you can get. Great in remote areas with the knowledge that one is always on the edge of failure from either batteries or the collectors or random stuff like rodents eating the wires. It’s better, in some applications, with limits.

        It does not scale up industrially very well at all.

  8. Re. Nuclear power:
    I remember back in the day when the head honcho of the Sierra Club advocated for nuclear power plants.
    His reasoning was that hydroelectric plants required dams on rivers, coal fired plants strip mined areas and polluted the air, oil fired plants meant offshore drilling oil spills, natural gas was a byproduct of oil wells.
    Nuclear power plants, on the other hand, had little ecological impact and were usually located very near large cities, so if they did fail a China Syndrome scenario just killed a lot of city folks that Mother Gia needed to get rid of anyway.
    I found his logic to be unassailable.

    • It’s hard not to be a proponent of nuclear power, as long as you don’t go all 1940’s graphite block controlled pile. You know, like some certain Russian design.

      The Japanese plant should have been safe except in a once-in-a-thousand-year catastrophe. Which happened. Oops.

      • The new plants that fit comfortably inside of a sea container and can power 100,000 homes, or a similar industrial requirement are safe, small, and don’t need an ocean to cool them. Rolls Royce makes them as do other manufacturers.

      • Meh. The Fukushima “disaster” killed fewer people than an equivalent amount of power generated from a coal plant would have killed in a year, every year.

        Probably released less radioactivity than equivalent coal, too.

        Eve Chernobyl didn’t really kill too many people compared to coal and if the Russians can’t make an industrial accident into a real disaster, nobody can.

        Unfortunately, Marxists have made certain that nobody under 40 can do math.

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