Obama fails again

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Some call Obama clueless. Others think that he’s simply obtuse. And it’s tough to know whether it’s an act or if he can really possibly be as stupid as he pretends to be.

He tried to calm the stock market today and failed miserably because he made it clear that he’s completely out of ideas on how to build the economy, grow jobs and get us out of the morass that he and the Democratic Congress planted us in. After his remarks the market fell an additional 5.5% (to 6.9%).
He played the class-envy card suggesting that heavier taxes on the sector that creates jobs would spur more job growth. That certainly inspired the stock market. He wants to spend more on roads in his third “summer of recovery” but we lost 330,000 jobs last year between June and September when his ‘recovery’ program was in full swing. The shovel-ready jobs never appeared. Obama also wants to extend unemployment benefits from two to three years. Now there’s a plan to spur people to find work. Many people find that they make more on unemployment than they’d make working. Does anyone think it would spur the economy to keep the unemployment payments flowing for a third year? He also wants to extend the temporary payroll tax cut that didn’t do anything to improve the economy. That’s it – and it’s why the markets continued to tank.
Yes there are culprits – the evil fifth column, called The Tea Party – those radical people who demand that the government not borrow more than it can afford to repay.  If it wasn’t so absurd, I’d think that it was a Saturday Night Live skit.

14 thoughts on “Obama fails again

  1. It's almost time to think beyond Obama. His party is about to shit-can him and give him a primary challenge. Has that happened since Teddy Kennedy challenged Carter?

  2. Frankly, I think he's just plain stupid.

    A person incapable of learning from the bad results of his/her mistakes must be of low intelligence.

  3. Chickenlittle – It will be interesting to see who they run. Hillary doesn't seem to want the job.

    LA – I agree with you.

  4. No doubt Obama has some serious dirt on the Clintons. Besides, they can probably both earn more outside government than within at this point.

    Also, I strongly suspect that DNC internal polls reflect massive damage to brand Democrat as a result of the policies and agenda of the Dope in Chief. If I'm right, she'd be better off waiting for another election cycle so she can disassociate herself from the wasteland that may well be the Democrat Party come November 7, 2012.

  5. I'm with you, Trestin. Sometimes I think that he's simply a useful dupe. At other times I think that he's part of the process. However he may be such a pathological narcissist (as Old NFO says) that you couldn't really have him calling the shots.

    They need to keep him off the TV and away from the teleprompter. And it goes double for poor old demented Joe (Slow Joe) Biden.

    Does anyone know who the Democrats will run against him in the upcoming Democratic Primary? Any theories?

  6. He's playing the blame game and hoping enough people will believe him. Just like a damn kid. No, a kid is much better than he is!

  7. George W Bush could say, "Good morning," and the main-stream-media would doubt it, quote people who were not having a good morning, and paint him as an idiot.

    Barack H Obama could say, "We need a balanced approach, in which we try more of the same that has never worked and is not enough, and merely pretend to do what the other side wants," and they will hear what they want, describe him as above the fray, and clean…and articulate…

  8. Race, VP Joe Biden remarked (CNN) "you got the first mainstream African- American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy." Clean? [define clean] Articulate? Yes, when he's reading from a teleprompter he stays on message. Clearly Joe Biden was impressed that a 'man of color' could have all of those qualities and so was the mainstream media.

    Fuzzy's Dad, I think Soros is AMONG those pulling the strings. Don't leave out General Electric (owner of MSNBC – pays no taxes – richer than Croesis) and others.

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