The Coming War in Africa

Yes, it’s kind of a map blog today – sort of. As you know, I like maps.

Can Jo/Ho return to Afghanistan to fight – whoever? The military-industrial complex would like that a lot but I don’t see it happening. Too much baggage. We’re back in Syria but not in the sort of Big Army operation that costs trillions and that’s what is required to satisfy the Beast-in-the-Beltway. South America, as in Venezuela?  I don’t see it. The Venezuelans are comfortable with their 5,000% inflation rate and don’t want to rebel against their masters any more than Americans do.

So where will we go to nation-build? The only place left is Africa and we’ve been bombing Somalia, but bombs don’t cost enough.

(above) Map of proto-states, rebel groups and unrecognized entities that control territory in the Horn of Africa as of September 2021. We could dump $3 trillion there and nobody would know that we did in terms of results. So it’s there we will go.

Even though they don’t hold turf there,  AQAP (al-Qaeda Arabian Penninsula) is there…and we don’t like them do we?  They were roughly allied with us in Syria, but as I pointed out, this isn’t Syria. You definitely can’t tell the players without a program.

Will America drink the Kool-Aid and send its sons and daughters to die in that god-forsaken rat hole? Sure,  we’ve been doing it in. the Middle East and Afghanistan for a generation. Obama and his advisors are now Jo/Ho Advisors and they have a plan for Amerika.


Identify the Relic – Tank

Bonus points if you can also provide the location.


Tactical Advice


McDonald’s vs Subway

I am not a Subway fan. The disclosure that there was no fish in their tuna sandwich did not surprise me. Mystery meat.  The last time I ate at a Subway was 2003 and I had the vegetarian sandwich, which was not that good. I recall the exact situation and location that it happened,  so rare is that event. I will choke down McDonald’s if there is nothing else. Is it better than lutefisk?  Now that’s the question.


Percentage of people who trust climate scientists, 2020.

The war on the weather… I put my money on the weather to win,  not on Jo/Ho to defeat the weather. Then again, it’s about the grift, not the fact.


Identify the Weapon and country of origin (1954)

Bonus points if you can identify the gun nomenclature including the rate of fire.



Colombian Navy interdicts an extremely low-profile narco-sub in the Pacific. The LPV (low-profile vessel) was carrying 1,872 tons of cocaine to supply the demand from American consumers.


Kim Jong Un poses with two DPRK pilots. Despite its age, the MiG-15 remains in service as an “advanced” trainer.


Take a Walk on the Far Side


  1. I’m with Jim–T-34. My guess is somewhere in the Khyber Pass.

    Last time I was in a Subway was many moons ago. They had re-arranged the sandwich assembly line. Instead spreading condiments like mayo on the bread first, they put them on last, so they were all in the middle, and came oozing out every time you took a bite.

  2. Subway is flavorless. I walked past one today and it occurred to me that they might be enhancing the baking bread smell somehow. It just seems too strong to be natural.

    Jersey Mike’s is decent, I think.

  3. Not a fast food fan but will occasionally have a double cheeseburger at Wendy’s. My late ex wife was 2nd Generation Norwegian. She loathed lutefisk. I can tolerate it.

    1970’s the Ballard section of Seattle was heavily Scandinavian. When we relocated from Utah our first house was in the Magnolia section, just across the ship canal from Ballard. After a few days the wife went exploring and reported, “I’ve been to what they call Ballard today. Everybody there looks like me!” My suggestion she could probably find lutefisk there was not favorably received.

  4. Re: Tactical Advice
    This explains why the military senior leadership are so keen to kneel before the, er … altar (yeah, we’ll go with “altar”) of faggotry. Our boys will be immune to feminine charms and will not fall for wiles such as depicted in the helpful graphic. It’ll be like the Sacred Band all over again (only with more diversity, and pair bonding forbidden).

  5. I’m with RHT on on the tank. Subway? Revolting and McDonalds isn’t very good either. Mind you, by tradition I tend to stop there on the way to the range and get two $1 cheeseburgers. I know, they’re not really cheeseburgers but it seems right somehow.

    • I prefer other fast-food chains to McDonald’s usually. I have been known to get two regular burgers and a dollar drink if there is nowhere else to go.

    • Americans love that cocaine. Imagine if every dollar spent on cocaine had been spent to make America beautiful, to improve infrastructure, and to make the place more habitable.

  6. Hello LL, For your Horn of Africa map, wondering of timelines and (to be determined) instigating factors. Your reasoning seems sound, sadly. PS Eritrea not labeled.

    • I don’t know when, but I expect some initiating incident to spark the pretext to invade – like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq or the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. I think that the military-industrial complex will want to see the war begin while Jo/Ho are in charge.

  7. Specifically, it’s a T-34/85 tank. As to where, I’m not sure where in Afghanistan, for sure, but somewhere in that irredeemable shithole.

    • What Larry said. Definitely a T-34/85, as the regular T-34 with the 76mm gun has a funky split gun mantle and a big armored box over the recoil mechanism.

      The solid front gun mantel is the dead giveaway.

      And… I’d say Pakistan. Don’t remember many T-34s in use in Afghanistan, but many were in use during various India-Pakistan conflicts.

