Eva Vlaardingerbroek – It’s those pesky cow farts…

Vlaardingerbroek explained the Dutch government’s pretexts for restricting Dutch farmers’ animal husbandry.

“Our government is following a climate agenda — the 2030 Agenda, more broadly speaking — and they’re saying that the Netherlands has nitrogen and ammonia emissions that are too high, threatening the climate [and] local nature, and that they need to be cut down.”

She continued, “For some reason, they’re not coming after the airlines. They’re not coming after any other industry that actually is a contributor in these emissions, apart from the Dutch farmers.”

The Dutch government says 30 percent of the country’s livestock will need to be eliminated to curb “nitrogen pollution” in accordance with its ostensibly environmental goals.

Vlaardingerbroek noted that the Dutch government intends to seize lands from farmers as part of its “climate change” policy.

She remarked, “We have mass migration [and] have open borders. We have so many immigrants coming to our country, and the government has no place to house them.”

“There are actual state documents that have surfaced in which it is black on white written that … they’re going to actually use the expropriated land for building refugee crisis center,” she added.

Vlaardingerbroek observed the commonalities between Western governments’ “climate change” edicts and decrees ostensibly issued to reduce COVID-19 transmission: expanding state power with commensurate violations of individual rights.

“It’s always you — ordinary civilian, ordinary citizen — that has to give up his or her rights,” she stated. “So that’s the trend here. That’s what people need to start seeing. That’s the real agenda that our governments have, and of course, the food supply — the farmers — what better way to control people than by controlling their food supply?”


Stingshot Asks (our fellow blogger)

What happens if the Taliban take over Pakistan and inherit their nukes?

(referenced article) The question, better framed, is what will China do to prevent Pakistani ICBMs and theater nuclear weapons from falling into Taliban hands?  China has had its hand in the Pakistani nuclear program from the beginning and it’s likely that if the Taliban got a hold of a nuke that they’d fire it at Beijing because of the tenuous relationship that China has with its Islamic population.


Sig P-365 SAS vs Beretta Nano

They’ve been reviewed before a number of places,  but being the last one to offer a review has never stopped me before. My prejudice after having carried the Sig P-365 SAS for a year now goes to the Sig. They’re the same size, the Sig holds 10+1 9mm and the Nano holds 8+1 9mm. Two extra shots from a weapon of the same size, brings some weight to the issue. The Sig does not snag – at all – and the Nano has a front blade sight that does. In a pocket pistol, that matters.

Both pistols are striker-fired. The Nano is more finicky with ammo—preferring heavier loads than the 115 gr FMJ. The Sig shoots everything from my Lehigh lightweight .355 Xtreme Defense 90 gr ammo to the FMJ to the Hornady 115 gr FTX as if it owns it.

With a very short sight radius, they are designed to be fired at close range. The Sig has a fiberoptic sight and the Nano has a traditional front blade. This is one of those things that the shooter will prefer simply based on experience.

My choice is the Sig, but the Beretta is also a good choice primarily because of its customizability.


Russia-Ukraine War

There has been no change in areas of control in the past 10 days. The Russians have been unable to get the traction that they need to launch a summer offensive and Ukraine is casualty averse (who can blame them?). Offensive moves are difficult because they cost lives and equipment. New equipment arriving at Ukraine helps, but it’s a 1000-mile front and the Russian lines of supply and communication are not very long.


Woodsterman Wisdom (h/t Odie)


The new plate for the old ’48 Willies


  1. Anything 35 years or older can be classified as an antique vehicle in Kansas. If you can find a Kansas tag that was issued in the same year as your car/truck, you can have it assigned to your sled. $17.00/year, which makes it the only reasonably price one.

    • I think I paid $20.00 per year for the 5-year tag on the AZ historic vehicle, which is reasonable.

      • My Supra was about $135 for 5 years as an “Antique Vehicle”, but that included a change of title and registration from Kalifornia to Colorado.

        It was more than that per year in Kalifornia…..

  2. Since it appears that the elites have declared a food war against the commoners, have any of the commoners drawn up lists of the food warehouses and stores that cater to the elites?

    • Have the elites extreme vetted their armed guards to ensure vax compliance (without the ‘rumoured’ side effects) and adjusted pay rates at the actual rate of inflation rather than the Biden claimed one? Plus DEI of course, can’t have guards armed with ‘weapons of war’ that aren’t diverse.

      • I think that the Dutch farmers know what they’re up against. In a very different world, long ago and not so long ago, the US would have armed them against the National Socialists. Now, our government is hostile them. Let’s go Brandon!

        • I’ve got a way conservative Dutch friend that is looking to relocate. He’s had quite enough. What is going on there is criminal and they aren’t even afraid of being caught.

          • If I lived there as a farmer, I don’t know what I’d do. Everything is tied up in exceptionally valuable land. I don’t know what the land is worth now but it’s worth less than what it was six months ago. Can you sell? Or do you buy firearms on the black market and take out as many of the bastards as you can on your way out?

    • The Democrats ARE the existential threat…to EVERYTHING good and right…everything that comes out of their sorry mouths is a smokescreen to their agenda. I fear we are at the point of retaliation on a large scale to stop them.

