Free Marine Corps Lt. Col Stuart Scheller! He was put in the Brig for standing up and calling out the failed leadership in the military for the failed withdrawal in Afghanistan which resulted in 13 service members killed and a US drone strike that killed 7 kids and individuals who were HELPING US.


The Littoral Combat Ship

Yes, LCS also means “little crappy ship”.  I was around the Navy when the LCS was first proposed to be used in a Naval Special Warfare capacity. I was at Naval Special Warfare Group One as a reservist and showed up to talk to the mandarins who had a great idea. My voice joined a chorus of skepticism. All you needed to do was look at the proposed power plant to say, “not only no, but hell no.”

USS Kansas City (LCS-22)

It is acoustically VERY noisy and every modern navy uses inshore undersea warfare tactics to protect valuable assets from combat swimmers. The only thing that SEALs have going for them is stealth. Running an LCS anywhere near a SEAL area of operation is a recipe for disaster.

The Special Warfare Module for the LCS was never built. In fact, none of the fancy LCS modules were built. It’s an expensive cash cow, wet dream of defense contractors. The crew is too small for them to do maintenance. It’s all done by beltway bandits at cost+50 ashore.

Now the Navy mandarins, in search of something for the LCS to do want to make it a troop hauler… which is an idea that is ABSURD on its face. (Read the Article) Moving Marines around the Pacific on an LCS? The Marines have more sense.


Red China Blues

China’s ambitious international road and transportation plan is being derailed by debt and increased expenses. (more here) (and here)

President Xi’s “project of the century” is now facing major challenges and a significant backlash abroad, according to a study by AidData, a research lab at the College of William and Mary.

A growing number of policymakers in low-and middle-income countries are mothballing high-profile BRI projects because of overpricing, corruption, and debt sustainability concerns.

AidData said $11.58 billion in projects in Malaysia have been canceled over 2013-2021, with nearly $1.5 billion canceled in Kazakhstan and a project costing more than $1 billion in Bolivia.

And in other news from China –

The law of unintended consequences takes over when government control of production and regulations (such as price controls and production restrictions) interfere with natural economic interactions. This should serve as a warning for all industrial nations.

“China, the world’s top coal consumer imported a total of 197.69 million tonnes of coal in the first eight months of 2021, down 10% year-on-year. But August coal imports rose by more than a third on tight domestic supplies.

Officials this week have repeatedly sought to assure residents that there will be power for household use and for heating as winter approaches.”

“At least 20 Chinese provinces and regions making up more than 66% of the country’s GDP have announced some form of power cuts. Guangdong province, the southern industrial hub, is cutting ~10% of its peak power demand…

And as the severe power crunch hits major industrial hubs in China’s northeastern heartland, top political leaders face mounting pressure from businesses and citizens to solve the crisis through increasing coal imports to keep the lights on and factories humming.”…/china-provincial-governor…

Of Course

From Historia Obscurum:

On a dark night in late May of 1944, British Army commando George Henry Lane (bottom left), landed on the coast of occupied France to scout German defenses prior to D-Day. That night, he was captured.

Although he faced execution as an accused saboteur, Lane instead was taken before Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel (bottom right), who commanded the German defenses along the Atlantic Wall.

When Lane entered the office, the Field Marshal rose to his feet, and asked Lane to join him for tea.

So Lane sat down and had tea with Erwin Rommel…

…as one does.

Lane (who actually was born György Lányi in Hungary to Jewish parents) pretended to speak no German, and he claimed to be Welsh to mask his Hungarian accent.

Lane later recounted that their conversation began like this:

Rommel opened by saying, “So, are you one of those gangster commandos?”

Lane responded, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a soldier, and commandos are the best soldiers.”

Rommel then said to him, “You must realise that you are in a very tricky situation. Everyone seems to think that you are a saboteur.”

Lane replied, “Well if the Field Marshal believed that I was a saboteur he would not have done me the honor of inviting me here.”

Rommel asked, “So you think this is an invitation?”

Lane answered, “I do, sir, and I must say I am highly honored.”

Rommel then brought up his belief that Britain and Germany should be allied together in the fight against the Soviet Union. Lane commented that he did not believe their two countries could be allies at the moment, especially because of the way Germany was treating the Jews.

Rommel quickly cut him off and said, “Now you are talking politics. We are soldiers, we don’t concern ourselves with politics.”

The two then had a pleasant conversation, with the Field Marshal politely probing for intelligence, and the Commando deftly parrying with feigned ignorance.

At the end of their tea, the two amicably parted company, and Lane was not executed, but instead was taken to a POW prison near Spangenberg, Germany.

