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New Revelations on the FBI case against General Michael Flynn

LTGEN Michael Flynn, US Army

It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Attorney’s Office have been hiding exculpatory evidence that will clear LTGEN Flynn. I can’t think of a more corrupt law enforcement organization than the FBI, and I’ve had a lot of professional dealings with them. Hiding and manipulating evidence is very much their stock in trade. I am not indicting every FBI special agent. But the practices of the organization throws a lot of mud on all of them.



Friendly reminder that the WHO is just a puppet of the CCP, and its director, Tedros Adhanom, REMAINS directly on the payroll of the Communist Chinese government.


During the Pandemic, one of the early casualties of campers failing to visit the forests of this great land during the pandemic has been that the Big Foot creatures. They need to eat – generally the more adventurous. Sasquatch, referred to locally here in Arizona as the “Mogollon Monsters”, have been suffering. Don’t feed Big Foot movements such as this one are just plain cruel.


When you’re young and bullet proof

Fun on a Fast Rope

You only need hands for that final breaking maneuver.



Social Distancing

Dining out during the pandemic. Frowned upon in Arizona but not technically illegal. Restaurants and hair salons have become like the speak-easies of Prohibition, haven’t they? You go in the back door, eat your steak, and then slink away with a guilty look, having left a way outsized tip.


Buy a Jar

When I was a kid, I was always encouraged to “Use some elbow grease”. Now I can just buy it.


Knoll Lake

Knoll Lake

(link) It’s not far from the house. There are rarely people fishing on Knoll Lake, which makes it a great spot. There is an island on the center of the lake that is great for grandkids because they can be paddled out on the canoe and aren’t going very far. Rainbow trout; Brook Trout; German Brown Trout; and Gila Trout, native to Arizona. I was there yesterday just to recon for a trip with the grandkids once things open up a bit.


Like going to Church? (wedged into your Sunday Sermonette)

12 Gate St, Holborn, London

In addition to being a tavern it also was used during the reign of Henry VIII for Catholics to attend mass and was conducted by outlawed priests. So going to The Ship Tavern, it’s said, is a lot like going to church…



Silence is Golden


  1. I like the look of Knoll Lake. There’s a similar one near here. It’s tucked back in an out of the way location and requires at least 5 miles of driving on gravel to get to it so anyone you find there is most likely local. Part of the upper reaches of it can be seen briefly in the film Ride With the Devil parts of which were filmed on a ranch near by.
    Nice looking .45. I suppose it’s on the bottom of Knoll Lake.

    • You know, Jim, I like to take my canoe out on these lakes and you can’t do it unarmed, so the arms. And then it tips and over it goes. The firearms, being heavy, go straight to Davey Jones’ locker. So it’s not just the one lake where tragedy struck. And being as I’m getting older, my memory fails as to where on which lake. Water looks just about the same.

      Knoll Lake is far enough off the beaten track that it’s nice. There are a lot of big lakes that attract the big fancy nuclear powered fast boats.

    • Without hands (or with butter fingers) it’s an unpleasant landing. Ah, the hubris of the young.

  2. What’s the wrapper on the sound suppressor do? Having no experience with those things, I can’t figure it out.

    Beautiful lake, and very happy puppy.

    • It’s just another layer of suppression around the baffles, and it’s brown where the silencer is black. Sure, you should could paint it brown, but black silencers matter.

  3. I like this post a lot and used to go to the Ship from time to time, lived pretty much round the corner. And what’s this, a dog faced pony soldier!?! Nice.

  4. Nice looking lake. We have some like that here, but I haven’t fished them.

    I just found out a few weeks ago that the local reservoir has Walleyes in it!

    The streams and rivers here have several varieties of Trout, but are mostly catch-and-release. I’d have to think a bit about eating a fish I got from a local recreational-use reservoir, but I’ve always wanted to catch a Walleye.

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