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Pres. Brandon: “I’ve got gas”

You have to ask yourself what filthy quid-pro-quo arrangements are being hacked out between the Kremlin and Washinton DC.

Our fellow blogger, Stringshot brought the EastMed Pipeline cancelation to my attention. It’s worth your attention as well. (more here)

Since most deals of this type never make it to the evening news, don’t expect breaking headlines. The referenced article mentions President Brandon a few times, but the best he can do is hobble with that old man’s shuffle to the podium and read from the teleprompter for a few minutes, and then shuffle off without taking questions. The better question is who in the regime calls the shots?  And beyond that, who bribes them to make their decisions because, in the era of Brandon, it’s 100% pay to play.

In January 2020, the leaders of Israel, Greece and Cyprus — with strong support from the Trump administration — signed the EastMed intergovernmental agreement, which aimed at reaching a final investment decision by 2022 and completing the pipeline by 2025. The EastMed project could eventually have supplied up to 10% of Europe’s natural gas needs.

On January 9, 2022, in a sharp reversal of previous U.S. policy, the Biden/Brandon administration/regime announced that it no longer supports EastMed. Rather than delivering the news in person, as diplomatic protocol would require on an issue of such regional importance, the U.S. State Department quietly emailed the Greek government a so-called non-paper (unofficial diplomatic correspondence that lacks direct attribution) which described the EastMed project as a “primary source of tension” that was “destabilizing” the region by pitting Israel, Greece, and Cyprus against Turkey.



Ukraine, Russia & History

Putin has never intended to invade the main portion of Ukraine. This, I believe is an exercise in the time-honored Russian policy of “bluff big and bluster”. He wants (No. 1) an acceptance of Russia’s domination of Crimea (and a removal of those sanctions). (No. 2), a promise that the Ukrainian government will not use military force to crush the eastern Ukrainian provinces where his government fostered a pro-Russian revolt among ethnic Russians (500,000 of whom NOW hold Russian passports). [See the Minsk Protocol.] (No. 3), he wants a commitment in writing from NATO and the USA that NATO will not accept Ukraine (or the Baltic states) into NATO or place additional forces there. Will he invade western Ukraine and try to subjugate the main portions of the country, if his demands are not met? The high probability is against it.

Aside from the ensuing economic disaster which could topple the Russian economy, there are military consequences as well. Assuming the Russians could roll into and occupy Kyiv, they would have to hold and occupy it, a far more difficult and costly task than invading for many many reasons. Ukrainian resistance after the fact would be strong. Russian supply lines would be vulnerable. Russian troops would most assuredly be killed in the hundreds; this would not be popular with the population of Russia, especially when coupled with the heightened economic distress. This would threaten Putin’s political existence and is a fact he is keenly aware of.

Putin is banking on the fact, rightly or wrongly, that his demands are critical to Russia’s interests, whereas they are NOT to the West. Furthermore, like all despots, he has decided that the leadership of the West is morally ambivalent and weak in general and in the USA in particular at this time. He also has significant leverage on the economic front due to Western Europe’s partial reliance on Russia’s oil and gas. Bottom line: if the West caves into his demands, he wins on all levels. He has never openly said he would invade and numerous times he said he was not planning an invasion (while sharpening his sword on Ukraine’s doorstep), so now he can bask in the glory of having accomplished everything he wanted with a minimum of bloodshed, of having made Russia a credible regional force again, and damaged American and NATO prestige and influence. (Those hysterical Americans!)

Some people, including those who should know better, argue that he wouldn’t be spending all this money mobilizing Russia’s military if he wasn’t going to invade. That argument misses the point; the cost of putting troops on the border is NOTHING compared to the ultimate direct and indirect costs for launching them into combat and trying to occupy major portions of Ukraine. The invasion of Ukraine would hold risks to Putin and Russia that cannot be justified in the present political situation or for the present political objectives. Might he launch a full invasion? Possible, but unlikely. People in power do stupid things for dumb reasons on occasion, but usually not. Even for Putin, the ultimate outcome of a serious war with Ukraine is not a guaranteed victory in the field (and if it was, just look at the USA’s recent experiences in the Middle East or Russia’s in Afghanistan).

By the way, as an aside, did you know the USA and others financed a guerrilla war in Ukraine against the might of the USSR for about a decade after WW2? Food for thought.


Clinton’s Spying on President Trump,  Etc.

(Reference) The same media that won Pulitzers and gave out awards for “excellent” reporting on false allegations President Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to win the 2016 presidential election, isn’t covering the latest revelations about the Clinton campaign’s spying.

All three celebrated Canada cracking down on the peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters.

The Trudeau regime is being led by Trudeau (Fidel Castro’s likely lad) and by Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, the granddaughter of a high-level Nazi under Hitler.  Her grandfather was a Nazi who was being sought after the war by Polish authorities for war crimes and atrocities. Wow, Canada. I thought we could pick them in the US but there are some serious swamp creatures in Ottawa.