    • “The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.”

      ― Winston S. Churchill

      Altho I do like Maximus’ more gritty version in Gladiator.

    • Will anyone stand with them, or will the Dutch, who have been disarmed, stand against firearms with pitchforks?

        • I suggest that they’re really disarmed. There may be a few small arms cached and maybe they practice, but I doubt it would be significant.

          • They’re farmers. They must have (at least for now), ammonium nitrate and diesel.

            Now what someone could get up to with that sort of stuff … I of course have no idea.

          • ANFO is an unwieldy weapon. You can take down bridges with it and could possibly flood the land by taking down the dikes. If you’re on your way out, why not?

  3. If the protests gain traction and threaten to topple the current regime in the Netherlands, look for the the EU to intervene militarily to prop up the puppets. After 77 years Holland will be occupied by a foreign power again.

  4. The amount of buffalo in 1800 was 4 to 5 times the number of cows in the world in 2010. The cow fart theory smells wrong.
    The micro 9’s are not for me. I have big hands and cannot get a good grip on them. I carry a full size revolver in the winter S&W Model 65 and s Glock 20 in warm weather.
    The Democrats need Ukraine so they can keep the kickbacks for their family members. We should stay out of it and not contribute anything. I believe the same for all other countries as well.

    • The cow fart theory is just as much BULLSHIT (pardon the pun) as the rest of the Green New Deal. Every few years, they declare that we’ll be dead in a few years and the lemmings run into the sea.

      • I have large hands too and my Ruger Super Alaskan Redhawk (.454) fits a lot better in my hand than a micro 9. It’s true of My Glock 21 or my 1911s too, but there are times that I’ve found that a pocket pistol is simply better because it’s not obtrusive. I live in an open/Constitutional carry state so it’s not the legal angle, just the notion that I don’t want to announce. The Sig is surprisingly accurate for a belly gun.

      • Another thing that says the cowfart is bullshit is it’s not cowfarts. It’s cow burps. That’s what the real science says.

        • We need to follow science by all means and rid ourselves of demon nitrogen once and for all

  5. Food shortages by restricting producers access to necessary materials? Hmm, when have we seen that before? History repeats. The Bastards are operating their plan to cripple the little people.

    Proper response as EdB asks? Tell them to “go pound sand” (I’m being polite this morning), then do the full blown “not on my watch” end-around. NO MORON IN CHARGE has the right to restrict your ability to rightfully make a living and feed your family. The Covid Psy-Op was THE TEST to see what percentage would comply — and I still can’t believe people so easily bent from fear without a single thought as to “Why?”. Now the Usual Suspects are doing the same with water, fertilizer, cattle, energy…pick an industry. The Good People need to stop them ASAP. And America needs to lead in this action, the rest will follow.

    Re-thinking things as pressure rises…maybe I need a Sig for an EDC. The Indiana Good Guy proves having a firearm is important when around the General Public as Pop-Psyche morons drug up our youth to a high state of confusion to assuage “their feelings”. Never know when someone will pop off, and often – when a full body tackle and beating him to a pulp isn’t an option – a firearm is the best choice in stopping them dead.

    Geez, I can now qualify for the Historic Plate. One never thinks they’ll reach that point, then you wake up one day and there it is staring back at you from the mirror. Harsh reality (or also a good one if you think about it).

    • Time kills us all, PaulM. We can’t beat the clock.

      I have some hope for a mid-term turnaround. Brandon allegedly has Covid after having been vaxed 5 times and boosted God knows how many times. Maybe he will succumb and we’ll get Harris (the scenario plays out)?

      • Another smokescreen to obfuscate his mental decline, gives him cover for the next 2 weeks to hide in his cancer-ridden Delaware basement.

  6. I would think the Dutch would be especially sensitive to food security after the Nazi-caused famine of 1944-1945. But maybe that’s too-ancient history.

    • 1940’s is definitely too ancient. Historical memories are shorter than ever. Recently in Chicago I met a young Polish woman (recent immigrant) who somehow had never heard of Solidarity. Now admittedly her English was halting, and my Polish nonexistent, but I actually do know how to pronounce “Solidarność”. Nope. Nor did “Lech Wałęsa” ring any bells. Yet otherwise this did not seem like a stupid, or even particularly uneducated person.

      All this came up because she said she generally liked Chicago except for two things: The Blacks (“all that crime!”), and that Americans liked to joke about “dumb Polacks”. I mentioned that Americans who knew their history would remember and honor Kościuszko, and Pulaski. She’d never heard of those men (fair enough), so I tried Solidarity as a more recent example of when the American on the street was pro-Poland. Nope. And there we were.

      Regarding the WW2 era Dutch and starvation, there is even the Dutch Famine Birth Cohort, an epidemiological study that has followed (since 1994) about 2000 persons born 1944-1945 in Amsterdam. The purpose is to study the long-term effects of infant malnutrition. (i.e. are you more susceptible, in late life, to atherosclerosis, or cancer, or dementia, etc) But that’s a scholarly thing. In popular culture, there is only one death in Amsterdam at that time that matters, that everyone learns about in school.

