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There are a number of people on my naughty list these days. I can’t watch TV (becoming more like WSF) for very long without reflecting how even the news damages my Chi. There are quite a few Republicans on that list. Senate Minority Leader McConnell is high on the list but higher still is Senator Mitt Romney, who would seem to fit better politically in Massachusetts than in Utah. Having written that, he’s very popular in Utah.

He wasn’t a very good presidential candidate – on par with McCain, who was on the naughty list until his death. What is the difference between McCain and Romney and McConnell and a democrat? Not very much at all. Which is why I separated myself from those scumbags. I don’t know what the political way forward for America is. If the elections remain scams, it’s dismal.


To Kill a Mockingbird

The point of many books is to make people feel uncomfortable. That’s the reason that they were written. In the new “war on books” being waged by the left, we also find Fahrenheit 451…

Two of the LL daughters teach school. I asked them about this and they confirmed it. Being my daughters, they are outraged. But apparently society doesn’t care. Which is why we find ourselves in this place.


Tanks, for the Memories

Char B1 ter – French armor, at the beginning of World War 2, was on par with the tanks of their day. What those tank crews lacked was tactics and leadership, which usually was not on par with their adversaries.



Ignorance on a Grand Scale

Cesar Chavez (his birthday today) was a passionate opponent of illegal immigration, nor was he a supporter of open boarder policies with Mexico. Chavez, a champion of American agricultural workers, understood clearly the economics of open boarders and mass immigration. Which is that it depresses wages and takes jobs from Latin Americans.

To stop their coming across our boarder, Chavez organized groups of his union members along the boarder to stop illegal crossings. Cesar sent his cousin, ex-con Manuel Chavez, down to the border to set up a “wet line” (as in “wetbacks”) to do the job the Border Patrol wasn’t being allowed to do. Unlike the Minutemen of a few years ago, who arrived at the border with no more than lawn chairs and binoculars, the United Farm Workers patrols were willing to use direct methods when persuasion failed. Housed in a series of tents along the Arizona border, the “cesarchavistas” in the wet line employed violence to deter the newcomers, sometimes beating up illegals with chains. Yes, beat them with chains.

This is the hero Joe Biden says he reveres (and now has a bust of behind his Oval Office desk).

So were Caesar Chavez here today, it is a safe bet that he would not be a supporter of Biden’s open boarder idiocy, in which we will welcome small cities worth of low skill laborers into our country EVERY MONTH. And that at a time when many of the jobs they expect to find will be eliminated in the coming years by automation.


It’s always different when it’s YOUR OX that is being gored…

(more here) A Democratic Party headquarters was damaged, an American flag burned, and marchers filled the streets in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday, following Joe Biden’s inauguration. Antifa was reportedly behind the activities, known during the summer as “peaceful protests.”

The New York Times reported that “federal agents in camouflage — now working under the Biden administration — blanketed streets with tear gas and unleashed volleys of welt-inducing pepper balls as they confronted a crowd that gathered outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement building near downtown.”


Medieval Artillery

This relates to the captioned photo at the top of the blog (watch more here) A study of traction and counterweight trebuchets.  You might not have an interest in them, but the history of combined arms in warfare is a study in success in warfare, for the most part.


    • I think that they still have use for Antifa. Hitler disbanded the Brown Shirts or Sturmabteilung literally “Storm Detachment”. The SA were there as long as they were useful. As with AntiFA, they were criminals (not all, but a lot) who enjoyed being bullies – and there were a LOT of people who signed up. There was massive unemployment in Germany and they were paid from party funds. Some of those funds came from dispossessed Jews. Substitute the word “jew” for the word, “patriot” and you see a road map.

  1. From the reading I’ve been doing, while the progressive left are wanking themselves into a coma over getting rid of orange man bad, nearly everyone else is battening down the hatches and preparing for the US to dissolve into serious civil unrest or perhaps war by the end of the year.

    The mildest sentiment I’ve seen is withdrawing legitimacy; don’t vote (pointless, votes will be manufactured to suit), don’t donate to the GOP(spineless traitors), stock up on supplies, and step back to see just how tight the government are going to turn the screws.

    Sadly over here mostly people are caught up in “Bad man gone! YAY!!!!” and you can’t get beyond that to get anyone thinking about half the US population is effectively disenfranchised, and looks like shortly will be actively persecuted. Just look at the rhetoric about all trump voters are right wing extremists and the pending legislation about domestic terrorists. It’s classic define anyone who doesn’t agree as the bad guys and throw them in jail under color of law.

    I’ve thought for a long time now that in my lifetime the USA will dissolve. There’s just too many cracks and nothing to repair it. Nor does there look to be enough people who want to. Trump was only ever going to buy time, but the way this is going……

    All I can really offer is wishing you all good luck. You’re going to need it.

