Bullet Points:

* Every recent movie on Netflix shares the same characteristics: The white man is the villain; the black man is the hero; the gay guy is the voice of reason; the woman has the balls; Dad is an idiot; Mom is the breadwinner; Children are sexualized. It is social engineering, not entertainment. The same is true of TV commercials. If they’re woke, I will NEVER buy their crap ever.

* Is your purpose in life to ride shotgun picking all the wrong songs and giving bad driving directions? “Turn here! Oh, I guess not…”

* “An unarmed man can only flee from evil. And evil is not overcome by fleeing from it.” – the late LTC Jeff Cooper (at Gunsight, which isn’t that far from the White Wolf Mine)

* FBI Special Agent Facing Indecency Charges…He was assigned to the New Orleans FBI field office before his arrest. He was appointed to head up a regional division of the FBI that investigates online crimes against children, including child pornography. It’s an old case that involves conduct – that he investigates. The federal court could grab the case from the State and just dismiss his charges. That’s the pattern.

* Buying from the Norks – the latest word from the Russian Front is that they have been firing Grad rockets and artillery shells that were made in North Korea. Some of them date back to the Korean War.

We know that the ammunition stocks that the Russians fire is also old. Markings on dud artillery shells, recovered by the Ukrainian Army show that the Russians had been firing ammunition left over from the Great Patriotic War (WW2). Overhead analysis of shell craters from Russian artillery suggests that somewhere on the order of 70% are duds. Some cook-off in the barrels when fired. Others are short-falls and drop onto friendly troops. Many of the rounds that fly successfully have fusing problems and detonate on impact instead of overhead.

Artillery tube life is rated for 1,125 full-charge shots. Most Russian artillery tubes are over 5,000 shots without having the barrels replaced. This means that they are very inaccurate. Ukrainians report that captured artillery is useless.

Grad rockets have similar problems because the solid propellant doesn’t age well. Cracks and cavities form and it results in misfires.

Russia has the capacity to manufacture new cannon barrels and shells, but doing so would mean shutting down civilian manufacturing and re-tooling which could only be accomplished by general mobilization. Given the personnel problems that the Russians have and the problems feeding troops in the field, there is a reluctance to put the nation on a full war footing. Should that happen, almost all production to the military and it would mean that many civilians would starve during the winter.




Was Mitt much better than Barack? At the time I thought that maybe he would be. Today, I realize that he was just a white Barack. A Mormon (now viewed as a traitor by his people) rather than a lazy, atheist-leaning, sexually ambiguous, mixed race, Muslim (viewed as a hero among his people).


The Memes Write Themselves


  1. It’s not just Netflix, every form of information is structured around the first bullet point and it annoys the hell out of me!

        • I don’t worry about my children, they’re smart and they have good filters for good vs evil. I worry more about my grandchildren.

        • For the early years of their life we did not have a TV set in the house, which eliminated brainwashing of our kids.
          I know not having one is not considered THE AMERICAN WAY, but it worked for us.

  2. May have mentioned this on an earlier post – the old Sonny & Cher show had a segment where Sonny, with a doofus expression/grin, would say some doofus thing and then Cher would would slam him with a put down. Even back then you could see the idea being promoted that men are idiots and need women around to keep them in line.

  3. LTC Jeff Cooper. One of my favorite quotes–

    “Individually, we do not bear arms because we are afraid. We bear arms
    as a declaration of capacity. An armed man can cope – either in the city
    or in the wilderness – and because he is armed, he is not afraid.

    The hoplophobe fears and, yes, hates us, because we are not afraid. We
    are overwhelmingly “other” than he, and in a way that emphasizes his

    For the one or two readers here unfamiliar, more on Jeff Cooper here–
    (Go to the home page for much more useful info)


    I recall reading that at Gunsite, one day Cooper placed a target a bit off a turn in the road running down the range. He took to riding and ATV down the road and taking shots at the target with his pistol as he went by. One night someone went out and placed a grave marker there with the following inscription:

    Here lie the bones of Uncle Vern
    Hit the gong, but missed the turn

      • MrsMstar, and I knew Col. Cooper very well. My favorite story is the time at the annual Reunion (it’s still going on) the Colonel brought out the then new .376 Steyr “Dragoon” for the assembled to shoot. There were many comments about the ferocious recoil from the men, enough so that the Colonel became a bit miffed.