  7. With the thought that money is tight(er) these days, here is another sidearm brand to consider–


    I bought one of these–


    –specifically to avoid the de-cocker. Like it. So far, operation has been flawless, and very comfortable to shoot. Obviously it is full size, not a compact as discussed above. 18 rounds in the mag does at noticeable weight.

    De-cocker model demonstrated here at the 11:40 mark–


    • None of us doubt your acumen with firearms. I think that’s a fine weapon and the price is right. Magazine capacity is nice, but the weight may cause one to consider suspenders. For some reason, the de-cocker appeals to me. A long time ago I had a 1911 with a cock, and decock lever where the grip safety was. I swapped it at some point because it was more of a gimmick, but I still liked the idea of a de-cock option.

  8. There are actual state documents that have surfaced in which it is black on white written that … they’re going to actually use the expropriated land for building refugee crisis center

    Let me quote from Wikipedia which is a totally neutral and unbiased repository of human knowledge, and definitely NOT selectively edited by various untrustworthy factions with their own agendas.

    “The Kalergi Plan (Italian: Piano Kalergi), sometimes called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy, is a far-right, anti-semitic, white genocide conspiracy theory which claims that Austrian-Japanese politician Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi concocted a plot to mix white Europeans with other races via immigration.”

    That’s only one sentence, but there is SO much to unpack. Let’s start with the obvious ones. Far-right! Anti-semitic! The horror, the horror. Badthink. Any decent person would stop reading now. But if you don’t: Then KP is asserted to be a “conspiracy theory” and a “plot”. This is the opening statement of a prosecutor in a criminal trial, not the introduction to a dispassionate scholarly article, nor the opening statements of an impartial judge. Next, they name the Austrian-Japanese here! Ethnicity is stated ONLY when it’s not one of the usual suspects. Anyone who reads American mainstream press is very aware of this regarding violent/stupid crime: If there is no race, 98%+ probability it’s a Negro. When it comes to financial or geopolitical f*ckery, well, it’s not Negros who cannot be named. And why on earth do they tell us what the Kalergi Plan is called in Italian? This is an English-language article, and there is no particular connection to Italy regarding KP. This name-dropping is a rhetorical trick, to add a little “authority” and “gravitas” for the naive reader. “Golly, the writer knows a foreign language. He must be smart! Probably well traveled too! Gosh!”

    Every morning I say to myself, “You will NOT have a go at those people. It’s not good for your blood pressure.” Seriously. But here we are. The shameless gaslighting, smug overt malice, and most annoying, now crying victimhood BEFORE anything even happens, is intolerable.

    • It is amazing that the progs have so much time on their hands to write such hokum. Oh, wait, they’re academics. So they don’t do anything but pontificate and get paid for doing it by whatever nameless trust funds their chair.

  9. The first time I heard of nitrogen pollution and that “nitrogen and ammonia emissions are too high” I just about gagged. Nitrogen is the most common gas in the atmosphere, exactly how could that be affected? How could anyone or anything release enough nitrogen to affect that 78%? My guess is that we could construct factories to extract nitrogen and run them full time without affecting.

    Talking about releasing ammonia isn’t much better, although you wouldn’t want to breathe air that was 78% ammonia instead of nitrogen, but the ability for some bacteria to turn free nitrogen into ammonia is one of the most essential things in the environment. I don’t think anything would live on earth without nitrogen fixation into ammonia. We simply couldn’t grow food without ammonia.

    The only explanation that makes any sense is Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s. It’s a blatant land grab.

    (and one of these days I want to learn how to pronounce Vlaardingerbroek)

    • https://forvo.com/search/Vlaardingerbroek/nl/

      And there you go. (I realize that was most likely humor rather than a burning need to know how the Dutch say it. But anyhoo, alls I ‘member is that V is unvoiced, and “g” sounds like “h” in Murrican. That was per Dutch Girl (my college crush — an “older woman” of then-26), who was actually 1/2 Pashtun, 1/4 Danish, and 1/4 Dutch (but held a Netherlands passport). Born in Casablanca and spoke with a charming French accent. PhD in electrical engineering from a top 5 university. Had a great career with the UN. Closest thing I’ve met IRL to a Bond Girl from the PC era when they tried to make them “smart” too. Remember when Denise Richards was supposedly an astrophysics PhD? (I think) Yeah, like that, but only for real. Sigh.

      • I watched some sort of true Hollywood story on Denise Richards-at-home. She lives with potbellied pigs that run around her house and shit everywhere. In what today would be an Amber Heard moment, she went to “not with your dick” status.

        There are some actual Bond Girls out there – but not that many.

        There are even some Bonds with lethal presidential findings or that have transactional immunity granted in advance by a Federal District Court Judge. – but not many. Times have changed and a lethal finding from Biden (actually his handlers) would likely be against a patriot.

  10. It’s like CO2 going on the naughty list…

    If you breathed O2 in the concentrations that you breathe N, the question of whether you died of oxygen toxicity before you burned to death would be interesting

  11. Very little coverage of the Dutch farmers’ revolt. Odd, isn’t it.

    But words fail. “We’re just going to take your land, serf.”

    Maybe not without a fight.

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