      Of course, it could be a complete ringer and be from Korea, as the fall or pre-green spring looks like that the farther north you go on that peninsula. I don’t see the Norks keeping that as a reminder, but then again, they’re weird little creatures…

      As to the British anti-aircraft gun (that much I got right, from the tires and pure ugliness of the piece, I did not know what it actually was until I looked it up.) Damn, the Brits just produce some fugly weapons, don’t they? Have done so since the development of the Brown Bess, which a friend describes as ‘designed to look good in a rack, while the Charlesville (French musket) was designed to look good on the shoulder.)

      • The Russians used their T-34/85’s in Afghanistan. Not a bad tank all things considered. They sent their old crap there and kept the better gear to fend off the Chinese and NATO. There were T-55’s and T-72’s in Afghanistan too. But it was the last use of Soviet Russian inventory of T-34/85’s

          • More an issue with the tanks after WWII than during WWII. The concept was to overwhelm the enemy with numerous low tanks. Low means not a lot of elevation and lousy down angle on the guns, which makes them very vulnerable from being shot from hull down Allied tanks firing from above, like on a ridge. And also punching through the floor of the Russky tanks when they go over obstacles.

            So, well, doctrine was drop trees everywhere in order to slow their trucks and make their tanks expose their bottoms.

          • Tanks moving through heavily wooded terrain or cities are at a severe disadvantage and should not attempt it without infantry support. I think that’s always true. There are a lot of short-range solutions that can kill or blow a track off a tank (turning it into a pillbox).

            In open country where tanks can maneuver and see their targets they need to worry more about rotors, aircraft like A-10’s, hull-down tanks and so forth.

  8. As to Africa, our first, middle, last response should be “F… Africa.” It would be best if all we and other civilized nations did was blockade the whole damned place and let the natives and the wildlife and the pathogens and bugs and viruses kill each other off.

    Let it stay feral and fallow for 10 years, then move civilized folk into the place.

    But, yes, we’ll be drawn into that hellhole as a distraction. When we could be using the troops on the southern border. Heck, line up on the border, push 20 miles in, flatten everything, kill everything, then leave a blasted wasteland between the new border and the old border. Seed with land mines and auto-firing weapons. And periodically raid across the border as long as anything makes it north of the kill zone.

    • Imagine what sort of place the US would be if every dollar spent on a drug had been spent on making the nation beautiful and functional.

  9. I have been advocating for Africa as our next cash cow for The Deep State / Military Industrial Complex.
    We already have seeded the area with special forces troops …er I mean advisors.
    We could do something like the Brush Wars of the mid to late 70s with China supplying the insurgents ala Angola.
    I am not sure if we could ramp it up enough to keep The Deep State rice bowl full, but Africa is a big continent.

    • Africa could easily absorb $5 trillion as we “nation build” and accept their people as refugees to vote democrat.

  10. The whole point of going into Africa is that after we lose several thousand troops there, we can import several hundred thousand Somalis as a gesture of good will

  11. Here is my Johnny-come-lately input:
    Yes, definitely the remains of a T34/85.
    Definitely Afghanistan because of the many Soviet wrecks dotting the landscape.
    The location reminds me of the route from Feyzabad up the Wakhan corridor but I take your word that it is the Panshir valley.
    After a while one valley tends to look like the other.

    Mystery gun:
    QF 127/58 SBT X1.
    It was a British heavy anti-aircraft gun of 4-inch calibre; aka “Green Mace”.

    • There are a lot of wrecked Soviet Tanks. There are a lot that were damaged by crossing terrain that were abandoned rather than being recovered. The Soviets would lose a track and demo the tank if it was a T-34/85 – or they’d blow a transmission and do the same thing. They were not all lost to battle damage.

  12. Worst case of food poisoning came from a Subway. Bad mayo I suspected. Was praying to the porcelain alter for an hour. Recent scandals include no actual chicken in their chicken subs. Bread dough is premade and shipped to the franchises where I guess they just pop it in the oven, and it contains plastic and other toxins. The spokesperson was sent to prison for being a pedophile. Haven’t been in one for 10 years.

  13. All the answers have been had. I do better on workdays when I am up at 3AM EST.

    It doesn’t have to be Somalia, we could go help the French protect their uranium supply in West Africa, or their oil facilities in Mozambique (that might win on the basis of most-stupid), or we could always go “stabilize” Libya some more, to help Europe re-distribute the oils leases to their greater satisfaction (again) and to help suppress the gigantic sea-migrant flow for them, while importing as many as possible back home? Fun times.

    Jacko Pose – sure, the muzzle is sticking out, but I still don’t think firing that .50 cal inside a hole with it is going to be restful.

    Subway-McD: I get that the Subway advantage is that all they have is a microwave and a toaster-oven, so they can go in non-foodservice slots in the strip mall, but they are just so dreadful that I don’t grasp the success. I guess a lot of places don’t have good local sandwich shops? There are even Subways here in R.I. where you can usually see two good local grinder joints at all times…

    It’s pretty funny if China and India have 70% and 85% belief in the Climate Doom, since they are producing essentially all the pollution in the world between them. The PRC by itself emits more greenhouse gas that the whole developed world combined…


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