A couple of months afterward, Rommel was severely wounded when his car was strafed by Allied aircraft. Implicated in a plot to kill Hitler, he was forced to take his own life later that year to protect his family.

As the Allied drive across Europe approached Spangenberg, Lane escaped custody during a prisoner transport and hid in a hospital until U.S. troops overran the area, then he made his way to Paris.

Lane was awarded the Military Cross for his missions behind the lines and eventually left the British Army as a colonel.

After the war, Lane lived in the United States and England and died in 2010 at the age of 95.

For the rest of his days, Lane always believed that his life had been spared only through the personal intervention of Erwin Rommel.

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  1. I hate to say it but my belief is that the DOD will do everything in its power to delay Lt. Col. Scheller’s “trial” just so his being in solitary confinement can encourage other officers to suck it up and just accept the situation.

    The sword rattling that China is doing could very well be to take their populations mind off of things like no coal for heat or power this winter and their own problems with their money supply.

    Interesting story about Col Lane and Field Marshal Rommel, thank you.

    • China might start a war with somebody to take the people’s minds off lack of food and heating. Attacking Taiwan even given the depth of treachery in USGOV is a hard gamble.

  2. For whatever good it may do, I posted a free LTC Scheller meme on FB. My jarhead relatives and friends are outraged about his treatment as am I.

  3. Tossed into the brig without any charges filed, how does that work? Oh, that’s right, persecution after the fact like Jan 6th. Read his legal fund is now in excess of $800K. Money talks, bravo sierra walks. He gets out and he’ll own whatever district he decides to run in.

    I wonder if China didn’t make a “formal request” to their Puppet-In-Chief to halt cargo ship unloading on the West coast? Seems there’s a lot of traffic stacked up being told they can’t unload. Artificial stock shortages to generate more panic an control?

  4. When I read this – ” mothballing high-profile BRI projects because of overpricing, corruption, and debt sustainability concerns.”, for some strange reason I thought of the USA govt process.
    Strange, that.

  5. I had read somewhere, apologies for no citation or website, that the slowdown was due to the port employees not wanting to have a third shift and were slowing down unloading to encourage the federal government to put more money into the port.

    • The Longshoreman’s Union is reputedly asking for massive bribes to reopen fully. I don’t know if that’s true.

    • Yes, part of the problem is no-third-shift. Which is funny, because the port is set up for 24hr operations. Frucking unions.

      • They are exploiting the leverage that they have. Being familiar with the Port of Long Beach as I am, yes, it’s a 24-hour operation just to keep up with things. The problem is infrastructure in that there are not enough port facilities on the West Coast to handle the flow if something like this happens. As a result some of the store shelves are empty and it’s disruptive in a real – and at the same time – an artificial sense.

  6. From what I have read, Rommel was a cool dude. One of those people who would be fun to sit down in the corner of the room and just listen to him and watch him work all day long.

    And he was right about combining to fight the Russians. Dammit. We should never have sent a lick of support to the Soviets at all, and rather spent that coin in the Pacific and in Western European operations.

    • Rommel was a soldier and he did support the national agenda and fought in the war until he was forced to take poison. I can see the present regime in America forcing a successful general who didn’t follow the national narrative to do the same as Hitler did to Rommel. Such is the level of trust that I possess for our leadership.

  7. What was done to LTC Scheller is abhorrent. Don’t get me started on LCS, aka Vern Clark’s Folly… And an interesting story about Rommel. He was a gentleman, did his best to take care of his troops, and as far as I know, was never involved in any atrocities.

    • I think that it’s very difficult for a theater commander to know and be responsible for every action by every soldier. Naturally, they are accountable, but that is different than knowing. Having said that, I’m sure that Rommel was aware of what was happening to the Jews and others in the camps in the East. I don’t think that he had the capacity to do anything about it and he concentrated on his role as a soldier.

  8. You guys actually think Scheller’s gonna get out of the brig alive !? I figure they’ll either hold him w/o charges for 40 years, or he’ll “hang himself”, like Epstein.

    He could still run successfully for office while dead or in prison, but only if he runs as a Democrat.

    Rommel seems like he was a decent guy. I don’t blame anybody for fighting for their country, even if they are on the wrong side.

    Another of the problems at Long Beach is that California has refused to adequately maintain and expand their infrastructure, especially their road infrastructure (vital to that port’s operation) for 4 decades now. Knowing what the politicians out there are like, I also expect deliberate malice plays a role.


    • I would support an LCS unlimited racing series, it could maybe start slow in the Keys, and then move up to more fun places like the Slot and the Philippines.


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