  1. #1: EE-T1 OSÓRIO, made by the ENGESA company of Brazil. According to some opinions it was the most advanced tank of its time when compared to contemporary models … except the LEOPARD 2, of course.
    In trials it beat the M1 ABRAMS hands down. However, a planned sale of a large number of these tanks to Saudi Arabia failed to realize. The US military-industrial complex may or may not have been involved in the failure of this transaction. Anyhow, shortly after the Saudis bought a large number of M1 ABRAMS.
    Honi soit qui mal y pense.

    #2: Flakpanzer GEPARD (= anti-aircraft cannon tank GEPARD). It is based on the chassis of the LEOPARD 1. To to the great regret of all concerned soldiers it is no longer in the inventory of the Bundeswehr. This inane decision by our political “leadership” left a gap in the German AA capabilities which has not been closed to this day.

    • I’d like to think that Jesus Christ return and bail us out of the mess that we’ve made of the world but we’re just not that lucky.

      There have been two world wars in roughly the last century and they qualified for that title better than the current day if that is the litmus test.

  2. just saw a vid of rcmp mounties tramping a grandmother in ottawa. the people were not amused. shades of franz ferdinand? i’m just amazed at the number of canadians that are against the truckers. who doesn’t want freedom? those institutionalized for long periods. ….i also can’t believe the number of talking heads on tv, so called experts, that know nothing whatever of the history nor current situation in ukraine, nor anything about putin. even congressmen on the intel committee. they are so gullible to the party line/fake intel. and like the s2 guy said, rookies. and our state dept has no idea whatever what its doing, nor the intel community anymore. “its a big club, but we aren’t in it.”

  3. On related news, Ghislaine Maxwell has not committed suicide. Yet. At least everyone knows who the truckers are.

  4. The Truckers (as they have become known)- When the peaceful ones are being “anarched” by insane authorities it’s time to not give the Lunatics anywhere to go; pull out and head home. Then stay there…pressurizing the situation by doing nothing (altho, Trudy Pants would probably now call them the anarchists for NOT doing their jobs). When goods dry up in stores maybe the dopes supporting government thugs get a clue.

    Clinton crawled out of her hellhole and made a speech to her adoring mental patients. If this is the best the Dems can do is their next move to declare elections null and void before November? Wouldn’t put it past them.

  5. According to some “news” sources, the invasion was scheduled for the 16th. Your analysis is the same as some others I’ve seen.

    • The invasion date came and went, much like the end of the world due to global warming. Yet we are still here.

      • All these predictions aren’t worth the paper their written, but the crazies keep trying. Putin is playing Biden like the dumba$$ fool he is (but I repeat myself).

    • It sure is.

      They had Afghanistan and ISIS in Iraq to grift on. They didn’t need to provoke Russia to get a war going.

  6. I was reading an article at about the Ottawa police chief stating that the authorities will continue to use the information on the truckers gathered during the protest to seek redress and to continue criminal charges. Don’t these people realize that if a person is faced with losing their livelihood and go to jail for a peaceful protest that the next one won’t necessarily be as peaceful.


  7. i’m watching a flight from atlanta to iceland. noticed it the other day too. can there be that many(747) going to iceland? if so, why? seems weird to me. invasion? i defer to LL, but if i had to guess on my limited intel and training, i’d say after monday b/c xi wanted the olympics to go unfettered. i’d also say look out wednesday…. pluto returns, known for destruction and rebirth, think rome and july 1776….. as for xi, i’ve read he plans to infect olympians w/ a hybrid hemorrhagic fever virus, kills like 30%. guess we’ll know friday. you’re subject to read anything these days but…if i were xi and putin, i’d pull the plug on the good ol usa in one fell swoop. give the virus a couple of days to get out, pop off the emp weapons, strike taiwan/ukraine, exploit the confusion to blitz europe/japan. give the virus a few weeks, then move my inoculated troops into west coast ports, activate the cells that came in with the migrants, nuke most of the eastern seaboard. that leaves the oil, coal, farm land and most water untouched and plenty of slaves to do the work. good thing i’m not the khan, eh?

  8. One of the many things I like about this blog is that it reports the truth.

    Why, btw, are we so desperate to fight a war in the Ukraine? Asking for a friend.

    • Just a wild guess and not saying anything you didn’t already know LSP but it would:
      1. Distract the populous of the world from all the covid restrictions
      2. Keep LocMart’s and Boeing’s stock prices and quarterly dividends high

      Hate to be cynical but…

      • 3. To finish the job that Molotov and Kaganovich started. By a strange coincidence, a disproportionate amount of the “rich farmers” in Ukraine were ethnic Germans.

      • I haven’t had a dividend check from Boeing in over 10 months. In fact, I sold my shares a couple of weeks ago. I’d far rather have some “tangible goods” in the next year or so vs some pieces of paper…..

  9. Wag the dog is alive and well! And Brandon has done more in a year to destroy any good will with Israel than Trump did to improve things in FOUR years… sigh

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