The British sank their own submarine, D-1, in 1918. (captioned photo)

Lead diver Steve Mortimer, who was part of the team searching for the remains of German U-boats when they came across the wreck, said: “Every diver dreams of identifying a historically important wreck.”

Multi-beam image of the newly- protected prototype of the D-Class submarine which was deliberately sunk off the coast of Dartmouth, Devon in 1918 and used as a target to test submarine detection equipment
Image captionMulti-beam images have been used to look at the D-class submarine.


HMS/m D1 was out of date when the First World War started. It served a limited mission of protecting the Dover coast, and then it was designated a training boat.

In October 1918 it was deliberately sunk and used as a training target for Royal Navy training exercises detecting enemy submarines.

It is upright and remains largely intact on the seabed.

The D-class submarines were considered to be so innovative that the prototype, D1, was built in utmost secrecy in a securely guarded building shed. She was launched at Barrow with equal secrecy, with only departmental heads and a few officers from the cruiser HMS Mercury, that was currently in the dock being present. Once moved to the fitting out berth, she was once again screened from view.


‘The Deluge’ or the Swedish Invasion of Poland, 1655-1660.

Following the Thirty Years’ War, the Swedish Empire emerged as one of the strongest nations on the continent. It had a large army but little money to pay its soldiers. The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, weakened by wars with the Cossacks and Tsardom of Russia, seemed like easy prey, also because its best soldiers had been either killed in the 1652 Battle of Batih or massacred after it.


Rocket’s Red Glare


China’s Martian Rover

Dean Cheng, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told the Wall Street Journal that China has pointed political goals for its space program.

“China is presenting itself as an alternative,” said Cheng. “With regards to the Moon and Mars, that is for political signaling, political demonstrations to show the world who has a more capable technological base, and who has a better political system.”



On this day, May 15 in 1756 the Seven Years War, also know as The French and Indian War, and Queen Anne’s War began.

The French loss ensured the colonial and maritime supremacy of Britain and strengthened the 13 American colonies by removing Britain’s European rivals to the north and the south. Fifteen years later, French bitterness over the loss of most of their colonial empire contributed to their intervention in the American Revolution on the side of the Patriots.

The War that Made America by Fred Anderson is a good book, covering that war.





  1. The woman I married had a Walther PPK and knew how to use it. That contributed to my attraction to her. The attraction became stronger when she wanted to learn how to use all my firearms. She was only 5’4″, but had a Viking mindset.

    • Brig (who visits this blog sometimes) carries an electric cattle prod and a Colt 1911…

    • Trying…

      They lost their demographic and want it back. It’s about cash, not patriotism. Still, I’m glad that they’re trying to be on the right side of things and have sidelined some traitors.

      • It remains to be seen. Rupert Murdock’s children are all woke – but that doesn’t pay the bills, so the refocus on the 80+ million Trump voters.

  2. We forget about the 7 years war, and the Swedes, who were a mighty force. And here we are, in 2021, with both countries on the verge of going Moslem. But maybe that’s moot if everyone goes vax infertile.

  3. The woman I married has over 50 knives within easy reach, from dive knives to non-folding hunting knives to enough folding knives that it would take a very long and painful time on her victim’s part for her to use every folding knife, the unfolding being the long delay.

    And she shoots well. She only has a Ruger MkIII, bought just a year or so before those rat bastards came out with the MkIV, accessible to her. Though there’s a 10-22 and an AR-7 that are ‘hers’ in the gun safe.

    As to those rockets hitting Israel, well, all of those are Iranian or Qatari supplied. And that doesn’t include homemade fence and plumbing rockets that are also fired in order to over-saturate the Iron Dome system. Some of those missiles are probably bought and paid for by our current mis-administration’s funding of the Palestinian rat-bastards.

    The French and Indian War is also how we got so many Frenchies in Louisiana. outside of New Orleans. People just didn’t want to subject themselves to the English Crown.

    • You can’t blame the Acadians for leaving for Louisiana – though a lot of them were “cleansed” from Canada by the crown.

      • At gunpoint. “There ain’t no party like the Dictator Party ’cause the Dictator Party don’t stop.” Kevin O’Brien a.k.a. Weaponsman, R.I.P.

  4. The Swedes also had a quasi-claim on the Commonwealth “throne” , as it was occupied by a Vasa, and there had been a personal union of the two nations back in the 1590s.

    Good enough for a casus belli, anyways.

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