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Space Suits 

They’re not just for space anymore – Zombies…again, rabid rats, murderer hornets, locusts, riots and the Chinese Plague.


Tales of the Old West

Things were never quite the way that the movies and popular literature portrayed them. Frank M. Canton (born Josiah Horner) carried a double barrel twenty-gauge shotgun in a holster as a side arm.

Frank Canton’s sidearm

His shotgun was manufactured by Parkhurst and he carried it in Johnson County, Wyoming War.

Canton/Horner (September 15, 1849 – September 27, 1927), had a career as a deputy U.S. marshal under an assumed name. Although an ex-sheriff ‘stock detective’ in Wyoming, Canton and his associates were accused of operating more by assassination than the law. Extra judicial measures such as the lynching of Ellen Watson inflamed public opinion against the long established big ranchers Canton worked for, and to re-establish control over grazing they funded an all out assault on those small operators considered to be rustlers. Canton directed Frank Wolcott‘s imported gunmen in their planned vigilante campaign, known as the Johnson County War, which was quickly ended by a local posse. Finding himself a marked man in Wyoming, Canton considered it opportune to leave the state. He spent most of the rest of his working life in law enforcement for the court of hanging judge Isaac Parker.


Lemat 1856 patent carbine

Lemat  Patent Carbine

Manufactured c.1870-80′s from the patent drawings of Jean Alexandre F. Lemat – 11mm73 9-round cylinder, 20 gauge smoothbore shotgun barrel serving as the cylinder axis, single action. One of the last variants of the Lemat revolver of Confederate States vintage.

As with Lemat’s handguns (ahead of their time), the distribution of his firearms generally went to Southern officers with the means to buy them. They might have won the West (or maybe not) if there had been more of them available.


The Chinese Plague – Redefining Progressives



A 1977 $1,000,000 treasury bond with 7.625% interest featuring Teddy Roosevelt.


Good things

Come in small packages


Slums in Rio

It may explain why they’re having issues with the Chinese Plague


  1. “This business will get out of hand.”

    A man (black, green, white…doesn’t matter) is killed (accidentally, on purpose, negligence…doesn’t matter) by a cop and the place erupts. Hair-trigger. Major cities/urban centers. Says everything about “rats in a cage.”

    From Daniel Greenfield: “After locking down the country didn’t work, the Democrats decided to set it on fire instead.”

    As suspected, that’s their play…and they don’t care who gets run over in the process. The ends justifies the means – at all cost. Special place in Hell for the subversives. It’s about November, and it will get worse.

    Got a text late Saturday…five drug-dealing thugs from Denver being pursued by Wyoming HP jumped ship just north and fled into the surrounding landscape…at large for most of the night (2 still at last report, probably got a ride south). First time in 20 years I pulled the vehicle keys and locked the place down…high-yellow alert most of the night. Was wary when opening the barn in the morning to feed.

    I’d rather not, but may need to employ some of that old West “attitude”…may have no choice if this crap shows up on my property.

    • You have to protect your property.

      My head is always on ‘yellow alert’. I’d rather keep the keys in the ignition and the doors unlocked but it doesn’t work for me that way. And I always stand-to at about an hour and a half before sunrise, because if somebody is going to hit the place, that’s when they’re likely to do it. It’s simply been the price of living for me for so many years that I can’t count them. Not paranoia, just lifestyle.

      Yes, the Democrats will use any excuse to lock the place down. Even the elephants have bought in. In Arizona, there is a statewide curfew. There are no police within a two hour drive from where I live, so it doesn’t matter. And if people get frosty with this old man, it will get sticky.

      Stay tough, stay prepared, and live well.

      • Me neither…not paranoid, but lifestyle dictates certain things. Maintaining awareness is critical…sleeping with one ear open and know what sounds or vehicles are “new”, and the early AM coffee while checking the view is necessary. As the Sheriff told me moons ago, “Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up.”

        “Stay tough, stay prepared, and live well.”

        I’m pasting that on my forehead. Maybe should be VM T-Shirts and window decals, I’d buy a dozen straight away.

        “Good Things Come in Small Packages” – defining “good” in my current mindset is my wife’s Lady Smith.

        • As the Sheriff told me moons ago, “Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up.”

          If you don’t own a back hoe, make friends with somebody who does.

    • Huh….I missed that one. I usually have a scanner running, and I have the CO and WY State Police/Highway Patrol, and several Sheriff’s Departments programmed into it. Fort Collins went encrypted several years ago by a one-term Chief of Police, and has never turned the encryption off.

      Looks like it’s time to recheck my channel listings and update them.

      When things got “hot” back in SoCal, I had to have four scanners monitoring the different systems or I’d miss a lot of things. Out here the radio traffic is much less “dense”, and so far one scanner has been enough…..

      • Our neighbors got word through friends who have ties into Wyo HP, texting kept everyone apprised.

        We’ve had people “clearly lost and not from around here”, some unable to speak English, at weird hours hit us up for directions at the mailbox stanchion down the road. Usually harmless if you stay aware. One guy drove up to the house in a beat up Nissan with Denver plates, startled my wife and she pulled her weapon (I was away, she had her headphones in and was up a ladder). The guy couldn’t even pronounce Laramie. Luckily he backed away. Doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s better than strong coffee.

        • To get to the White Wolf Mine, you’d turn off a two-lane state highway onto an unmarked dirt road. Then you come to an electronic gate with a key pad. Then you have to go down two more dirt roads and find the mine.

          If somebody wheels into the yard without a phone call or by prior arrangement, I consider them to be hostile. You couldn’t arrive asking for directions. It doesn’t mean that I’d plant them in the Ponderosas, but with the exception of the FedEx guy or the UPS Driver —- hostiles.

  2. That last photo could be a puzzle.
    There were protests here; but thank God they were peaceful.
    Always an interesting read, LL.
    May God watch over us all.

    • It is definitely a puzzle – both in reality and in the metaphorical sense.

      I have no problem with peaceful protest. But over an involuntary manslaughter – people just need a place to vent about the plague, about unemployment, about having their wife leave them mid-plague, whatever. But burning down the neighborhood isn’t the answer.

    • At one point, he surrendered himself to Texas authorities where he was sought under his birth name for robbery, etc. They wrote it off because he was an eminent lawman and mended his ways and misspent youth.

      • A very well researched book on the JCW is “The Wyoming Range War”…if the Cattle barons of that time can do what they did from Cheyenne to effectively kill the little guy and walk away wealthy and still in their exclusive club, imagine how good the cretins among us have gotten since then.

  3. That’s one of the nice slums – it isn’t on fire, or being crushed by armored vehicles!


  4. The Johnson County War is the best known, but far from the only one. Father’s side, many ancestors floated in and out of Browns Park (NW Colo). I’m currently reading “Nighthawk Rising”, a biography of Queen Ann Bassett, by Dianna Allen Kouris, who had a ranch in Browns Park.

    Around age 14-16, my father delivered mail, in winter, by horseback in Browns Park. Various ranchers, including the Bassetts, would feed him and give him a place to sleep. It was a trip that took him a week. Summers, two days using a Model T.

    • One of the last range wars as best I can determine, took place off the Mogollon Rim near present day Young, AZ. I’ve been to Young several times. A friend lived there. Again, people are friendly unless you think to lay hands on them. Then not. Same attitude as that which existed during the range wars.

    • Yes, it’s a very well written and comprehensive (to the extent that you can put on a blog) account.

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