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She has that look that tells you that she’s full of the best kind of bad. A confident woman with a little smirk in her smile. -LL



Worth 1000 words


What would it take?

Mascot of the Arizona Democrat Party

I was asked, “are you a Republican”?

No, not really.

What would it take for you to vote Democrat?

  • Reverse the position on the murder of newly born children and babies in utero. Reveling in the blood of children is a thinly disguised political money laundering scheme that the Democrats have embraced.
  • Support the BILL OF RIGHTS – all of it.
  • Release the media to at least attempt to be honest, rather than a strident political operation.
  • Renounce globalism in favor of an America first position.
  • Support secure borders.
  • Become the Party of the Little Man.
  • Abjure communism and collectivism in all its forms.
  • Stop embracing the grievance culture an engine of political change. It only emboldens the lunatic fringe and creates stress and tension.
  • The “Green New Deal” is a scam. You need to stay away from scams and those who promote them.
  • AOC, the squad and the Congressional freak show that is the “New Democrat Party” need to be sorted out or booted from the party. They can form a Communist Party or a Muslim Party or a Grievance Party if they wish.

That would be a start. The list is longer. And I have a list for the Republicans too. Of course, all of the things that I don’t like about the Democrat Party are their core platform points.

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.” – Mencken

The Democrat Party would have to convince me that this is not what they’re up to – and it would take some convincing:

The Democrat Party Plan


Space Aliens or Rays?

Our own planet is more exotic than most science fiction writers’ imaginations.


What do you have against Black Helicopters?

Black Helicopters Matter

17 thoughts on “Observations

  1. Long and lean and making me wish I was 30 again.
    Reagan once said the donkeys left him years ago. Apparently they’ve left the planet completely. The better half was a lifelong democrat who’s father knew Truman. I can’t remember the last one she voted for. Are there still rational ones out there? Perhaps, but I don’t see them.
    Mencken knew what he was talking about.

    1. The Democrat types who are running for office all seem to be lunatics.

  2. I think that the Democrats need a new totem; most donkeys are smarter the most of the people who vote for Democrats. Offhand, I can’t think of an animal as dumb as those people.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

    1. Donkeys are useful and are great mounts. They’re smarter than horses. The history of the donkeys shows that they were better mounts for long campaigning in the Old West than horses were. Tougher, stronger, and there when you needed them. They have been unfairly maligned in their use as Democrat totems.

  3. To me, she has the look that tells me she’s looking at someone behind me.

    What it takes for me to vote for a Democrat is pretty simple – all the Republicans have to do is run someone even worse. I really hate both parties, and indeed, think that parties should no longer be allowed. For me voting always seems to come down to picking whoever seems to be the least worst.


    1. As seen elsewhere – it’s too bad the Dems & Reps don’t merge, allowing the rise of a new party for sane people.

      1. Frank, what we may see, is the rise of a far left party and a centrist Dem/RINO Party and then a Republican Party with Constitutional values. I don’t know what that might look like, but the radicals run the Donkey world at the moment.

        1. Be interesting to see the homecoming of Dems that LBJ drove out of the party – if they are allowed back in with the centrist Dems.

          1. I think that happened when President Trump was elected. And I expect that he will win by an even larger margin against corrupt, creepy, senile, old Slow Joe.

    2. Political parties are a mechanism of control and fundraising. There’s no benefit to the public.

      She reminded me of an old girlfriend.

  4. Back in the day, my place was covered with big bushy ferns. So I hear this chopper hovering about 100 agl, and see a guy with binos peering down at the ferns. Bright yellow bird, not a marking on it.
    I was tempted to run into the shop and come out with a big black cardboard mailing tube on my shoulder, but sanity prevailed.

    1. The big black cardboard mailing tube would have provoked a reaction – likely a loosened sphincter. But the revenge would have been significant.

  5. With gams like that I might be tempted to vote democrap, but then I come to my senses and realize she looks too high maintenance so I will remain an Independent.

  6. Todays Republican acts like a sixties democrat.
    Todays democrat acts like the head of any third world communist shithole.

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