A Day at the Range

You just take your rifle, put on your Crye Precision camo and off you go!

Yes, I’m an American – weapons are part of my religion. I tried to explain that to the Canadians, who encourage Sikhs to carry knives, and they didn’t look at it the same way that I did. Why is that? Do I have to become a Sikh to carry an “appropriate” fighting knife in Canada? I had to call friends in CSIS and have THEM explain it to the customs pukes, and they grudgingly let me pass. I know that Canadians are allergic to firearms but it’s discrimination to let Sikhs carry knives and to deny the same right to Americans, exercising their faith.


Some people are anti-Tripod

I look at it another way. I think that you need to have enough goodies to pick and chose depending on the thing that you plan to do. Flexibility in load-out is smart. Sometimes off-hand, sometimes bipod, sometimes tripod, and so forth.



A Politician

You can just hear the steam calliope in the background when they speak, can’t you?


Chupacabra (at the least the Puerto Rican version) is described as reptilian in appearance, with scaly or leathery skin, black or glowing red eyes, mostly bipedal, with a row of quills on its back Related sightings mention feathers or wings.

It looks like it belongs in Congress.

It’s not a naked coyote we have on our hands open your eyes people.


Institutional Racism


Motor Machineguns – 1918, The Western Front

I’d buy a sidecar for the Ducati (not really) if I could put an operating machinegun in it legally. Ok, maybe I would defile the Ducati.


Naval Aviation


A Real Vacation Home


A Hussar

5th Hussar Regiment, Régiment de Hussards de Lauzun

The last regiment founded by the French monarchy and one of the most distinguished French units of the American Revolutionary War. Serving at Gloucester and Yorktown, its primarily German-Polish-Irish membership attracted deserters from both British and Hessian forces and would remain a well-known unit until being sent back to France in 1783. During the French Revolution, the unit completely fell apart and was reorganized in 1793 as the 6th Hussars.

I’ve always been obsessed by horse cavalry. I’m not sure why, but it may have something to do with having horses when I was a boy, living in the country. There was no quatrain to practice on. I didn’t know what one was. I didn’t have a saber to lop melons in half with. But I made do with javelins and lances, such as they were. I tried archery from horseback but it didn’t work. Horse archers had specialized bows. Such is the life of a boy. I think that such activities are discouraged in this progressive age. I worked up to an 85 lbs Kodiak recurve. If I’d had a yew bow, I would have used that but there is not substitute for yew in the desert southwest.

A Cavalryman by Alphonse-Marie-Adolphe de Neuville


  1. I used to live in Lincoln County back in the late 80s and early 90s.
    Beautiful place.
    Lots of old hippies and retired Californians who had sold their homes they bought in the Bay Area for $400,000 that they had paid $20,000 for in the 60s.
    They were able to build their dream homes overlooking the ocean and still have enough money left over to buy a motor home or other RV.
    There was homosexual population that was not obvious unless you were my SIL who inadvertently went to a gay bar and could not figure out why she did’t get hit on. Aids pretty much wiped out that community in about five years.
    Once again, beautiful place: Great elk and deer hunting. Mushrooms, oysters, crab, albacore fresh off of the boat. Beaches forever. Tens of thousands of acres of public forest land. Raging winter storms followed by bright sunny days.
    Pretty much shall issue for CCW. Better knife laws than Cali.
    I miss it, but Oregon under governor Brown, who is the sister of Jerry “Moon Beam”
    Brown is rapidly spinning down the toilet.

    • I looked at the Applegate Valley and Josephine County, Oregon to settle in. I love the area. But Oregon wasn’t headed in a good direction, so wrote that off.

  2. Fort Riley has a mounted color guard. I don’t know of another unit in the US Army that still has horses.

  3. Ft. Sill has the Half-Section: a unit that performs in demonstrations towing a French 75 with six horses in WWI livery.
    They travel the US to parades, etc. Good duty.
    I was accepted into the unit back in the early 70s but my unit refused to release me because my MOS (95B) was considered to be a critical MOS.

  4. Also the Marines run a program to train troops to pack mules and donkeys in California.
    Their training has been used in the mountains of Afghanistan.

    • They run their program out of the Naval facility at Warner hot springs (same place as SERE school). The Army/CIA program is at Cody, WY. I don’t know why they have two separate programs, but they do.

  5. I have ridden a McClellan.
    The term “Hard Ass” and the nickname of “Iron Ass” I see as respectful and knowing.

    See Doug Stanton’s book “12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers.
    We airlifted in McClellan saddles, from Army storage, to SPECOPs team during the early part of the Afghanistan invasion. Hell of a story.

  6. Fort Polk has some wild horses, last I knew. They keep trying to get rid of them and the community complains whenever they bring it up.

    You just need a way to hide your machine gun, then pop it out when you need it. Perhaps a false side or bottom in your side car…

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