        He bellowed, as only a Colonel of Marines can, “Where’s MrsMstar” meaning he wanted her to come and shoot the rifle. She did, all 4′ 9″ and 100 pounds of her. Rang a popper at 100 yards and smiled at the assembled men after allowing it was a “nice” rifle.

        Needless to say, there were no more complaints about recoil that afternoon.

        He and Mrs. Cooper, the “Countess” and a true lady of the old school, are sorely missed, but enough of us remain to carry on the traditions.

        BTW, MrsMstar has also shot “Baby” (460 G&A) with similar results. Something about arrows and Indians comes to mind.

  4. The media et al is a slow drip to push mores in the direction they want, which is as you outline. Started with easy divorce that puts men living in their pickup and visiting their children by men-hating judges and loy-yers. Can’t have men being societies sheepdogs now, can we? Like you, any business who does this is off my list. After 20+ years, moved from Verizon to Puretalk…besides saving $80 a month, I won’t willingly support Lefty morons.

    I’ll toss in a C-note for the new reality show. Yer onto something. Could be a whole series; LGBTQXYZ in Iran, Prison reform activists in Turkey, Vegan’s on a Wyoming ranch or Iowa farm, Soro’s backed DA’s and Judges in Uzbekistan, EV owners in…California (Oh wait, that one’s been done).

    If anything Sheridan can write a good line…the adaptation is past due.

    Shotgun rider gets the gates which is why I always drive. If three across, the smart cowboy is the middle one…doesn’t have to drive or get the gate, he can take a nap.

    • The lists of where to send the woke are nearly endless and write themselves. One scenario that comes to mind was Otto Warmbier (December 12, 1994 – June 19, 2017) and his woke (stupid) lefty parents that thought sending him to Norkland would be a wonderful cultural experience. Otto ended up with rather more of North Korea than he expected.

      There are a lot of shitholes in the world with people to match the places. The woke deserve vacations there. Women’s rights activists wearing vagina costumes would be welcomed in Iran right about now.

      • Wasn’t there a gal or two who went cross-country in the Middle East to prove that the men there weren’t as bad as the PR they were getting.
        As I remember, the results were an upgrade in the gene pool.

  5. About 20 years ago, a couple local shooters were going down to the high power rifle matches at Whitington Center at Raton. They decided to take D’s mini-pickup because it got better gas mileage, even though G had a brand-new Chevy pickup. It should be noted that G’s new truck had a working radio and air conditioning. An hour down the road, it starts getting warm, so G asks D to turn on the air conditioning. Uh, it don’t work, replied D. Well ^%$#@!, says G, then at least turn on the radio so we can hear some tunes. Uh, it don’t work either, replied D. G’s reply would reportedly be unsuitable for a family blog. But the tape deck works, said D, and plugged in a cassette. Of marching band music. That’s all he had! Think of it! 400 miles of no air conditioning in July to the accompaniment of John Philip Sousa! Glorious!

    “It is by such deeds and misadventures that we are remembered and become Legend.”

  6. I remember when the media first began they’re “Dad Is A Dummy” schtick back in the 70’s!80’s. It ticked me off then, and NONE of the Dads I knew were anything like the level of incompetency portrayed. ZERO. Now it’s turned into a full blown attack on the Western Man.

    The late, great LTC Cooper was a Man’s Man. I’ve got most of his books, and they’re quite good to read.

    I knew Russian artillery wasn’t particularly good, but I didn’t know it was that bad.

    I almost puked when I voted for Mittens. Think it took about 5 cups of coffee to get the bad taste out of my mouth…..

  7. Interesting story about the Sonny and Cher phenomenon. Back when S&C went from a pop singing duo to a prime time variety show, Sonny was the brains behind it all. He realized there was a lot of competition and they needed something different, so he willingly agreed to play the fool, the doofas, the guy who couldn’t sing, the butt of all the jokes, and that’s why it was a hit show. Cher wasn’t happy with it, and asked him why he would allow himself to be ridiculed and insulted on live TV. He said it was something he would do if that’s what it took to make the show a success. He was a class act all the way. Letting Cher be the star of the show and him taking it on the chin was a sacrifice he was willing to make. RIP Sonny.


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