  2. The mildest sentiment I’ve seen is withdrawing legitimacy; don’t vote (pointless, votes will be manufactured to suit), don’t donate to the GOP(spineless traitors), stock up on supplies, and step back to see just how tight the government are going to turn the screws.

    Trump merely stood in the way of the snake eating its tail. Today it’s eating and enjoying every bite.

    Yes, we need the luck.

  3. Those re-enactors sure do look pretty, but speaking as a SCAdian from the long-ago times (armor to fit me now would resemble a municipal standpipe), the live steel guys are neat, but they are just actors. There’d be too many dead, otherwise. The real sport is with the clubs.

    The Char B series were very good, but suffered from bad comms, poor doctrine, and too much workload on the commander. Actually, a lot of French tanks were good for their day, it was mostly doctrine and log problems that let them down, due to a large extent to France trying to do too much with too little money. That and failing to understand how war had changed. They actually put up some very good armor fights up around the Low Countries, when they were in the right place at the right time, and until they ran out of POL and ammo. The lack of air cover sure didn’t help, either. People give the French a lot of shit, but it isn’t as though we didn’t break and run at Kasserine, and we knew what we were getting into.

    Catcher in the Rye doesn’t matter as much, now that they don’t teach the kids to read, any more.

    We have a naval auxiliary vessel named for Cesar Chavez. I guess it isn’t as bad as Harvey Milk, nor Gabrielle Giffords.


      • Watching even the supposed ‘live’ and ‘actual’ live steel shows is intriguing. I’ve talked to a few of them, and asked why they don’t do common SCA moves and the response has always been “That would hurt too much.”

        Whereas the SCA has outright banned various moves, like full thrusts to the face with either single or double handed weapons (and especially full thrust spears,) offensive shield use (using the shield as a weapon, not just as a blocking device, so no punching yer frenemy in the face with yer shield like in real life.)

        Which is why mostly the wounds in the SCA are bruises. Some broken bones, like in the West Kingdom where one fighter was known to purposely target forearms during tournaments (gee, why not require forearm protection like Trimaris (Florida) does and has since the beginning…) Cuts, scrapes, bruises yes. Deaths? No. (Well, one or two heart attacks and such, but none actually caused by weapons.)

        Even went to a ‘Fighting Collegium’ event where they had an Escrima champion (#2 in the USA, really neat guy, not a braggart like a lot of ‘martial arts champeens’ are) demonstrated Escrima techniques. And his response to what the SCA did was, “Oh hell no, that would hurt.”

        And, yes, there is a satisfaction to beating the living carp out of some wanker, while knowing you are pulling your blows. Been there, done that. I hit hard with my right, but people actually were scared of my left arm more. Because I had less control over it so I just threw shots flat out max power.

        Damn. Miss beating people up. Sigh.

        • When I deployed a few times I was able to do it for real on real people. Today, I reflect back on it. At the time, there was little conscience involved. It’s one reason that I live in the middle of nowhere with a large buffer. Leftist bullies are less inclined to mess with people they have difficulty reaching. I don’t have to revert. I can be a man of peace and serenity.

      • And all (well, the weapons that is) still applicable in these fallen times. And, yes, I’ve seen a ballista that could fire bolts through the side of an armored car. And a black powder Civil War cannon firing sabot rounds capable of going through a Bradley. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

        • I explained that to LSP when we were at his range a couple years ago. Fixed fortifications may have been period effective, but artillery (new and old) has a way of breaking them down.

          • Fixed fortifications work well against zombie hordes or low-tech assaults like what Antifa/BLM have been using these last 5 years (yes, the attacks started as soon as Hillary lost. I remember these things…)

            Against an almost peer or neer-peer or peer-peer, not so much. But the fixed fortification is still the basis of the Forward Operating Base. Just you need your counterbattery stuff with you, and need to be dug in real well, and have the balls and the ROE to be able to counter.

            Like, well, Israel. Their Iron Dome system seems to be working pretty well. It’s amazing the number of schools, mosques, shopping malls that have been flattened by return fire…

          • “The Guns of Krupp” by James Michener provides insight re: artillery vs. fortifications. A fascinating read about the Steel Barons.

        • Those ballistae are harder to make nowadays, with most vehicles going to coil springs all around. There’s still the junkyards though, or you could always have them made to spec by somebody like ESPO springs ‘n things.


          • Those coil springs can be used in a torsion ballistae, like the Romans used, versus the big-bow tension ballistae that the medievalists used (it’s just a big crossbow.)

            Torsion ballistae can toss out a considerably more powerful round.

            As long as the torsion system doesn’t blow up on you.

