Is US Space Command’s Relocation Racist?

Air Force Secretary Barbara M. Barrett announced that U.S. Space Command should move from Colorado to Alabama a week before resigning.

Officials in Colorado Springs are slamming the decision.

Any decision Biden may make, and whether he lives long enough to make it and see it finalized is questionable. But it will all be political. There may be more black workers available to work on the base in Alabama than there are in Colorado…

President Donald Trump’s salvaging of the US space program from the dim, painful, eight long years of Obamanation when NASA’s primary job was insuring that Muslims felt good about themselves, may be one of his most significant achievements.

It would make sense that the donkeys would want to destroy it.

The Race to the Space Base

There are people, and I’m not going to out LSP, who feel that the US Space Command Headquarters should be in space.


Eliminating White Males from the US Military Completely

(link) It’s an idea that’s being kicked around. Eliminating one race from federal military service may be the only way to be sure that there are no racists remaining.


Ghost Rider Update

Last week this blog reported that B-52H Stratofortress ‘Ghost Rider’ had been pulled out of the bone yard in Arizona and was destined to fly again, based at Minot AFB.

Latest news is that it’s flying (photo above).


Gateway Pundit

(banned from Twitter) More at the link. Deniers will be canceled.

Why didn’t the donkeys send 25,000 social workers to the Green Zone in DC to man the ramparts? (asking for a friend)


A New Political Party in the USA?

(The Patriot Party) Donald Trump has ‘discussed forming a new party called the Patriot Party’ after telling MAGA supporters the ‘movement we started is just beginning’ – as Mitch McConnell tells aides he ‘never wants to speak to the president again’.

The way things stand now, people who are not wholly owned by oligarchs can never win election in the US. So what is there to lose? I received a telephone cal from an RNC fundraiser. He kept reading from his script until I told him to shut up for at least the sixth time. He stopped and said, “what?” I interrupted him, poor baby. I said that I only have one thing to say, “Eat shit and die.” Then I hung up. I wonder if I am the only one?

Would a new political party take off or would the government send armed troops to the homes of party members, impound their property and cart them off to work camps (arbeit macht frei)? I can’t answer that question, but it would be more likely than not based on promises from prominent donkeys.


Drug King’s Hippos have taken over the Colombian Marsh

Hungry Hippos

Dangerous to humans, these hippos have bred from the original two pairs to some 80 or more, taking over large areas of marshland.

(Tastes like pork?) They’re apparently good eating.

One scientist, however, thinks that the hippos would make a lovely barbecue. When one of the Hacienda’s hippos was accidentally electrocuted during an experiment with electric fencing, the carcass became dinner. “What did the local people do? They took him, they chopped him up, they barbecued him and they ate him!” biologist Patricio von Hildebrand told the BBC. Apparently, it tasted like pork.

Frustration in the Heartland?

From the Fleet

Naval Station Mayport

Visiting Peruvian submarine BAP Pisagua SS-33 backdropped by USS Iwo Jima LHD 7, USS Farragut (DDG 99) and USS Lassen (DDG 82), courtesy of her CO, Capitán de Fragata Luis Deza Guzmán

From the Deck of The Big Stick

Flight Ops USS Theodore Roosevelt, CVN 71


  1. The Patriot Party sounds good to me…if Trump called for his voters to leave the Repugnants and join his new party he would have 60 or 70 million people almost immediately.
    Your response to the ‘money grubber’ was most fitting…couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • That arrogant RNC fundraising prick, sitting in his boiler room chair reading from a script, hoping to skim 50% or whatever his take is from my contribution will just move on. Those people – of that type – have a hard shell.

      However it will get through and dawn on the Turtle and the rest of the Elephants that Elvis has left the building.

      I’m not sure that the oligarchs would ever allow a Patriot Party to take hold. The danger to them is too great. They’d build work camps and check us all in.

  2. No political party will succeed so long as corrupt election officials are in place. Patriots can spend the next two years making them pay, IMO. Not killed, their crime isn’t death penalty level, but hurt.
    (Note to the domestic Gestapo. I’m to old for a top bunk, and need one closer to the stove if you please)

  3. Patriot Party. I’m in. Run the D&R’s over.

    I see you were restrained during the call. Well done. Me? I might have been a bit more uppity, launching into a major rant.

  4. Other political party? Why? When the Donks will just cheat and steal any election from here to eternity?

    And what makes you think they’ll let him stay in the spotlight, or rich, or alive?

  5. I got on the Arizona voter website a couple of days ago and changed my affiliation to Bull Moose. I was kind of surprised they let me do that. Sayonara Republican pr**ks.

  6. “Eliminating White Males from the US Military Completely”
    Why not? Who needs warfighters? The military exists to be a giant jobs program and social justice factory anyway, amirite?

    @WSF: some might argue that corrupting the election process is treason, and therefore indeed a death penalty offense. But it’s all hypothetical anyway because there was no fraud in the recent US elections. JR Biden is the totally legitimately elected POTUS.

    • The Military Industrial Complex is said to be welfare for the middle class. You can argue the matter from both sides and I can’t argue that as constituted, it’s not a jobs program. The money spent is almost all recycled back into the US economy, which means that the money that the taxpayers dump into the Pentagon comes back (where taxes are paid again) in an endless cycle.

  7. I understand an effort was made to bring the hippo problem under control but when one was killed, the animal rights idiots screamed so loud that the government backed off. The indigenous species are suffering for it.

    • I actually don’t care that the hippos are eating local Colombian wildlife. I think that it’s funny that they’re overrunning the area and there’s no will to hunt them for sport (license fees) and eat them. At least cull the herd to a certain level.

  8. The party should be based on four principles:
    1- Peace (at home and abroad) unless attacked then destroy them swiftly utterly and go home
    2. Prosperity not the Chinese kind
    3. Clean Elections ?adopt Mexico’s election laws?
    4. The rule of law/Equal Justice under law
    The number 4
    Hold up four fingers
    Four lights etc.
    Honestly due to the history of “minor” parties I would prefer to take over the (rant deleted) ‘publicans and wear it as a skin suit

  9. I do believe that taking over the party would be less difficult to accomplish. First local elections , then state . At State and local level boots on the ground, could overcome lack of big donors . National level would require deep pockets. Blue cities in red states would be a tough nut to crack.
    Control of state legislatures is imperative to fix the voting fraud problem. Until that’s fixed nothing else will matter. In my little unimportant state , we don’t have enough electoral votes to justify much cheating , our only Dem is a house louse , from capital city and delta. Huge black majority, but jerrymandering works both ways . If you lump all leftist together ,it leaves the rest of the state to the right. One of our senators refused to back The Donald, after The Donald had campaigned for him. He is now at top of my shitlist. I hate a turncoat.

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