  4. Fahrenheit 451??? My all time favorite book since I’m such a voracious reader. The commie’s have even managed to ruin my beloved Post Falls library. They threw out half the books to build a special
    glass enclosed room for the teenagers who sit around and grope each other. I doubt I’ll ever step foot in there ever again. Sigh…

    • Unless you have an itch that needs to be scratched.

      Better that itch is a book.

      Maybe Post Falls doesn’t understand that.

    • Libraries became Daycares to survive after schools stopped teaching kids to read and do research. It would have been better if they’d died an honorable death, IMO.

      Libraries were my heaven as a kid. I’d gradually use up the local ones, and had to bike and bus farther and farther afield to get to ones with new material. When we traveled, I’d visit the ones in distant cities. Good times.


      • There were also bookmobiles. At least there were where I lived as a young man. I literally read through them.

  5. Thanks for the trebuchet article, useful. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned pipe cannon/mortar either. Who knows, perhaps all of this lore will be helpful in the coming years. Of course people will have to be able to read in order to build the machines, which may prove tricky. Still, there’s always infographics.

  6. My naughty list is getting pretty long, and no, I’m not Santa.

    According to the fawning MSM it’ll ALL be fine and dandy now their guy is in office. (gag!) Just today I learned the Pretender in Chief ordered that I can now ID as a gal, hang with “biological woman” in the locker room (maybe this putz desegregated locker rooms), then play in their sports as an equal. With his official pen (to later be auctioned for Biden Cartel Cash) he removed all sex differentials in America. Wonder how that’ll work when selecting a new jacket on Amazon…will Bezos instruct his peeps to revise the online selection to only show ‘Non’ instead of Men’s or Woman’s? Can’t fix the willfully stupid.

    We are witnessing in real time Satan’s minions at play in the America sandbox. This is what happens when idiots wear a mask all day long re-breathing their own exhalate, accelerates the idiocy.

    • On my Good List is President Trump, who afforded the “kicked to the curb by our new Uniter” National Guardsmen to stay at his hotel, gratis no less. Yeah, didja hear that on “the News”? Nyet. Nada. Crickets.

      Class act Mr. President, class act. If this is what we are to see from him, lobbing tweek grenades over the fence, it should get fun…and made even more hilarious as the MSM has nowhere to turn but on their own as he is no longer in the bullseye. Pass the popcorn and 40oz. Dr. Pepper.

        • I figured a splurge at this point was acceptable, you know, with only 6 years left for the planet.

          While it may not sound it with my bloviations, with attempts read the handwriting on the wall (or tea leaves for that matter), I am trying hard to respond as a Christian…but then, “Brood of Vipers” wasn’t a nicety from Jesus. Ephesians is on the re-read list.

          • It might be a sin. (perhaps I should check with LSP first) But I might just drop a big hunk of vanilla ice cream in the Dr. Pepper and float (a portion of the) 40 oz.

            Jesus called strikes and balls. Nothing wrong with that. DC is just a load of whited sepulchers.

          • No sin in enjoying life, in balance. “Strikes and balls”…never used that in a sermon but the illustration is very true.

  7. Adrienne, and Idaho is usually such a sensible state. Must have been somebody from Spokane that snuck over the border to mess up your city. Since I am a Spokane County resident I offer my most humble apologies for ruining your library. I am more and more a fan of Scribd.

  8. I remember when librarians and teachers defended books.

    God, I’m old…

    First rule of Control: Control the mind by controlling the information.

    Like Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn.” Which I have read, both abridged and unabridged versions. Which I like, preferring the unabridged, of course. Which the drunkard’s son and the black man are the only truly noble characters in the book, everyone else is at leas somewhat scummy to outright evil.

    “To Kill a Mockingbird.” A book about how, just because someone is black, doesn’t mean he’s guilty. What next, banning “The Green Mile” in book or movie?

    How about banning a book about book banning? I love it. It makes so much sense. Can’t wait to hear someone mumbling the words to “Farenheit 451” in the streets.

    The Stupid, it burns. Or should.

    As to Trannies, well, that’s what the Left has wanted for years. Let’s give it to them. Let’s see how quickly ‘women’s sports’ disappears. Biden has just reversed Title IX. Hahahahahahahahahahha. Oh, I feel sorry for all the women and ladies out there who will be hurt by this. I do not feel sorry for all the Megan Rapahoes out there who have turned women’s sports into a giant lobbying engine for the lesbian agenda. (Yes, I know women who have been chased away from women’s sports because they were straight. As in, “Quit or we’ll hurt you.” )

    • Books matter. The classics are classic for a reason. The best books make you feel uncomfortable and look at yourself and the world around you. All of those books are a danger to the new world order.

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